Inclusion Cheer Utah – Pay it Forward | Mountain America Credit Union

(marching drum music) We’ve. We’ve. Got. Got. Team Spirit! This Pay It Forward story is something we can all cheer about. They call it Inclusion Cheer. And this cheerleading squad, well, they’re amazing. We pretty much do what any other cheer team does, but, we just modify it to our cheerleaders’ abilities. Chelsea Lopez is a volunteer instructor. She says these cheerleaders have challenges for sure, but, tons of spirit. Yeah, they’re my favorite people in the world, I see something very, very special in them and I just have always wanted to be their friend and… The parents of the special cheer kids could not agree more. Cheering is magical for Lisa’s son, Davis. This has been such a life changing experience for us. The minute we started it was an instant love. He … just totally loves it. Casey loves it, too, especially the dance routines. And learning how to do a dance routine is always so much fun. It makes you feel more happier. They practice once a week and the parents, the cheerleaders, and the instructors do it out of love, donating their time and their support. Inclusion Cheer rocks! Yeah! (cheering) Time to let them meet Tony Rasmussen of Mountain America Credit Union. We have for you 500 dollars from our Pay it Forward program, so that you can keep this great work moving on. Thank you so much. Thank you so much! (cheering)

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