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I Was Switched At Birth With Another Baby

I Was Switched At Birth With Another Baby

Hello everyone! My name is Emily and recently my life has
started to resemble a TV series. Let me start from the very beginning. All 16 years of my life I have felt pretty
different from both of my parents. I was never like anyone in the family, not
in the way I looked, or even in the way I acted. For example, both of my parents were really
good at sports. Mom used to be a cheerleader in college, so
she is very muscular and skinny, while dad has always been good at any ball game, especially
basketball and tennis. But I can hardly be called an athlete of any
kind. I’m not even good at running, so I usually
end up trying to skip my PE classes all the time. At first my parents were worried about this
and even took me to the doctor, but he said that I am completely healthy and normal; I
just wasn’t created to become an athlete. As for me, I hate everything connected to
physical activity. I would rather read books or draw something. And I’m really good at natural sciences. This is actually what calms me down and helps
me relax. “It’s nothing,” you’d probably say,
but I have always felt pretty uncomfortable when the whole family gathered together and
played, let’s say, football. I’d just sit somewhere under the trees and
sketch another family portrait. This makes me feel different from everybody. And I don’t look like anyone in the family
either. They all are brunettes with blue eyes and
dark skin. When mom gets tan, she looks like a real goddess. And I am a chubby blonde with grey eyes and
any extra sun makes my pasty white skin as red as a tomato. I do love my family and I’m sure that they
love me back, but there are some times when I feel like I am in the wrong place. Although I’m pretty sure that many of you
have felt the same way at least few times in your life. My time to find out what was wrong with me
came with a piece of mail. That day, I was home alone when the mailman
came and brought a letter from the local hospital addressed to my mom. I never meant to read anyone else’s correspondence,
but this very letter made me feel nervous. I thought “What if mom might has a serious
illness and just doesn’t want me to find out about it?” That’s why I decided to carefully open up
the envelope, so that no one would notice I’d actually done it. The information inside sent me into shock. The letter said that 16 years ago, on the
night I was born, the fire alarm went off suddenly and that incident made the nurse
on duty panic and switch two babies – me and another girl. At first she was scared to confess this because
she thought she might lose her job. But now this woman is terminally ill and is
about to pass away soon, so she decided to confess her mistake. Reading all that just made me physically ill. It turned out that my parents were actually
not my parents and this fact explained why I had always been the black sheep in the family. I just sat down reading and re-reading the
letter over and over again and didn’t even notice that my parents had returned home. When I saw them I couldn’t do anything but
just burst into tears and run to my room. I didn’t know how to react or what to say
and was just lying on my bed when my parents knocked at my door. They looked totally down in spirits and worried
about me. Dad kept silent just like me, while mom tried
to find the right words to say. She said that this horrible mistake won’t
change anything in our relationships; that I always was and forever will be their beloved
daughter and that I will be the only one to decide whether I want to meet the other family
or not. I felt frightened and depressed about that
letter, but when my parents hugged me I realized that I loved them more than anything in the
world. That night was torturous for everyone. I couldn’t sleep at all. A few times I heard mom crying in the bathroom
and I noticed that dad went outside to smoke, while he had been a nonsmoker for as long
as I could remember. The other day I made my decision, I wanted
to contact my biological parents. Their address was also included in the letter
and dad called them. It turned out that they had also received
the same letter and were about to contact us. We decided to meet at a café. You know, I immediately recognized the other
“me” at first glance. She looked just like my mom. The same hair and eyes, same mannerisms, and
even the way she waved at me – everything resembled her. And I turned out to be more like my biological
father, especially in the way I looked; only my total inability to be athletic turned out
to be inherited from mother. The meeting went really well. I mean, of course, it was an awkward occasion
and no one knew exactly what to say, but everyone seemed to be pretty friendly toward each other. We spend about an hour together at that café. On our way back home we were all completely
silent. Later that night I decided to talk to my parents. The only thing I was interested in was whether
now they were going to switch me out with their real daughter and give me back to my
biological parents. It turned out that they were afraid that I
myself would want to leave them to go live with another family. Of course, none of us wanted to change our
lives. Now our family, or rather both of our families,
has undergone a scary, although very interesting period in our lives. We now need to figure out how we are going
to live, what we will say to the rest of the family, and how we will communicate with one
another. Of course, I love my parents and I am not
going to trade them for anyone. But I always wanted to have a sister, and
now I seem to have one. Soon we are going to meet each other again. Who knows, maybe this new meeting will help
us merge our two families into a bigger and happier one. Now you see how my life resembles a TV series. Let’s just hope for a happy ending. Now you guys tell me, would you like to meet
your biological parents if you were in my place in this situation? I’m looking forward to your responses in the
comments to this video. And in order not to miss some even more interesting
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66 thoughts on “I Was Switched At Birth With Another Baby”

  1. I feel I’ve definitely seen a movie with this very story, nurse switched babies at birth and confessed at her death bed umm just sayin

  2. When I was born the fire alarm went off because a kid getting a check up did not want a shot and ran and pulled the fire alarm and I was not switched

  3. I wish I was her…finding out that I have a different family or that I will get adopted by another family…but now I'm almost 21 so that's not possible :') Even tho I have a family…

  4. I know you were different from them cuz your story but anybody can be completely different from there whole family

  5. fire alarm went off
    Other nurses: leaves baby's even if it's a real fire…
    One nurse: sWiTcH tHe bAbYs

  6. when my sister was born her dad always would fine a way to punish her and when i was born my dad was a nice guy loved basketball and singing my sisters dad loved dance cheer and he was a red neck my dad was in the wrong place at the wrong time when he went to jail and died our mom she was scared of what happened so she asked our uncle and asked do you want to beautiful little girls he said no he already had 6 kids at that time so me and my sister got adopted to our grandparents now i am 13 and my sister is 18

  7. BRUH who panics and decides to switch a baby😂. Dont even comment and say out of panic obv but i dont think many people would get scared and decide to switch a baby

  8. How did the parents not notice that the mother gave birth to a black kid and that they got back a white kid a few hours later?

  9. You’re telling me, they never fucking said anything about you being a fucking blonde while they were both brunettes?

  10. Fire alarm went off
    Nurse: Oh s- im panicking need to keep the babies safe tho. Wait OMG l0l Of course! Switching them is perfect. Now theyre safe 🙂

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