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I Watched The Best and Worst Rated Episodes of Glee Season 1

I Watched The Best and Worst Rated Episodes of Glee Season 1

You do not have the moves mr. Schue! Hey guys, so today is a very exciting day because, because, I’m going to be doing something that you guys requested and not just something that you guys requested This has been like the number one request for a video for a very long time which I didn’t think it would be because while making these references I thought people were gonna get annoyed by it and I thought people were gonna be like ‘trin like quit it’ like, no one wants to hear about that, you’re just proving how much of a loser you are (loser like me) Ever since I started letting out this inner the Gleek within myself People have been requesting to WATCH GLEE And you know what? I’m gonna give the people what they want But I wanted to make sure I was ready to give you guys good content So that’s why I’ve been putting it off because I was like i dont really know what to do Should I do this? Should I do that? i dont really know. should i watch the whole season? should i just do the episodes? But just so you guys know we’re gonna be doing this for a while I wanted to do one for each season, but that’s six season. So this is gonna be a series, that’s gonna be stretched out over a long period amount of time “a long period amount of time” ? a long period of time just because there’s six seasons and I just don’t want to have like a Glee week or I just post a Glee every single day. So today we’re going to be watching the best and worst episodes of Glee Season one now since most seasons how the hiatus in the middle of the season so every 12 episodes There’s a hiatus. There’s a part 1 and part 2 – most tv shows that have over 20 episodes So what I’m going to be doing is I’m actually gonna be watching four episodes I’m going to be watching the worst rated episode from the part 1 of the season and the part 2 – and I’m gonna watching the best Episode from the part 1 and the part 2 so it’s gonna be really exciting. I looked up on IM D B the rates of each episodes and you know what I know IMDB might not be the best source of information, but it’s the source of information that I have It’s you know what? It’s the frickin movie database that’s what it is. is that what it is? season 1A the lowest rated episode is acafellas and the highest-rated episode is the season 1A finale Which is just called sectionals I believe so it has a nine point to where acafellas has an eight point one and then for the Second half so season 1B the highest-rated episode is journal, journal? journey to regionals which is a nine point three and then the lowest Rated episode is that episode called home which has an eight point four? I’m just going off and IMDB and if you don’t like it Then you can fucking create more accounts and change the ratings on IMDB Okay When did you start cooking Terry? oh it’s just hamburger casserole I always forget that Terry was a character and she had such a big impact on the show But I always forget she was a character Terry’s pregnant It’s a boy I’m gonna be honest. I never cared about mr. Schue storyline, and I wish he had Not so much you’re not a trained choreographer That’s what we need to be the best. You do not have the moves, Mr. Shue. Just because he understudied doesn’t mean he ever performed. Did you ever perform? Mr. Schuester? After high school? It’s time to roast. Mr. Shue. This episode was really just a roast on mr. Schue honestly All of glee is just a roast on mr. schue, because his character was just kind of creepy and just made everything a little bit uncomfortable there was a lot of his storylines where I was just kind of like Is that right? There’s a lot of storylines and Glee period where you’re just like ‘is that all right,’ and then you know what? the answer most of the time, is no! *singing* “This is how we do it” Oh my god. Do not break the fourth wall like that that- I would have agreed that for grown men rehearsing acapella hip-hop in my living room was embarrassing but busting out some white-hot, New Jack Swing, I’ll tell you I’ve never felt more confident. I understand why this is the worst rated episode *singing* “So good” I’m ready for my close-up, mr. DeMille Sandy, we voted when you’re in the group, it’s creepy. Bro Mr. Shue and you’re in the group, it’s creepy *singing* “This is how we do it” see that’s creepy You’ve missed six rehearsals in the past couple of weeks and when you’re there you’re not really there Which is why I think you should go ahead and hire Montana. Dakota Yo, isn’t that his job though to coach the glee club? You didn’t have to choreograph the glee club. All those in favor of hiring Dakota Stanley. oh this is- Mike Chang isnt in the freakin glee club yet, this sucks! No wonder why this is the worst rated episode Mike freakin Chang is not in here yet goddamn! Once we hired Dakota and win nationals, he’ll thank me for it. You heard Santana. It’s all about winning I just don’t know why a glee club has to dance That’s been the biggest question this whole time. Why does the glee club even have to dance? You’re a Glee Club, you sing. It’s kind of ironic how you’re mr. Popular and I’m just this me nobody that everybody makes fun of But I have enough confidence to say out loud that what happened between us in the auditorium was real I think she has the same speech maybe a hundred times throughout the show. even if it means me quitting? Yes Yes. We don’t need you to sing Don’t Stop Believing anymore, Finn. We can sing it on our own. We can sing frickin journey on our own. We don’t need your soft voice *singing* “Ah! Posion. Yeah spiderman” Do you think this is like the least downloaded song off the album too? We should have looked at that. What are the highest and the most bought songs of Glee… We should do that! (i have no clue what he’s even singing im sorry) *singing* “that girl is poison” Remember when everyone thought they were all not singing their own parts? Like everyone watches Glee and they’re like “well they’re not even really saying that’s not their voices” I’m like, why would they make a fucking show about singing if they weren’t actually gonna be the one singing dipshit? wow i need those parents happy, they found out we’ve been serving the children prison food *gasp* (ugly laugh) *laughing* prison food??? And being my close personal confidant he is only interested if I am in the group! how’d this even get a second season? (ugly wheeze laugh) you cant leave rehearsals for any reason *gasp* omg! if you guys don’t know that’s Harry Shum Jr wife!! She was on Glee before he was. And they have a baby omg ^-^ *gasp* aweeeee>.

100 thoughts on “I Watched The Best and Worst Rated Episodes of Glee Season 1”

  1. My reaction to Mike Chang while watching this and the show was very similar, it was just like "oh my god yasss Mike Chang"

  2. Love glee (guilty pleasure) and loved your reaction 🤔 When will the next glee video come up? Looking forward to it

  3. Just watched the part about them actually singing. The musical singing in the rain features a woman who is dubbing another woman, but that woman's voice isn't actually used in the final cut, they dubbed a woman dubbing another woman.

  4. That's 5 pizzas for 12 people, that's so much food…. If I turn up to a gathering where there isn't a pizza each I go home disappointed and hungry 😂

  5. Trin: ??? They definitely did place if they got a trophy…I know the difference because I have a lot of participation medals.

    Me: BOI, I only got participation certificates, I just-

  6. '' No WoNdEr WhY ThIs Is ThE wOrSt RaTeD ePiSoDe….. MiKe FrEaKiNg ChEnG iSn'T iN hErE YeT''

    Best sentences ever said

  7. I dont like Rachel, i used to but now i realized how narcisist she was and didnt care about other people's feelings, some people say she was the star or whatever, but just because you are talented doesnt give you the right to demand things or behave like a spoiled brat when you dont get your way, it always felt like everything was handed to her

  8. Yes, agree so hard, I never really cared about Mr Shu and everything thing about him felt so cringy, and it really felt like they were determined to have him as the lead character but it felt so weird. And Emma’s character was just really weird and totally nuts (and I say that as someone who has many of her issues myself) she should have been in therapy for years not counselling kids in high school. Would much rather have had Mike storylines rather than watch Mr Shu flirt with someone else yet again…

  9. I don’t really watch tv that often, but after all Trin’s Glee references I had to watch it and now I’m halfway through s 2 lol

  10. tbh, im on season three and based on all of the epidodes i watched so far…my favorite so far is blame it on the alcohol

  11. jessie st. james was lowkey robbed until later on ofc,,.,..season 1 he was kinda an asshole ya but he just wanted his girl rachel v_v

  12. Tbh how has Rachel not got her ass beat and it’s freaking annoying that Kurt and Rachel are so annoying because they are always trying to be against each other

  13. TRIN I am so mad at you you’ve reminded me of how much I loved glee and also how freaking heartbreaking Corey monteith’s death was. I had really blocked that out

  14. I really don’t get why she hates Mr. Schue and Emma’s relationship that’s literally one of the best couples in glee (after Kurt and Blaine of course)

  15. Trin: tbh I never cared about Mr. Schue’s storyline and wish there was…
    Me: LESS!
    Trin: …not so much…

  16. Rachel knew that Vocal Adrenalin performance was a once in a lifetime opportunity and had to witness this. Fuck Quinn’s baby dude, Vocal Adrenalin is performing dawg

  17. Glee club is basically like how Popvox is. Like, it’s basically a full performance from dancing, singing, and acrobatics. It’s gotta be entertaining all the way through and if you’re missing out on any of those factors you get scored pretty low

  18. How is 5 boxes a lot of Pizza for 12 people?? hahah Is it only me and my friends who usually eat almost one pizza per person??

  19. Trin, when are u gonna upload another video for next season of glee??? I'm over here tweaking like a crackhead right now

  20. I'm just mad you didn't choose 'Bad Reputation' so we could see your reaction to 'Run Joey, Run', like that shit was the bomb

  21. they technically don’t have to dance. i don’t know the rules of the competitions there, but since they’re TECHNICALLY a choir, no choir competition i’ve ever been in, have we had to dance. not in New York, not in Hawaii, not in LA. a SHOW CHOIR has to dance, and within the rules that we know that are cannon, they would be classified as a Show Choir, but if we’re just going competition based, and with them being a choir, they wouldn’t necessarily have to dance 🤷🏼‍♂️

  22. My favorite characters are everyone except Rachel ,Finn, and that guy with the Mohawk

    P.S. plz do another one of these

  23. mercedes couldve won them a competition if they would’ve given her a chance
    i legit choked on my water when she said “pearly white harbor”

  24. Sectionals was iconic. I'll never forget sitting on my bedroom floor and crying when Rachel sang Dont Rain on my Parade lmfao i wanted them to win so bad and if they didn't i was gonna break my TV

  25. Also also I'm glad you didn't react to Home cuz that episode was depressing and i remember crying watching it like 4 times

  26. trin :“like did anyone even download any songs from glee hahaha”
    Me the biggest gleek ever : listening to the hundreds of glee songs on my iPod “ waaaaaat naaaa not me”

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