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Illustration & Drawing Tips : How to Draw Pretty Girls

Illustration & Drawing Tips : How to Draw Pretty Girls

Okay folks. In this clip, I’m going to teach
you how to draw pretty girls. Now pretty girls, I’m going to not lie to you, are not the easiest
things to draw. They are quite difficult, to tell you the truth. Why are they so difficult?
That is a very, very good question. We start up here with the head and we’re going to kind
of come down. One reason is the female body is obviously a work of art, which means that
if you’re going to create a work of art, you’d better take your time and you’d better do
it right. We come up here, and we’re going to draw the head first. The trickiest part
will be the face, by far. If you get a face that isn’t remotely attractive to look at,
you might as well just start over. So here, you’ll have the eyes. That’s usually a really
good place to start. And then, one thing you’re not going to want to do is call a lot of attention
to the nose. The nose is not a good area to call attention to when you’re drawing pretty
girls. If you draw attention to someone’s nose, for whatever reason, especially in drawings,
it makes them look not as attractive, for some reason. I’m not exactly sure why. Except
for I think in society today, it’s just kind of understood that, I don’t know, large noses
are not as desirable as smaller ones. It’s an unfair system, but you know I don’t make
the rules. That’s just the way it is. So we’re going to come up here, and we’re going to
draw the hair. I’m going to give her sort of a pulled back ponytail look, like that.
And we’re going to come down, and we’re going to draw her neck. This is where it’s going
to get kind of tricky. You’re going to really want to be paying attention to what you’re
doing. I’m going to draw her in a very feminine pose. The pose is going to be one of the most
important things about drawing a pretty girl. That and proportion, making sure you don’t
exaggerate the wrong areas or understate, I guess, the wrong areas, but basically doing
everything exactly the right way, which is often not easy. I’m drawing the arm in a bit
of a hand on hip sort of pose there. Thumb there, hips we’ll draw in a second. The other
arm, I think I’m just going to kind of bring down and have it hang sort of down this way,
just kind of like that. Now for the sake of this drawing, I’m going to come in here and
give her some tank top situation.
Now we’re going to draw the hips, also a very important part. I think this will actually
end up being sort of an evening gown. One important thing about drawing the legs on
a woman is you want to make sure that they’re clearly, clearly in a, for lack of a better
word, feminine pose. You do not want to make them too big. You do not want to make them
too small. Essentially, you want to make them just right. And that, often times, can be
easier said than done. What I’m doing here is I’m kind of drawing one a little bit more
behind the other. This one is a little behind. This one is more out in front. And this is
just basically your standard pose, which you know works well for many, many different looks
for girls. But I would say it’s a good starting point, especially if you’re kind of creating
this character from scratch. Then I’d come in and draw maybe a bit definition here. I
might be going a little overboard here with some of this sexy girl look. But we’re learning
how to draw pretty girls and in the drawing world, you’re allowed to take some creative
license, I suppose. So yeah, basically, that’s a good place to start. Again, the biggest
key is to make sure you draw everything in the proportions that you want- head, shoulders,
bust line, waist, hips- everything needs to be proportioned. Everything needs to be curvy,
feminine, and yeah, at the end of the day, it should look like a work of art because
the female body is a work of art. So there you go.

45 thoughts on “Illustration & Drawing Tips : How to Draw Pretty Girls”

  1. I mean really are yall retarded this is terrible on so many levels her head featurs body language oh ya and it just sucks…

  2. Your big HAND was in the way. As for your drawing girls this video is much better than your attempt at graffiti.

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  4. the reason why large noses are not seen as attractive is that the nose grows throughout the life, so large noses are a sign of old age.

  5. Take this Advice:
    1. Put your finger on your nose
    2. Hold your breath for 5 seconds
    3. Say the name of your love
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  6. her body is only like 3 and 3/4 heads long…her body needs to be atleast 7 heads long. thats why she looks so weird.

  7. 1. she isn't pretty.
    2. She has thick legs.
    3. you hav ugly voice.
    4. I like emo's 😀
    5. only that vid was awesom

  8. this is not the best drawing try to make it more attractive and real looking…. i know you tried just you should practice more…

  9. TOO FAT

    Btw you went overboard on the sexy after drawing the neck.

    Here do this it might help your drawing skill:

    lift your leg and hug it to your chest. Where is your kneecap in relation to your upper body?

    now look at this picture you drew. Where would her knee be if she did the same?

    You're not a midget are you?

  10. I think you need to switchs hands, Try your right hand maybe it will come out better. I write good with my right hand but draw better with my left.

  11. you guys all know that it's a sketch, and that he is drawing with a pen right? He isn't going to draw detailed hentai or anything, if thats what you wantet to see, so just stop complaining that the girl isn't hot enough and pull your pants on people

  12. Wow, you guys are critical. Okay, so maybe the proportions could be a bit more accurate, and the face a little more pleasant.. But he is drawing in pen and its a sketch. Not a portrait you retards. id like to see you guys draw something like that in 5 minutes. Good luck trying.

  13. If I don't like a girls nose I'm not interested lol that's probably why you don't call a lot of attention to her nose when drawing.

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