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Wee Hoo, Wee hoo, Wee hoo! Hot tip aleeeert! I got a tweet this morning, and it is about noon right now, Hopefully this video will get up to you within the next two hours, We will see what magic your girl can work But I had to film, right now and I never film at this time of day Because I received the hottest tip alive This tip is n Fuego from pay you on six, aka pinky angel on Twitter: “CYBER PLEASE READ! THERES A INFINITE DIAMOND IN THE ROYAL HIGH SWIMMING POOL” what so this is from the new? Update people. So I just I had to read it So it’s the green one in the top right corner in some grass, It only adds one. “I got so many diamonds I keep jumping on it. It’s so helpful.” Alright, we’re definitely gonna go check it out right now Thank you very much pinky angel! And thank you to all of you people who send me hot tips! But we are going to Roblox, people. Okay, So here we are on Roblox going into Royale High and while it loads, gotta get me some sodaaaaaa! (singing of gods) Wooh! here we go, We’re- uh We’re spawning in Spawning in, everybody. Okay, So this is, as you guys can see, the new little lobby area We have to get to the carriage Being driven by Paco and taco and their names are that because I couldn’t think of anything else that rhymed with taco wakil block. Oh Let’s do block o and taco I like that. Okay, so checking it’s in the green in the top, right? Just making sure I know where to go. Do you guys like my new food outfit and I feel like my hair today Maybe I felt like wearing pigtails cuz I’ve been playing too much from Oriole high. Okay. So here we are We’re entering the school. Well, I almost impaled my head on those spikes and as you can see it last episode I updated I got the flying past. So now I can update my fly speed But here we are at the beautiful new pool looks like an Olympic swimming pool. So what grass are they talking about? There is a lot of grass around here large patches of grass up here. There’s some smooth patches There are some little green plants is that I don’t know if the jool but that is it grass to me That looks like a plan. Maybe they were facing a different direction Maybe I just need to search the whole perimeter. There’s grass appear, but they said very specifically a green Jewel, now. I haven’t seen too many green jewels so far on the map So maybe I just don’t know what I’m looking for and looking at all the grass Do you guys see any more grass that I’m missing? All right. Well looking back around going down Let’s just check out. Hello plants. No. Okay, no grass over here. Well, that does look like a jewel, but it’s not grass I get a look one more time for this grass. Whoa, so the secret grotto Nothing in there. Maybe I need to actually go around outside Of the building. Okay, you guys I have been flying around for a hot minute now But this seems to be the only one I could say. Oh my gosh, whoa, whoa Whoa, I was getting some jewels, but now I’m being knocked off because right when I realized This is the glitching jewel. Um, it is now time for PE class Which means that this thing is spinning for the obstacle course So, um, you guys might want to try to come over here when you’re not in the middle of a class That’s gonna knock you literally on your booty every five seconds Ooh, but as I’m moving around look guys, I’m hitting the jewel and it’s not disappearing This is just not gonna go good for your girl. I’m gonna keep getting that top. Whatever you do Do not do this during PE class. What unfortunate look I have. Okay, so we’re just gonna try to keep on cruising everybody Whoa, look at me go okay, so if we can actually Wait for this class to and we still have 30 minutes left Which is you know, it’s kind of a long time Then we can change our outfit drink some soda Maybe if we put on high heels We can get more jewels Maybe it will glitch faster if we put on heels because it makes you walk weird So I feel like maybe this would have an effect on Getting the jewel. What do you guys think? Oh The luck of the heels are jumping over it. So once you know, this class has actually wrapped up I feel like when you’re waiting for a class to end it goes so much slower We can see how long it takes us to get a certain amount of jewels in like a minute five minutes I’m gonna park it here and give you guys all the Details and then after that I’m gonna see if we are the only ones glitching so we failed gym class full. Oh my gosh Look at how many jewels we’re getting out of this. So this is crazy. This is going so fast I guess it kind of depends on where you stand in the jewel. Look at how fast the jewels are going up This is crazy. First of all, I didn’t expect this to work. So well But we’re gonna have to actually sit here. I’m gonna wait until we get to like an even number on my recording timer So let’s say we start it right now Okay, so at six minutes, so we were around mm. Let’s just see what’s going on here and what’s cool is that I’m actually Changing my look right now and it is still glitching completely. This is insane So, I don’t know if this was intentional because I mean it is a pretty well hidden It doesn’t exactly look like a jewel because the jewels upside down So I’m not sure if this is supposed to be happening But I’m excited that it is Whoa, okay So we have gone through it has been just about 30 seconds and we have gained you guys we have gained almost 500 diamonds in that amount of time This is absolutely crazy. So you can easily I feel like you can easily get Almost a thousand diamonds a minute, maybe like 700 to 1000 a minute depending on where you’re standing But we’re gonna give it one more minute Foley just to check in. So here we go. Uh-huh So guys, let’s have a little Q&A since I’m just gonna be standing here You guys want to know my favorite ice cream. I mean, I think it’s mint chocolate chip That’s all what if I see it. I’ll go for it But I’m a big sorbet gal in a minute go slow and you’re doing nothing in this game. Okay So yeah, it’s looking like you’re getting about a thousand. Oh right now I just got a thousand. Oh My gosh, this is crazy we’ve already gotten 2000 gems so for her Literally just by standing here. We’re failing all of our classes, but it’s okay guys cuz we’re gonna be rich all Right. So you guys definitely have been very helpful about sending me tips and tricks and if you guys are interested and would like to Do that and participate in that way in the channel and you know, show me how to get a bunch more jewels Let me know on Twitter on Instagram leave a comment in a video. There are many ways that you can reach out to me So, let me just get you know a big Bold view for you guys. You can see exactly where it is So right when you head to the pool over the bridge the plant on the far, right? I don’t know how long this is gonna be up. I have a feeling that this could disappear very quickly from our lives So definitely I mean get over here while you can I don’t know if this like I said was Intentional it seems a little too good to be true. So call me Bob if you’re watching I mean, no disrespect I’m just sharing a little tip. It happened to work out If you don’t want this in the game well now, you know We have a glitches and to delete it so I’m just gonna see so I went back to the jewel again And it’s not giving me the auto, you know, it’s not letting me automatically get them You know one after the other but I’ve discovered that by dancing on it I can actually still get the glitch. So I’m trying to find let’s see if we can get back in that spot Yeah, so it looks like I had a really amazing spot if you can find that little sweet spot put on some heels Maybe it’ll help you get that Auto glitch going, but this is pretty much amazing. Look at this You could just dance and make money in this game. So again the game duo before it disappears Okay And I wanted to just test it out and see if it was just to me or just certain people having this glitch You know Maybe it’s an item you’re wearing but it looks like it is working for somebody else – who came over and was curious about what I was doing So I just shared the little tip with him to see if it was a glitch or not That was just me and it’s not just me. So awesome. Thank you guys for the tips This is gonna be a short little video, but I hope this helps you make a little bit of money I know this game can be expensive. So here you go. See you later humans Before you go make sure you’re subscribed and turn on the notifications so you don’t miss a single upload click that Bell


  1. OoF πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ i sed teh diamond but dont Even if IMA blind πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    1 like = 1 more infinite diamond

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