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Improving Basketball Skills : Basketball 360 Reverse Layup

Improving Basketball Skills : Basketball 360 Reverse Layup

Hi, I’m Travis Corpening, and here we are
at Carolina Beach Recreation Center, and I’m about teach you one of my favorite, and most
personal moves. It’s called a 360 Reverse Layup. Now, you may not want to try this in
a game, because a lot of coaches may think it’s hot dogging, but it’s gotten me out of
a lot of tough spots. What you want to do, is first of all, you want to take off from
one side of the goal, and if you already know how to do a Reverse Layup, you’ll understand
what I mean. You want to take off from one side of the goal, rushing towards the basket,
dribbling towards the basket, and as you dribble towards the basket, what the purpose of the
move is, when a defensive man comes towards you, and feels like he’s going to stop you,
you take off, as if you’re going into the defensive man, and that is where, while you’re
in the air, that is where you spin your body around. Now, as you spin your body around,
you want to switch the ball to your other hand, reaching to the other side of the basket,
and actually spinning it off the glass, off the square, around the defensive man, so that
you can complete the shot. There you have it, 360 Reverse Layup.

49 thoughts on “Improving Basketball Skills : Basketball 360 Reverse Layup”

  1. this isnt a gudd move ta practice .. theres alot more simplier moves that will get the job done but doesnt require as much athletic ablility

  2. thnx alot man it works but i had to take a few days to do this compleetd but its aaight everyone inmy hood like''s it ,

  3. Now i am gonna go home and practice this move everyday, if i can make a 360 reverse layup, i am totally gonna make it to the NBA

  4. spinning in the air is the hard part bro… we all know how to do it its just actually doing it lol

  5. I feel like I would accidentally turn to far and throw the ball into the crowd of people watching the game

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