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YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YO YO YO YO GO GO GO GO GO YO YO YO He took the camera. Good morning Jake-Paulers Today is a huge , huge day I’m so nervous for tomorrow’s video shoot. I have put so much time, effort, money, energy, everything into this shoot. And I just want it to go perfect for you guys. So today is going to be a little bit of planning for that And I’m also gonna pull a big prank on my brother Jake-Paulers. We. Are. The flippin’ best family on YouTube. You guys are awesome. Make sure you smile today, keep on working hard And let’s do dat thang WAKE UP WAKE UP Martinez bro it’s a big day Ya know what’s happening tomorrow We have to get ready. Yo , wake up I have to be ready , you just gotta watch Come on guys No? Okay, that’s fine. Hey Heeey Are you ready for tomorrow? I am ready for tomorrow. Are you scared? I’m a little bit scared. You think I’m gonna die? I think that you might die. Maybe. What are these? Eggs? Egg whites. Mmm, so healthy. #basic You guys ready for tomorrow? Yeah. Hopefully you die, so I can take all your stuff. Oh. Hahaha. Okay. Yeah, that’s fine. Chances that I die tomorrow, out of 10? See, I have faith in it, bro. I’m not a doubter. I feel like this is gonna go very well. That’s what I’m saying, yo. I think I’m gonna nail it. I’m not super worried. I just think it’s gonna be epic. It’s all about athleticism. I’m an athlete, cuz. Athleticism gets you very far in life. Cause if you’re an athlete, you can do anything. Yeah, you’re gonna die. I got this, cuz. Jake-Paulers, we out here. Last night, I’ve literally never been hit in the head harder than how I got hit. And I got ran over by a car on a motorcycle. I cannot wait to see that clip. Like, I almost died yesterday, guys. Are we gonna sue him? No! No, it was a good hit. I mean, I’m proud of him. He should go to the MLB. He should get signed, yo. I was selling his house. He came out with a bat. I mean, props to him. So you deserved it? Yeah! So, we are here at the store. Right now, I’m picking up supplies for tomorrow’s video, but also I’m pranking my brother right now. Gonna get Icy Hot and put it in his underwear. He’s gonna freak out. He put a 1000 socks in my closet the other day. And I have to get him back, so let’s do that thang. So massive. Attention: all shoppers. Attention: all shoppers. Tomorrow’s video will be the most lit thing that you will ever see. And also, I’m putting Icy Hot in my brother’s underwear. So, uh, thank you for liking and subscribing. I will see you tomorrow. There we go. It’s gonna burn, right? When I did it, it was terrible but he’s not gonna expect it to be coming. So he’s gonna freak out. Alright, guys. So this is all lining up perfectly. We’re about to go to Logan’s house with Chance and Anthony. And the excuse to get into his house is that “Oh, you haven’t seen Chance & Anthony” “It’s been a while” “What’s up, Logie?” “Welcome back” So I’m gonna be like, “yo, let’s hang out” or whatever And my brother’s at the gym right now, so he has to take a shower. So we’re gonna hang out there and just like chill there til he’s like “Okay, I’m gonna take a shower.” And then, I guess we’ll — We’ll just put it all in his underwear. Yeah, we’ll put in a bunch of his underwear. The bottom especially. Yeah…and see his reaction. Let’s do it. I’m calling Logan to let us in. He’s not here yet. He’s still at the gym, but we’re gonna get in and wait for him and plan it all out. Yo, we’re at your place. Can we go in? Logan: I mean, it’s locked, but yeah. If you can get in. Bish, whet? Logan: Hello? Alright. I’ll see you in a bit, okay? Logan: Okay. Alright, bye. But he has no idea what’s coming. Uhhh…I guess I’m just waiting for him. So, uh, how’d your day go? We didn’t watch yesterday’s vlog. Yeah, you’re right. We should watch it. B-R-B. [whispering] Okay, just got to Logan’s. Yeah, he just got home. Jakey Logan! Sup, bro? Just out here. Say hi to Jake-Paulers. Hey, Jake-Paulers. Oh, hey, Jake-Paulers. Yeah! That was it! Dude, that’s a dope painting. Bro, congrats. How long since it’s been since you’ve seen them? It’s been since Christmas, right? That’s why I wanted to bring them over and say hi Yo, two things I’ve noticed. They’ve both gotten fatter and I hate them equally the same. Yo, for the Jake-Paulers who don’t know. Yo, these kids are poison, bro. These kids are poison. Growing up with Jake. This is the worst combo ever, bro. I hate this. You gonna do the thing? Hit it for me one time. Hit it for me one time. Hit it for me two times. Hit it for me three times. Ah-ah-ah. Yeah, we get it. Yo, bro. You looking smaller kid. What happened? Where’d your abs go? *grunts* The gym hasn’t been paying off for him. I don’t know. He’s vlogging? He has no idea. We have to get him to shower. Um, I’ll tell him he saw us. What? What? What? Should I say hi to Maverick? Yeah, bro. I hate Maverick. YO YO YOOOO Yo…..yo……….yo Put him away! I hate this bird so much! Cashmeoutside Get back. This bird is evil. Nobody likes Maverick. Just walk in. [In unison] NO Attack! Not going in there. I hate that. Yo, put him away, Logan. I hear him. You like enjoy this, bro. No, I don’t. I hate it. Put him away. He is away, bro. I already have a concussion. I’m not tryna get bit. Chance bout to go a round with Maverick. Go for the pick up, boy. Go for the pick up! Try and him pick him up. YOO Dude dude dude I’m gonna shower. I’m going to the beach in a little bit. If you guys wanna come I need to shower so Alright, we’ll let you shower. Don’t worry. We won’t mess your house up. Yo. W-w-w-wait. Stay right there. You are such a tool. What’s so toolish about this? *laughs* Oh, my god. Okay, we’re not gonna mess up your house. You promise? I promise I won’t mess up your house. Pinky promise? I promise we won’t mess up your house. I’ll give you a little pinky. Don’t, don’t mess up my house. Alright, put Maverick away please. So, he’s in there. He’s in there showering. So we’ll open the door. Here, let me get the Icy Hot out. He laid out the outfit that he’s gonna wear. No one likes you, Maverick. I have to put it on the front part. If I squish it, it’s gonna get through Do you smell that? It smells so strong. It smells like a mint vest. It’s gonna be bad, right? Yeah. That’s gonna burn. It’s gonna suck. I didn’t even have this much on and I was freaking out the other day. [phone rings] It’ll be the first thing that he grabs It’s so minty. I’ll leave the camera recording in here. Yeah, set it up. Set it up. I’m gonna leave this recording and we’re gonna wait for him to come out [Maverick squawks] Down, boy Whoa…whoa…whoa AAH! AAH! What the — Jake! Jake! AAAAHHH Jake! Son of a — OOooOOOwwww Why am I still wearing these? AAAHHHH I can’t get naked in front of the camera AAAAHHHHH Jake! Go, go, go, go! He took the camera Yo, let’s run Just run I think the pain stopped him. Otherwise, dude, we were dead. He took my camera down. He almost got us! He’s not even coming. Let’s go. It hurts, dude. Not gonna lie. It hurts really bad He tried Facetiming me, but there’s no service. Imma Facetime him back in a second. Yo, are you mad? Logan: Am I mad? Of course I’m mad. Logan: I explicitly said not to do anything, bro. And you did. Yeah, well maybe you shouldn’t put socks in my closet. Logan: You have no idea. You have no idea, bro. You need to just let it end. Okay? Logan: Cause NOW I have to retaliate and you’re not gonna like it I’m not even mad. Logan: You know what kind of pain you put me in? Yeah, I did it the other day. It hurts for like a while. Alright. Bye. Logan: C’mon Jake Like and subscribe. Thank you. Logan: I’m already subscribed, bro. [laughter] Jake-Paulers, that was so much fun. Today’s post notification shout-out goes to… De’Angelo Hall. De’Angelo. Thank you so much for having my post notifications on. Guys, if you want a post notification shout-out, all you have to do is turn on my post notifications And comment when you are done. I will see you tomorrow for the most epic vlog to live on this channel, guys. Be ready. Oh, my gosh. And that is what I’m gonna work on right now. We still have a lot of work to do. It’s still a lot of logistical things to get done. So I will see you guys tomorrow because it’s everyday, bruh! PEACE! Make sure you’re subscribed to keep up with my life on the daily basis. And if you want to see more content, check out yesterday’s vlog Because it is super lit. Plus, I have a second channel, Jake Paul 2, which you guys can subscribe to right now. And if you wanna see more content from everyone in the house, our group channel is called Team 10 Check it! See you guys, tomorrow! Peace!


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  3. If you just want to see the reaction, just go to 8:00. You’re welcome. Please say thank you by liking! Have a good day/night everyone! Have a blessed life and remember that you’re here for a reason.

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