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I Tried an UNDERWATER Photoshoot!

I Tried an UNDERWATER Photoshoot!

(upbeat music)
(camera clicking) (camera clicking)
(upbeat music) – Hello guys welcome back to my channel. Today I have Lily with me. You probably recognize her
from a few of my other videos. – Hey guys! – Yep, we’re super excited today, we have an awesome video. It is going to be underwater photography. And, I’m a little bit nervous for this. – [Lily] Me too. – Yeah. We’re both a little nervous. We’re gonna see if the shots
actually work out today. Just so you guys know we
are very good swimmers and we have a whole bunch
of safety stuff setup. Plus we have a whole bunch
of professional equipment. So please don’t try this at home. And we have people around
here, adult supervision that are gonna be watching us just in case we do need something. But before we get on to the video, here’s a giant reminder,
my giveaway ends tonight. My Back to School giveaway reminder that has an awesome iPad Pro. So you guys wanna make
sure that you enter that by clicking the ‘i’ button right here or the description box below. So make sure you enter that right now. And also I wanna challenge Jordan Matter to this underwater photography thing. I wanna see if he can do it. He does a lot of awesome
photography with dancers. So let’s see Jordan if
you can do it underwater. – So today, we are doing a
simple black leotard look. And just, we’re gonna be
doing some dancer poses. Then we’re gonna do a really
pretty multi-colored dress. And some more dramatic shots. And maybe some flowers or some books. Just some really innovative shots. And we’re also gonna be
doing a mermaid tail. So that’ll be really fun,
just floating around. And I’m really excited. – So when I’m under the water, to actually get me to
hold under the water, I have these heavy weights.
(laughs) And it’s a lot harder than it looks. I actually have to like
bring then down with me and then set them on me so I stay under and then once I’m ready to come up I have to move them down. I have my camera right here
and I have a GoPro right here. So this is gonna look awesome. And let’s go. We’re gonna do a lot more dancing shots in this first one just
kinda to mess around and have more fun. It’s just kind of a more fun, bubbly, like two teenagers hanging out in the pool taking some pictures. She’s obviously dancing, so I wanna get some more of
her dancer moves in there and things that would be harder when she is wearing a dress and it’ll be super interesting and that way she doesn’t
have props in the way of her. And it’ll be interesting and nice for her to kinda get an introduction to being in front of the camera and
underwater while taking pictures. The poses are great but see if you can do a little bit higher because it goes down, so I can just see like
the bottom of the pool. – Yeah, I gotcha. – Okay ready? So I can tell Lily is
really struggling underwater down there, it’s really hard
trying to get her to go under and then coming back up. I know because I’ve tried
doing a lot of these poses when I was testing the camera out and it’s a lot harder than it looks. So I’m trying to get her to
get a little bit of a break when she comes back up so she can breathe and then go back under and do the pose. Okay, so you pick the dance pose. Well, when you go down like
smack the top of the water and kick it, and so it has
to come out with bubbles. – [Lily] Alright. (upbeat music) Oh my gosh, this is so hard to stay under the water, but it’s also fun Kamri and I keep on trying new poses. (camera clicking) but having a great time. (camera clicking)
(upbeat pop music) – My goggles are so foggy. I can’t literally see anything so I’m trying to do a home
remedy here really fast. We looked it up and it said spit is one of the best ways to fix it. So, oh, it actually– (upbeat music) So, I’m spitting in goggles currently. (camera clicking) (upbeat music) – So I think they got a lot of good just simple shots of her black leo and now we’re gonna add in another kind of prop, we have a skirt. (laughing) So this skirt, it’s pretty
interesting, it like ties. I don’t really know how it works, Raelyn just came out and said, “Hey I have this skirt that might work,” So I think it might be fun to do some where it’s like it’s
either floating it around or something like that. (upbeat music) It’s like hard because basically I wanna get as wide as I
can because she’s doing like really wide poses, so I’m trying to get wide back but then she’s going pretty deep as well. So I’m getting to the bottom of the pool. So I’m trying to find
the right balance between where I should stand and where she should be to
get the right shots. So I’m just kind of like
experimenting with placement. I just scooted her back
and I skated all the way over here so I think this should work. So, we’re gonna test it out. (upbeat music) (camera clicking) I’m in the grotto because
it’s the only place that’s like dark enough to actually see the camera especially when
it’s in this underwater case, it’s kinda hard to see the pictures. So I find shady spots is easiest to see the actual pictures
and kind of get an idea of what they’re gonna look like and then Lily is here to kind of see what she needs to work on and what we need to do moving forward. Ready? – Yup. (upbeat music) (camera clicking) (camera clicking) – Alright I think we got it and now we’re on to the next shot. (gentle music) Here we go. So my inspo for this is kind of its the theme of simple beauty but I want it to be more prop and so there’s a lot more to look at in the shot besides just the
dancer like the first one. So I’m gonna have lots
of props like flowers floating around and
some really cool things like that, that I think
will really capture the audience when you’re
looking at the pictures and we’ll really understand kind of like what I’m thinking behind the picture and behind the camera. So I really like the poses. I just wanna add a little bit extra. I’m gonna try to get some
flowers floating around her. (upbeat music) (camera clicking) (camera clicking)
This is going really well. I’m super excited to see these shots. The white flowers were a perfect fit. I think they worked out really great. It’s a little bit more
complicated than I thought trying to get the flowers all around her. And hopefully we can get a few
more shots with this dress. – Yes. (upbeat music) (camera clicking)
(upbeat music) (camera clicking)
(upbeat music) – Okay, I think I got it. – Good. – And I think we are done with this dress. (upbeat music) So the red dress to me,
the red kind of symbolizes like power or something like that. Kinda like more female empowerment. So I really wanted a red as strong color. So I’m excited to see how these pictures will turn out when she’s under the water and wearing the red dress
and then with a few props. (upbeat music) (camera clicking) (upbeat music) (camera clicking) – So I tried this one
and it looks really cool. Basically they just dive
and a whole big trail of bubbles follows. So I wanna see if it looks
cool with the red dress. Can you do a dive? – Yes. – Okay, there you go. (laughing) – Okay. (upbeat music) (camera clicking) – So these dresses are a lot harder than I thought they would be. They’re flowin’ all around, her hair is all over her face. So it’s a lot more stuff to worry about than I thought it would be. But I’m just trying to take
as many pictures as I can and do as many times as I can. Hopefully I got a shot. Let’s pray and hope that I did. (upbeat music) (camera clicking) (upbeat music) (camera clicking) (upbeat music) (camera clicking) (upbeat music) Hey so she’s wearing the red dress and the roses just look
so perfect with it. So I wanna do something where it’s kind of above the water but it looks pretty cool and it’s kinda just partially floating and then there’s roses just kind of all over around her. (upbeat music) (camera clicking) So now we’re moving on to the book. This probably the hardest
one because it has the most props, not props, but the most pieces to it. But I think if I can get it,
it’ll be a really awesome shot. (upbeat music) – [Lily] Kamri always has
really innovative ideas and she’s really easy to work with so that those ideas can come to life. And yeah we just work
as a really great team and Kamri’s great with the camera. (camera clicking) (upbeat music) (camera clicking) (upbeat music) – [Kamri] You’re a mermaid now. – Yes. – My inspiration for this is obviously just mermaids. This one’s the hardest shot because I feel like mermaid’s
a very hard concept. They can also be pretty little kiddish. So I’m trying to make it
a little bit more grown up with the flower crown
and hopefully somethings I can do in the Photoshop afterwards. But we will see. This one is definitely
the most unpredictable of all my shots so far. So we’re just gonna have to test around see what happens. (upbeat music) So Lily’s doing an amazing
job with this mermaid tail. She’s actually doing way
better than I thought she would and way better than I could do. So I’m super proud of her
for getting these poses and nailing the shots. (camera clicking) So you might have noticed I have this ladder across the pool. This is for safety reasons. So this basically means if one of us is tired
while we’re swimming, we can grab on to it and
then we’re gonna be fine and we can float there for a second. (camera clicking) (upbeat music) (camera clicking) (upbeat music) Thank you guys so so much
for watching this video. Hopefully you enjoyed. It was a ton of fun. It’s hot, it’s like 111 degrees right now. But it was super fun. So if you guys liked it
make sure you subscribe to my channel by clicking
that red button down below make sure you enter the
giveaway it ends tonight, so make sure you click the description box or the ‘i’ button to enter and also check out my other videos by clicking over here. I’ll see you guys next week, bye. (upbeat techno music)

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