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Incontinence Tip: Boosters for Diaper Efficiency

Incontinence Tip: Boosters for Diaper Efficiency

Welcome back to the channel tonight we have
something different. Its not a review we are just going to talk
more about a subject. For those of you that watch our channel and
deal with incontinence tonight’s topic is boosters. and boosters are a must when you’re dealing with
heavy incontinence because the boosters allow you to get the maximum out of your absorbant diapers. When choosing the booster it is important that it is a flow through type not a pad it’s a more of a what we call a pad but
it’s waterproof on the back has a sticky sheet here to attach it to your under
whatever and it’s more for very light but the important thing is is there’s
there’s no flow through so this would not help you getting the maximum
absorbency out of whatever diaper you’ve chosen for the day so we want to avoid
pads if we’re adding it to a diaper so no rights video is not necessarily about
trying these out we’re not going to test them there’s no standardized review of
boosters this is what we have on hand and we just kind of want to go through
some of the features of each kind these are from tranquility these are the North
Shore boosters here we have rears boosters and over here we have a
briolette boosters a lot of times different companies offer their boosters
in different sizes these are tranquility ‘s okay these are both of Tranquility x’ and
like I believe this is a excel and this might be a small or medium the the size
deals with the length you want anyone to win all the way from the back to all the
way to the front you get the larger one and if you need something just in the
area you needed it then you’d want to get something a
little smaller like this one but what’s important to notice is both of these are
all these that we were talking about tonight are flow-through there’s no
water proof core on the back that allows urine to flow through and into into your
your diaper one unique feature about the North Shore booster is that it has this
peel and stick feature here so what’s nice about this is again it’s a
flow-through but this might be for an active day where you don’t want to worry
about your booster shifting or moving within the diaper there are lots of
different boosters on the market and in different sizes we can make lots and
lots of videos reviewing each one and how much they each hold but I will say
that the reared ones the in control boosters are the thickest less absorbent
ones we’ve used to date here’s along with the everyone’s there’s no wings on
them neither the North Shore’s but what’s nice about this product or what’s
nice about these products is that they fit nicely between the laid gathers so
if you’re going to be using a booster you know it’s important to get your leg
gathers up and unstuck when they come brand-new from the factory they’re
folded so tight that these are kind of glued down so you know make sure these
are up and you can place your booster in between the way gathers that’ll also
help hold it in place throughout the day by using boosters within your diapers
you’re going to increase the confidence of the where you’re going to decrease
the amount of times you have to change in a day and you’re helping to
neutralize odors and to have a more comfortable feel
in the paper this may seem like a very small piece to a large issue but in
reality these boosters are an everyday thing that we use and they’re almost
just as important as your selection of a diaper so this is just going to be a
quick video with tip that we found useful that we’re sharing maybe some of
you haven’t ever heard of or thought about but it’s definitely something you
want to add to reduce usage so thanks for tuning in to our Channel we’ll see
you again real shortly with more tips and reviews of incontinence products
don’t turn off the camera I want to shoot something else real quick okay so
as a caregiver I’ve decided that for the next 72 hours I’m gonna get Kevin to go
green so we have a weekend ahead of us it’s a good time to try this out
we have cloth diapers we have plastic pants and I want to see what kind of
impact that has on our lifestyle with incontinence so some things I’ve thought
about so far is how do the cloth diapers and his skin get along how do the
elastic bands on the plastic pants affect the comfortability and the wear
on his skin as well and then what is the laundry situation like how much will
this impact our lifestyle of having to launder things and make sure they’re
ready for the next time he needs a product so make sure you tune back in so
that you can see what the outcomes are of our 72-hour trial going green you

22 thoughts on “Incontinence Tip: Boosters for Diaper Efficiency”

  1. Hey guys! I'm glad you're back. Good idea. However absorbent a diaper is said to be, it's always good to have a booster pad for more absorbency. 🙂

  2. you would not believe how hard it is to find boosters pads in the UK. , I would be very interested in finding out the results of your cloth experiment. i myself have purchased two but I can't get them to work effectively for me

  3. I've been doing some research and cloth diapers are used with bleach to clean them. Then add baby powder to them when using them but first apply baby oil to the area then powder. Try adding a booster to your cloth diapers when using.

  4. Hi Kevin and Aly…..I to wear washable but only at night, I find that at night it dose not matter what you look like but in the day it can, at night you can have lots of bulk around your waist, and it’s only you and may be your partner/wife that will see you like this, I feel disposable diapers are much better for day time wearing because of much less bulk around your body….

  5. My 20 year old son is incontinent because of significant developmental disabilities. When he voids, he can void an excess of 500ml (16 oz) at one time. Through the years, I have tried a variety of diapers that Medi-cal (Medicaid) will pay for. With most of the brands, he has needed 3 supreme boosters just to prevent puddles (but he would still require a change of clothes). Recently, his DME provider started carrying Presto Supreme briefs with tabs., which work REALLY well. His need for boosters has pretty much diminished. He now only has one or two leaks a week without the boosters. And that is primarily because he was laying on his side and the diapers are the fabric-like kind and the side wings are not very water resistant.

  6. I wore cloth diapers for about a year. We have a heavy duty washer and dryer. They held okay. Cons lots and lots of laundry. Pro's saved a ton of money. Plus the diapers pins come in all kinds of colors. I like Blue and purple. Have a fantastic weekend. Eli

  7. At the moment I use Tena Lady pads in my diapers I just cut two lines with sissors next to the sticky tape and then I stick it in the middle of the diaper and it works, they are easy to get most stores got those pads with 12 in them some times 10, next time im tinking of ordring booster pads when I order diapers but the tena pads works fine the plastic on them just needs to get cut open and for now it's no big problem getting those.

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