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IISuperwomanII Reacts to ‘Teens React to IISuperwomanII’ (ft. Parents)

IISuperwomanII Reacts to ‘Teens React to IISuperwomanII’ (ft. Parents)

– Where in the world is Superwoman today? L.A.! What up everyone? It’s your girl, Superwoman and today’s video is
going to be interesting. Something a little different. Just in case you don’t know, there are two phenomenal YouTubers by the names of The Fine Brothers who make reaction videos on YouTube and you must’ve heard of
them because they’re amazing. I’m a huge fan of theirs, so I feel totally honored
that their last video was wait for it, wait for it,
are you ready, are you ready? Are you ready? Teens react to me? That’s right, they made a video called Teens React to
IISuperwomanII, so I thought, you know it’d be dope if
I made a IISuperwomanII reacts to Teens React to IISuperwomanII. What is that? Is that my brain that exploded on you? Can I just tell you how
horrified I am of this, because I’m so nervous
that they’re going to say horrible things. I’m actually sweating, but whatever, let’s do it, I hope you enjoy this
reaction video, but yo, hold up, wait a minute. You know I had to include my parents. Let’s do it. – Hello. – Hello, today we watching Fine Brothers. – I feel so sorry for these little kids that are about to watch my super daughter. – You know, it would be
fine triplets, you know, because I am very fine. (cringing) – Music, I like it. – It has this music video. (upbeat music) – Oh my God, it’s me, ah, that’s my name. What up everyone, it’s
your girl, Superwoman. – It Superwoman. – I know her, I know her, I know her. – He knew me. – You know? – This truly is my life, yes. – She’s not impressed. She’s not impressed. He’s not impressed. 14 year old, how do you leave the house? – Same.
– [Mom] Same. All day, tick, tick, tick. – What the bloody hell
Lilly talking about? – That’s me. – That’s me, you see all kids bloody same. – What is she saying? – She’s so funny, I love her. – I love him. – She’s so funny, I love her. – She funny, she dumb. It auto corrects my
name in the beepsakabob. They’re related. – You are brother and sister? Better brother and sister, okay. Doing bad thing. – She has the cutest smile. – All of my cheer friends. – That’s also me. – Oh my God, it’s him. Then my friend attacks me same. – Look, they’re thinking, oh my God, this girl is so super, look at her. – This guy, cool guy. – I have a friend like that. – Biggest pet peeve, do not … – I have a friend like that. – Me too. What is she talking about? – Yes, smile, smile. – That’s parents texting. – Huh? What did you say about parents? – That’s parents texting, they text okay and then they call you. – I text very cool, okay? I text a smiley face, emoji, that’s right. The sunglass one, look at me, I’m cool. – Orange is really not
my color, by the way. I am so validated right now. – I remember this one. Are you laughing at me? You laughing? (laughing) – Who is that handsome guy? Are you laughing at me? I see, he’s laughing because
he says oh my God, so handsome. (laughing) – Oh my God. – Good. – Everything is a joke,
everything is a joke. – I’m so nervous. – That’s so funny. Mommy have blood pressure (laughing). – Oh my God, they’re laughing, this is the best feeling ever. – That’s a good plan. – That’s a good plan, I’ll
tell you a good plan, okay. – Great, oh my gosh, I love her. – Great, huh, you should see her room. Her room is not great, okay. – My mom’s actually a big fan of her. – Props to your mom though. – She’s hot, though. – He just had to put that in there. – She’s hot? What do you mean she’s hot? She’s room temperature, okay. – I’m feeling a little proud. – [Voiceover] She’s from Canada. – Oh really, I didn’t hear a boot. – We do not say a boot. Who says a boot? – She’s pretty, that helps. – Boy, what’s your number? I mean, how old are you? – You see, dad is very funny because dad’s handsome. – That’s (beep) cool. – Are you saying a bad word? – Dad looks like Johnny Depp. – Bringing the entire world together. – You know what else
brings people together? Marriage. – It shows that we are not
so different after all. – We are not, we are not. ♫ Kumbaya my love Kumbaya ♫ – Reach someone in India. – India. – She’s almost a pioneer. – I’m a pioneer. He said I’m a pioneer. Brb, gotta go buy a pioneer outfit. Back to (inaudible). – [Voiceover] What would you
say as you watch this episode about her success and how
she embraces her culture? – I think you’re so cool. – And clean your room. – You are hilarious, I like it. – And clean your room. – Your super, woman. – And clean your room. – My mom says hi and my
mom says salaam namaste. – Salaam, oh thank you. – You are gorgeous and
I am in love with you. Keep doing you and let’s get married. – I knew he was going to propose. – What did you say? – I decided that not
only my daughter is crazy but everybody is crazy. – In conclusion, from
this video I understand, most of the people like
the video because of me. Thank you, thank you. – That was magical. I feel so special and so validated. I was so horrified that
they were going to say a whole bunch of terrible things but that was overwhelmingly positive. Thank you so much to every
single person on that video and the fact that some of
you didn’t even know me, it wasn’t like you are biased or anything. That’s so awesome. Oh my God, what is that? What is that feeling? It’s my self-esteem skyrocketing. That was amazing, thank you
so much to all of the teens and to the Fine Brothers
for giving me the honor of being on your channel. I truly, truly appreciate it. If you want to check out the full video, I’ll put the link in
the description as well. Hope you like this video, if you did, give it a big thumbs up. A very huge announcement,
if you haven’t seen already, I am making a movie and I
have released the teaser for the movie/documentary. It’s called Trip to Unicorn Island. The teaser is right there. Click it, click it now. It’s the biggest project
that I have ever worked on. I’m so passionate about it. Please Team Super, spread the word about that project. Other than that, make sure you subscribe because I make new videos
every Monday and Thursday. I’d love nothing more
than for you to join me. One love, Superwoman, that is a wrap and zoom! ♫ Feeling, hot, hot, hot ♫

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  3. Manjeet:
    In conclusion,from this video I understand, most people likes lilly's videos because if mee!!!
    on the ground dying

  4. Lily,
    I want you to know that I want you to feel happy at all times and I'm pretty sure that everyone who watches your videos knows that
    P.S. I literally laugh in every single one of you videos

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    Teens react to iiSuperwomanii reacting to Teens react to iiSuperwomanii
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