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Idiot Blogger Mocks “Chubby Cheerleader”

Idiot Blogger Mocks “Chubby Cheerleader”

so i found this out of the big league
dot com jason mcintyre spine websites missus of a female blogger going after
eight oklahoma city thunder cheerleaders let’s pull her up really quickly this is first-time is calcium you did a
story so the eight ccs landing she’s going to
spread uh… now the female bloggers as you know the rockets play the thunder
blah blah blah uh… the rockets look terrible game on
that some say they were the only battle of the people on the court we’re not
trying to be only we’re discussing what men like in women specifically n_b_a_ cheerleaders this
pretty blond has been criticizing some folks in ok see for having parties quote
from hutchins around her waist line but if she’s comfortable wearing a tiny
outfit and dancing for n_b_a_ fans and good for her besides not every man likes
women to be toothpicks skinny in fact i’d say most men prefer a little extra
made under bones am i right what do you think is this check to jumping to be a
cheerleader and this is takin that i think this was uh… it was deleted often c_b_s_
houston dot com but then the big lead founded off of google and he put out there has been the found
and uh… they found out that she’s going under daily s now the blogger her real name is anna
maganda riley whose work on the c_b_s_ used inside is
out of the big league dot com under her own name deals mostly in relationship
advice for men and women she also once wrote a blog for the houston chronicle
in which it right out to be a cheerleader herself and posted a video for auditions so obviously she had to nine they have
to certain things you don’t write before dept you just don’t do it uh… yeah she’s a little bigger than
most really rich but she’s incredibly attractive woman as
fine excellent anemic looked is going to be the rush to
judgment and we discussed it so many times before when people of would put
out these insane articles and comments should uh… animated riley blues for days that c_b_s_ usa dot com
although this article depends on how she had how apologetic i would help i’ll tell it like i don’t
think anybody needs an apology that cheerleader doesn’t mean apology people
you get offended you’re in the public eye to some extent like the lesson once the apologies i don’t care whether i don’t know we
care about her she’s fine she’s a big girl she’s she said ironically she’s a grown-up girls what i
mean csc at nobel crossed our minds when he said
that played goalie switching stations that quickly joseph the if you’re running that company that’s not that that kind of judgment is not really who you want writing your block so salute you say
that you were in tears i got carried away i was trying to be
clever i regretted it’s an embarrassment i should nevertheless attorney clarence political scientist at around one
o’clock reminders of the clever so she felt the sting of fire don’t think that it was except that that’s a very so if she is
uh… if she had a few run and that you’re the
that your editor and you get the impression that she’s taken this
seriously that i think that ok you write something
about why this was wrong write a blog about how you recognize
that it will go about our business but don’t screw up again for nine months and i think that it’s
totally fair as well

66 thoughts on “Idiot Blogger Mocks “Chubby Cheerleader””

  1. Shmeh, she isn't fat, but she may weigh as much as me depending on her height (160lbs), and that is a no go for me.

  2. Shes chubby with no tits? how is that possible? thought all fat girls had tits, she looks like a chubby little 10 year old. and her face is F'd up.

    Everyone has the right to judge people.

  3. And the first picture looks nothing like the pictures of her cheerleading? so is she really skinny, or chubby?

  4. The weight restriction may have to do with the acrobatics they have to do. It's a lot harder to do some of those stunts with average sized women. If it is for reasons of look, I'm completely in agreement with you.

  5. Yeah I don't know man, i'd say its more society than the writers, the public prefers girls that are in shape (cheerleaders generally aren't just 'skinny', they are also generally pretty toned) so thats what these teams deliver.

  6. Women shouldn't care about what other women think of their body, because they are usually wrong anyway.

  7. 1. She's cute-ish whatever not exactly my taste but still pretty good looking. If she can do the job, she's qualified.

    2. Is it just me or did that article sound like it was supporting her against other morons' criticism? What the hell is wrong with that? Maybe some slightly insensitive word play, but the message was positive.

  8. She's looks okay to me. This story is nothing but case of a bitter woman that didn't made as a cheerleader so she bring her hate on any cheerleader.

  9. I don't think she is too fat. Its how she flares her nostrils that makes her look kinda gross in my opinion. That being said, I would still fuck her no questions asked

  10. Women are there own worst enemy. And they dont really know what men want, they abide by a jarred view of femininity from the fashion industry.

    Skinny is not sexy. Thats the bottom line.

  11. You cant say whats on your mind in this country anymore. First amendment be damned. Welcome to Obama's Country

  12. I dont think anyone is surprised by your comment. All I had to do was look at your picture and I already knew. Nothing needed to be said. You are the same type of guys that made spicee cajun famous

  13. Did the blogger call her fat and insult her? Or did she say, 'Some are calling her chubby, but this is what most men want.' The cheerleader in question does look a little heavier than the average cheerleader, you can't deny that. But it sounded like the blogger was defending her, in an inarticulate way.

  14. Agreed. A lot of pressure comes from the media, especially when it is writers hating on someone because of their physical appearance.


  15. the reporter didn't actually say she was too fat or make fun of her for been chubby she just put a question out there for people to awnser maybe even expecting everyone to say no she isn't too fat

  16. She is fat. Chubby is a nicer way of saying fat. Girls I have sex with are thinner. If you are into fat girls it's cool. Just don't say my beliefs are wrong. I like girls that look great in a bikini.

  17. I was about to hate on her, then i saw the pic and i realize she wasnt really chubby wtf is wrong with people

  18. She should be proud that despite the fact that some consider her chubby, she was good enough to make the squad. Obviously she's getting attention too; not necessarily a bad thing. She needs to keep in mind that some people said that Jennifer Love Hewitt was fat when she was a size 2. For all the gods and goddesses that are apparently leveling this criticism, everyone didn't descend from heaven with a perfect form like you. The rest of us know that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

  19. Plenty of men like women a little "chubby". Assuming the whole idea is for them to be attractive, wouldn't you want to cover as many bases as possible?

  20. She looks just fine! I'll love to take her out to the movies and have a drink in a very romantic atmosphere .LOL !

  21. This is silly I don't think it was inappropriate to criticize a cheerleader for her weight just bitchy. Lets not sit here and pretend the cheerleaders are there for their dancing prowess. It was a needless article but the only reason there are hot women scantily clad on the sidelines is because it's sexy, so to debate how sexy a particular dancer is really isn't as disgraceful or sexist as people would like to think.

  22. People should just try to be comfortable in the body they have when healthy….. Girls who when healthy carry a bit more weight go crazy to try to be skinny….. at the same time girls who are skinny and naturally slender are more likely to be insecure about their breasts…. Either way speaking as a man we're just a tangled awkward knot of muscle with a cock and balls. No matter how you look you will always be far more beautiful and graceful then us dickheads.

  23. Its not right to fire someone over the truth. She is right the girl is chubby and pudgy for a cheerleader so what ? She pointed it out and gets fired for its not right at all

  24. "We are discussing what men like in women" no you are discussing what insecure females dislike in other women. As soon as I saw the title I knew that it was a woman writing the blog, because it would be hard to find a man complaining about her.

  25. Would 99.9 percent of the male population still wanna tap that ass? Yes.. So we have no problem here

  26. She's not fat she's chubby and men do like women that are a little chubby and if they don't then they just want a woman that's anorexic….. that's nasty I'm captin on my team and I'm chubby. But why should you judge someone by their weight when you yourself are pobobly some 50 year old overweight perv?

  27. The blogger is just a skeezy, skanky skinny little jizz gobbler that does dogs if she can't find men desperate enough to use her.

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