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Inspirational Athlete Born Without Legs Learns Childhood Idol Is Her Sister

Inspirational Athlete Born Without Legs Learns Childhood Idol Is Her Sister

JEN: It was crazy to find out that your childhood idol is your sister, y’know disbelief because
these things happen in the movies, this is not real life y’know? 00:26
COMM: When Jen Bricker discovered her favourite sports star was in fact her long lost sister,
it was just one more remarkable event in an extraordinary life. 00:35
COMM: The 27-year-old acrobat aerialist and motivational speaker was born without legs
due to what she describes as a non-hereditary birth defect. Given up for adoption at birth
Jen grew up oblivious to the identity of her biological family. 00:51
JEN: My parents told me form as early as I can remember that I was adopted, that my ethnicity
was Romanian. 00:59
COMM: From a young age Jen excelled at sports, particularly gymnastics. 01:03
JEN: My earliest memories were watching gymnastics on TV, probably six years old, maybe five
or six, and I was just drawn to it. 01:13
COMM: And during the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta Jen was transfixed by Dominique Moceanu,
who was wowing crowds with her talent. 01:21
JEN: I saw myself in her, she was small and I was small, she had the features like I did,
I knew she was Romanian, I knew I was Romanian. she had that spunky little personality just
like me so as a child I just related to her. 01:37
COMM: And later in life, Jen made a discovery which was going to rock her world. 01:40
JEN: Right before I turned 16, I asked my mom if there was anything she knew about my
biological family that I didn’t know, so she goes and she gets this big folder full of
just papers, I just vividly remember that and um she says y’know you’re never going
to believe this but your biological last name is Moceanu. And I knew exactly when she said
that it meant that my childhood idol was my sister. 02:08
COMM: After finally being reunited with her long long sisters, Jen discovered that the
similarity didn’t end with gymnastics. 02:14
JEN: Hey! 02:16
JEN: When I first met my sisters it was surreal but natural, we look alike, we sound alike
our mannerisms are the same. 02:25
JEN: My gosh I love your house. DOMINIQUE: Well I can give you a little tour.
JEN: Yeah! 02:28
JEN: When I met my younger sister Christina especially it was like looking in the mirror. 02:32
COMM: Now Dominique, who lives with her own family in Cleveland, Ohio, plays a big art
in Jen’s life. And they regularly make time to catch up with one another. 02:41
JEN: I think she loves the fact that I am a gymnast and an acrobat and an aerialist
and I was in the same field, it adds to the irony of this entire story that we’ve led
these paralleled lives and it just shows how strong our DNA is that we both, we all three
did gymnastics really. 02:59
COMM: During her career Jen has pushed her limits, touring as a performer and acrobat
for the likes of Britney Spears but she’s trying something new and daunting. Dancing. 03:10
COMM: Which she hopes will take her career in a new direction. 03:15
COMM: Today she’s rehearsing a routine with dance partner Derrick. 03:22
JEN: We’ll always talk about Jen overcoming this and overcoming that, and I thought this
is a true challenge. This is truly something to overcome. 03:31
DERRICK: She’s amazing, she’s wonderful to work with, she’s – you look into her eyes
and it’s just bright light, bright energy, it’s been quite the awesome opportunity. 03:50
COMM: Despite being born with what some might see as a disability, Jen and spent her life
showing that nothing is impossible with the right mindset. 03:59
HOLLY: I don’t wanna use any of the cliche words like inspirational motivational, but
she is, she’s crazy, I’ve never seen an attitude like hers on another person, she only looks
at the positive. 04:11
JEN: I’m just here trying to hold on, and I’m trying to really use my gifts and talents
to have a positive impact on others.

99 thoughts on “Inspirational Athlete Born Without Legs Learns Childhood Idol Is Her Sister”

  1. I cant belive how much you sound like an english person even though your enthnicity is Romanian (just like mine) 😉

  2. This is a very nice and really inspirational story. This girl is a very brave heart and beautiful girl

  3. Wow! She is very talented! Anything is possible! You just have to practice and suffer tl accomplish your goal! Like her, she doesnt have legs but she is talented and she doesnt need her legs!

  4. …..your cheerfulness and smile bring so much of positivity !

    and your fitness levels could put many younger to you by ten years or more, to shame.

    genuinely wishing you all the very best in life !

  5. It's so like your mother and father are not a very nice person For creating you like Grubbing And giving you can someone out I have listened to your story and I heard what you said Know that but it's true

  6. Nobody put a thumbs up to this pls.

    It's ok because I was born with arms and legs it's just that I can't hold my hands out straight, but it's cute, very cute my mum says that too. But uh…I got nothing else to say….HAVE A GREAT DAY♡

  7. من اجرمنه الله وياج الله مايعابي ابنادم رادج بطلين مابطلتي ولهسه بعد ارجليج ملصه مابطلتي بتره ونص مره

  8. What a beauty of a woman ! She has a beautiful potencial THAT IS INTERNAL which makes it beautiful and complete on the outside. !

  9. Não posso chama-la a não ser de V.excenlência, porque é linda, inteligente e ainda atleta, que Deus abençoe V.excel. e toda a sua família.

  10. we all are really heartfully appreciate to you….
    Without legs whatever you do like gymnastics nd playing games its a fantastic…. But i have all are conditional stage of my body we didn't get any success

    Now after seeing of this video I eliminate from my mind what I have negative thoughts….
    now today onwards u are my leader

  11. Muy bonita inpiracion y muy bonita ensenanza hay persona que tiene Todo y no valorizan lo que DiOS le dio y veven por la vida que jandose y lamentandose de todo

  12. Como me pregunto yo porque me Quejo de cualquier cosa que me pasa o no estAr conforme con lo Mucho que dios me a dado y veo a esta bella joven tan llena de vida siempre sonriendo y moviendose con esa facilidad sin quejarse de nada entonces me digo me levanto y la aplaudo y no Una sini mil veces

  13. is it wrong for me to want to have sex with her? I mean she looks LEGAL so it's ok….right? not moral perhaps but as far as the law goes she is a woman as far as I can tell and not a minor. anyone else want to hit it?

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