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I swore to never play this game…

I swore to never play this game…

Honestly you’re out of ideas, just play ROBLOX! It’s obvious pewds hasn’t tried roblox YOU SHOULD PLAY ROBLOX PEWDS, THAT’S WHAT I CALL A GOOD GAME PLAY ROBLOX PEWDS IT’S THE GAME YOU’RE LOOKING FOOORRRR pewdehpie pLAY ROBLOX PLAY ROBLOX PLAY ROBLOX PEWDS PLAY ROBLOX ROBLOX BOI, PLAY ROBLOX YOU FORGOT ROBLOX YOU PIECE OF CRAPPY– NO! No, I swore! NEVER! Never I will play that game… Never in a million goddamn years… *Pewds Puberty Voice* (distant) “Pewds if you play roblox I will donate you a hundred dollars” ? Well, why don’t you fucking say so? Hell yeah, we’re playing- We’re playing Ro- We’re playing Roblox everyone! you could have started with that comment! Psch Let’s begin. Our journey, Through Roblox. [INTENSE LIPS] autism simmilater [LIPS INTENSIFY] 2017 I might not make it out alive, My levels are still pretty high, I could be overdosing. I asked you guys on Twitter which ones I should play, “[FIDGET SPINNERS] Adopt A Cute Family” Upgrading Roblox…- But how can you upgrade what is already perfection? Is that- Is that motherfucker wearing a Chanel sh-
T-Shirt? Peh- Hahaha! While doing a fidget spinner? Hell yeah. HELL YEAH. This is my game. “Choose your job.” well, they don’t have youtubers, So I’m gonna have to go with the… The second closest one… Wow. INCREDIBLE. *snicker and silent laugh* haha.. Ahaha… What is this fucking shit… How do I go back up?? ‘Scuse me! ‘Scuse me, can I get some- help? Woah I’m back. I’m back. WHOA! She’s got a fidget spinner! Oh Mah GOD!!!! WHOA! She’s showing it off to me! Can you fidget my spinner? Aw come on. god the screen is so fucking cluttered. *OOF* Did I just kill her with my- WITH MY FIDGET SPINNER? With great power… Comes great… fidget spinners HELL YEAH! This really seems like a really good game. Oh wow. Just a- Good old Sunday drive. Well, this is my car now. “Stop in the name of the law” *snickers* This is… DEJA VU WHOA Jesus Christ… I think my car became a fidget spinner. Oh my god, I just killed a police officer. But I’m just a fellow MC DONALDS worker I’m sorry I’m sorry. I’m sorry… THOT’s get killed *IS THE NEW WAY I LIKE TO BE-* All right, well… THATS COOL. I think it’s time to move on… “Counter Blox Roblox Offensive” what- what? Whoa, holy sHIT! This is just like Battlefield 2! Oh my god is just like Battlefield! what the fuck… GOOOTTEM! That’s pretty fucking cool actually. “DO NOT PLAY! WARNING SCARY” Apparently the gamemodes are YouTube clickbait titles. Wow! INCREDIBLE [what is this…] Why the fucking syste- I can’t do anything! Shut up! JUST SHUT UP! oh shit, I’m so scared guys I’m so fucking scared. oh god, I hope nothing comes down and kills me… oh my god, I’m shitting myself aAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MAAHHH THE WALLS GOT ME I’m fine. I’m fine… WHOOF I’m fine… Is that…? What is that? IS THAT AN AK-47? I’m saved. Slender Is about to get a taste of his own medicine. I’m joined by my army of bullets. Just stay still I got ’em. I’ll get him for ya’ oh my… THE BULLETS DON’T WORK THEY DON’T WORK aAHHH! AAHHH OHMYGODD d’aahh! What is this shit… fidget spinners Ro- bloxian HIGHSCHOOL Hey everyone, It’s PEWDIEPIE here! with my- Fidget spinner Dananananana Dananananana Dananana nuh neh nah neh nuh ♪ Pewds serenading us ♪ This has to be the saddest point in my life. This is actually more sad, when I was in high school. I managed to top myself. I’m sitting alone in a cafeteria, In Roblox, WITH A GODDAMN FIDGET SPINNER AND THERE’S NO ONE HERE Best game ever. 10/10. So no- *GAAASSSPPP* YES- ES- A H O T CHEERLEADER GIRL W U T S U P She’s looking at my fidget spinner. She just jUMPED OVER IT Well, It’s still just like High School. ooh… Hello baby Oh HELL- O BABY WHERE YOU GOING BA- I’m stu- I’m fucking stuck my fu- god Uh- Where’re you…? Come back, babe. You want to fidget my spinner? STOP JUMPING OVER IT YOU BITCH Come back here! you WILL, fidget my spinner bitch *fast forward* Wait you can play as- Vietnam in Roblox? Hell yeah. this is how the pros play it. aaAAHHHHHHHH! *battlecry intensifies* *Laughs sadistically* What up, dog? What up ah–shit? Surprise motherfucka! AH SHIT. Well I’m back playing my favorite server, or you can abduct little kids, one moment. I just need to figure some things out. I think my arm is broken and shoulder is dis- Okay.We’re flying now okay, here we go Get in How do I drown him? Fuck I’m drowning. [Evil laughter] hahahahahaha no Why is this so funny. [Robot voice] time for a rap battle. I’m not gonna Lie this game makes me want makes me cry, but so just your mom when I When I come in her eye ah what the fuck are you saying [hahaha]? Rick You’re blue like a fish off shop. Fuck. [I] make you dish and put you on my Wife’s playing Roblox is gay Which it’s okay, just kidding Roblox is gay drops mic Fuck. I had more. I had more in me What does fuck is this piece of shit game? Are you fucking kidding me? Roblox isn’t gay. Oh you fucking bitch. She voted me out [be] [cut] off you fucking bitch. Oh, it’s like slither io great Get fucked bitch get Fucked bitch EVERYONE GET FUUUUCKED GET FUUUCKED ROBLOOOX ROOOBL I`m SHOOTING FIRE ~Tryharding intesifies~ Get Fuuucked, ha ha ha ha ha ha I dropped some new Merch It’s selling like a [Jake Paul Voice] GOD CHURGE it’s every day bro it’s every day bro it’s every day bro I said IT’S EVERY DAY BROOOOO //Pls stop this Jake is cancer Jesus fucking Christ

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  1. Man: "With Great Power Becomes Great Responsibil-"


  2. have you don't play roblox i will never give you ten thousand dollars of i will give you ten thousand dollars you need to play roblox

  3. Hey grandpa, how did our family became so fast?
    Grandpa: well let me tell you a story, 7:23 – 7:49

    P.S. I cried in 9:51


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