Insane Taekwondo stunts in 4K Slow Motion

– Hello. I’m Gav.
– I’m chilly. You look chilly.
Welcome to “Planet Slo Mo.” Today we’re in a very chilly
Seoul, South Korea. I feel like in the past,
Dan, we’ve filmed a lot
of very impressive animals doing very impressive things
in slo-mo. You know what else
is impressive, though? – Go on.
– Humans. – I mean, not us, though.
Specifically not us.
– Humans that aren’t us. – Yeah.
– That’s correct. We’re here to film
the Kukkiwon Taekwondo
Demonstration Team. Taekwondo–
invented in Korea, so by now they’re
pretty good at it. – They’ve had enough time
to get expert on it.
– Yeah, I think so. I’ve seen the clips
of this demonstration team
on YouTube, and it is nuts. The amount of height
they can get–
I can’t wait to see it. I think we should go
and get into the arena, set up the Phantom,
film some crazy stuff. – I’m up for it.
– All right. Let’s go. ( shouting ) So here we are
in the taekwondo arena. There’s some
audience seating and stuff. However, this light
is completely unsuitable
for shooting high-speed. It’s actually very dim
on the Phantom camera, and it flickers like crazy. So we went a little bit
mental with the lights, and we’ve got a bunch of 18Ks. We’ve got all these
Dinos at the back that should look really cool. So why don’t
we bring up the lights? This is a grand total–
it’s going to be a grand total of over 145,000 watts
of light. Like, back in the day,
when you used to have
the incandescent bulbs, you’d be like,
“Oof. Got a 40-watter there.” – Ooh, yeah.
– “Ooh, a 100-watt bulb?
Are you kidding?” – One of these is 18,000 watts.
– I can already feel the heat. It takes awhile
to get up to strength. I think we’re on–
well on the way. Probably get maybe a 2-8,
1,000 frames a second? – Yeah.
– It should be lovely. Gav: Okay, I think we’re ready
to bring out the team, film some kicking
and flying through
the air and that. – Can’t wait.
– All right. Let’s do it. Okay, so we’re at
1,000 frames a second. We can only record
for five seconds, so I think we’ll get
the tail end of it, and this move is going to be
just a bunch of roundhouses. – Okay.
– It should be good. – Sounds good.
– All right, let’s do it. ( shouting ) – Whoa.
– ( shouting ) ( gasps ) I mean, they just
destroyed the equivalent of what’s probably
a kitchen table
with their feet in about five seconds there. – That was kind of scary.
– Look at this. Dan: Flip. Gav: It’s, like, heel–
like, ball. Dan: You see the powder from
the wood just get smashed? Gav: Just sailing off
into the distance. Dan: Absolutely annihilated
that piece of wood
with his heel. Gav: There’s just
splinters everywhere. Dan:
That would really hurt. Gav: I feel like that
would bloody hurt. Dan:
Just smashing… Gav:
Then it hits his hand. He actually kicked
the one from before. Dan: It was still the air
from the previous kick. That’s how quick it is. Yeah, that looks nice
when the wood bursts with the backlight,
that sawdust. I wonder how many trees
they’ve gone through? Gav: And then
big old final kick. Dan: You got to remember,
they’ve just kicked, like, six pieces of wood, and then that one’s higher
than the other guy’s head. A double spin. Gav: Look at the levels
of adjustment there. Bloody epic. Dan:
That is impressive. Have you ever jumped
and kicked three things
before landing? Uh, no,
I’ve mostly kicked one thing, I think,
but never three. – We’re about to learn
how it’s done.
– All right. ( shouting ) ( shouts ) I love the look
to camera there,
as well, afterwards. That was great. Gav: I feel like
you would do that, and you’d hurt the foot. Dan:
Man, that’s so close
to his face. Look at curled
and straight her feet are
as she’s in the air here. Gav: It looks like,
you know when you see in films that people are on wires
just sailing through the air kicking through–
it looks like that. Just walking through the air.
It’s like someone’s swimming. Dan: It is.
It’s like there’s a set
of stairs there. Gav:
Making use of each foot. “I kicked with that leg.
I’ll kick with this now.” Dan:
Oh, one after the other. And the last one,
she’s on her way down. – Gav: Oh!
– Dan: Bang. Gav: Look at that.
Right in front of his face. Dan:
I wonder how many times
they’ve been hit in the face
with that thing. I think it’s time we move on
to some aerial stuff. Wasn’t that aerial?
She was in the air,
kicked three boards. She was in the air,
but she wasn’t in the air. Yeah? All right. Okay. I’m talking humans
taking flight. I’m intrigued.
I’m intrigued. – Yeah. All right.
– ( shouting ) Look at the braced positions. Whoa! Got some air. Wood went, like,
40 feet in the air there. It’s an absolute hazard. They got showered in wood. Yeah, look. You see the
spring-loaded procedure here. Gav: There’s two people
being springboards. He’s being supported
by the guy behind. Dan: I think the second guy
is just to support the bar. Whereas the front person
is doing a power squat – to shove them into the air.
– Gav: Yeah. What an amazing sight. Dan: Got some
serious air there. Gav: Oh! – Dan: That is madness.
– What? Dan: It looks like
they’re in zero G right now. They could be in space. This guy here
looks like an astronaut just in the space station,
just chilling out. Gav:
Look at that. Dan:
Look at all the powder
and the sawdust coming out
from the wood there. Gav:
That is so impressive. That’s like someone’s house
exploded and the roof blew off. Just raining pieces
and people and wood. – Dan: That’s wicked.
– Okay, so this one, – four paddles.
– Yeah? Three on the way up,
and for good measure, – one on the way down.
– Well, that’s just greedy,
for a start. He’s going to get
three in mid-air, and then
get one on the way down? Three up, and then
at the apex, he’s like,
“I need one more.” Just one day he was like,
“I can get four here.
I can do that.” All right.
Looks like they’re ready. ( shouting ) – Dan: Whoa!
– ( shouts ) Flippin-A’. – God.
– GoPro’s still
in one piece. Four pieces of wood
separated by about 12 feet, just smashed in about
less than a second. Gav: So he bashes it
with his hand. Dan: Bang. Gav: That one gets
the left foot. – Dan: Two.
– That one gets the right. Dan: Oh!
That one’s annihilated. He’s in mid-air doing
a weird half-flip twist. And then he’s like, “All right,
I got to hit this now.” Oh, he’s hit the metal
there as well. Gav: That’s got to have
been slightly painful. Dan:
That is savage. I like how he absolutely
started out like, “Ow. But I’m not going to
show any pain here.” All right, this one, Dan,
it’s a backflip with all
the kicks in the world. He’s going to kick
all the way around. That’s 1, 2, 3,
4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Last time it was four,
and I thought that was greedy. – Now this is eight.
– ( shouting ) Yeah, he’s got this. He’ll run up. – Oh, yes!
– ( shouting ) – That was awesome.
– Did you hear it? He nailed it.
It was so satisfying. – It was over in a second.
– Done. – Sounded like a machine gun.
– That was awesome. Gav:
Look at this. One. Dan: He’s putting power
into these kicks as well. Gav: Two.
And the thing is, I can imagine
that would be hard if you actually
had a solid surface. But these are
giving him nothing.
He’s just kicking them. Dan:
You see how his foot stops
just before that board in order to get
the maximum amount of power and rotation
into the kick? Gav:
Kicked the last one. Dan: And he’s got
one more to get. Gav: And he bloody
got it as well. Dan:
Got it as well. Going to try
a very close, very wide, – and very handheld shot.
– Very scary shot. I’m going to jam in here and I’m going to go
track it all the way around and see if I can get it.
It’s ambitious. It’s ambitious.
I feel kind of intimidated being this close to it,
as well. Yeah, might get hit
in the head with a board. – Dan: Yeah.
– We’ll see. All right,
I think we’re good. ( shouting ) ( shouting ) I nearly took one
to the face there. God. – Looks promising.
– Promising, indeed. – Dan: Goodness me.
– That is a mad shot. Dan: You got the flags
in the background. It’s clearly
someone upside-down at least ten feet in the air kicking things eight times
in less than a second. Gav: Look at that
flair at the end. Dan:
Just for extra good measure. That’s what you call
an action shot. – Gav: That was cool.
– It’s awesome. For a finale, we asked them, “How high can you
send someone?” And they’ve come up
with this sort of
multi-stage launch system. This should be
bloody impressive. – ( shouting )
– Multi-stage launch. Ready. – Whoa!
– Aw, flip! And the landing
he nailed, as well. That was insane.
That was so good. That was–
that was so ridiculous. When you think about–
that’s just launched from his legs
off various items there. I wonder what he squats,
because that is some serious
power in his legs there. “Uh, mate,
what are you squatting?” I think he got more
of a powerful kick there
than I’ve seen today. And the piece of wood
almost hit the flags
on the roof. Dan:
Look how far he’s falling. Gav: Look at how far
he’s going there. It seems to be on the chest,
onto the arms. – Dan:
This is the main launch.
– Double push. And then he seems to use
both feet on the next– No, it’s just one foot.
It’s just one foot on each. It’s like he’s going up
what looks to be two flights of stairs
in two steps. Dan:
He gets some serious power
into this kick as well. – Gav: He kicked
that to the moon.
– Shatters it. Gav:
He is at probably roof height
on an English house. Dan: He’d be knocking
out the satellite dish
at this point. Gav: Yeah. Okay, look how far
he’s falling here. That is absolutely insane. Lovely stuff. Well, that’s it.
I feel like we’ve got some really good
footage there, but I’ve never felt
so worthless – in all my life.
– So inadequate. Yeah, just incapable
of what humans can do. How long do you think
it would take you
to get to this point? Do you think if
you trained for 10,000 hours,
you could do that? No, 10,000 hours wouldn’t
get me close to this. Oh. I can do it. To think that earlier
there was a bloke just way up above
where we stood now. They were moving so fast
and covering so much
distance through the air that I was actually
struggling with the refresh
rate on the monitor. It wasn’t keeping up
with them, because I was so tight
on some of them. Madness. Well, hopefully
you loved that footage
as much as we did. Feel free to subscribe
to the Slow Mo Guys, check out other episodes
of “Planet Slow Mo,” and tune in for part two
where Dan will have a go. Yeah. I’ve got this. There’s definitely going to
be a training montage.

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