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Intense Choreography w/ Tyce Diorio! Season 14 Ep. 8 Recap #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

Intense Choreography w/ Tyce Diorio! Season 14 Ep. 8 Recap #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

– There are forty ladies in training camp and there are four more cuts to go and the first game is
only five weeks away. All the ladies in training
camp at this point have a good chance of making this team. The difficult part about
making cuts at this point is us starting to get
emotionally and more personally familiar as opposed to just a dancer that used to be a number at auditions. We have a choreographer coming today. You guys can just enjoy
today, enjoy the class, and enjoy the positive vibe
of tonight’s choreographer, Evan Miller from Los Angeles. (crowd cheering) – Hey y’all! Hi. You’re stepping up! To flop down. Ooh! Yes. Do, do, do, do. Boom. Like, really get out to come back in. I take my strong, powerful hip-hop background, and my jazz-funk sassiness, and put some competitive cheerleading face and motions to it. And that’s what creates my style. ♪ Honey it’s freedom tonight ♪ – Kristin is being kinda sloppy. ♪ The storms always,
haven’t I, haven’t I ♪ ♪ Tell me your cover tonight ♪ ♪ Or tell me lies, tell me lies ♪ Lily looks good on this. Mary’s arms are just flailing. ♪ I want you to know that I’m all yours ♪ ♪ You and me run the same course ♪ – Okay, it’s a fight. – We have all 40 ladies here on the table. I have 36 Evan stickers. – Oh, nice. – So that you can pick your team of 36. – Okay. Right away, I would
take Lily with the plié. – [Kelli] Yes. – [Evan] Great. (laughs) – You see her as the best plié in the room which is something where
you look for on resumés. Best pliés. You know how at the end of the dance, they always come with kind
of a triangle formation? – [Blonde Woman] Center dance. – [Evan] Mhmm. – [Kelli] Who’s your center dancer? – Oh man. I would put Gina as center. Her spatial awareness is great. I love it. Maddie, I think Maddie’s great. Just the way she moves her body sometimes. Amy. She was on it from the beginning. I would pick these three. – It’s not going to be easy to decide the point of the triangle. And we have to decide
in a couple of weeks. Tonight’s guest choreographer’s one of the most premier choreographers we’ve ever had in the studio. I’m, like shaking, I’m so excited. He’s danced with Janet Jackson,
Paula Abdul, Ricky Martin. He choreographed “Shake
it Off” with Taylor Swift. He was a lead dancer in
“Fossy” and in “Chicago,” and he’s won a Primetime Emmy, on “So You Think You Can Dance.” So please welcome Tyce Diorio. (crowd cheering) – As a choreographer, I like to capture the energy, the feel, the tone, what the music
is speaking overall. Two, three, and four. Step forward. Present yourself. It’s like the subtleties that communicate the loudest, yeah? I feel like choreography and dance and movement is like communicating in a conversation with someone. Either you wanna stay and listen to the rest of that
conversation or you don’t. ♪ Here we go, c’mon ♪ ♪ They can see us coming
from a mile away ♪ ♪ They wanna see us, wanna be
us, nah we don’t play, yeah ♪ ♪ Getting’ fancy as you see ♪ ♪ We gotta groove, making you move ♪ ♪ Now c’mon get on your feet ♪ ♪ It’s like one, two, what’s the move ♪ ♪ I got two, three, follow me ♪
– She’s great. – [Kelli] Yeah, she’s great. ♪ I got four, five, that’s the vibe ♪ ♪ I like six ♪ ♪ Do it like this ♪ ♪ Get up ♪ ♪ Right now ♪ ♪ Get up ♪ ♪ Right now ♪ ♪ Get up ♪ – There’s so many things to look at while you’re watching movement. The performance aspect of it and then how they pick up choreography, how succinct they are with the movement. Just all those elements. ♪ Do it like this ♪ (dynamic music) ♪ Do it like this ♪ Maddie is incredible. – [Kelli] Oh, we love her style. – Sheena wasn’t so, like, in the pocket with my choreography. And then I saw the pom-poms and she was better. – I think you can see her potential. – Yeah. I’m gonna pass on Lily. Passing on Meredith. Madeleine, I’m gonna pass on as well. These three specifically all have the same issue. They do the movement, but it’s not polished. It’s not understood. It’s all possible for these girls, it’s just that they need to do a little more work, I think. – We have four cuts to make. And we are so out of time. I mean, subtle is beautiful
in concert dancing. And then ours is kind of this fine line between energy and ignite and precision. The real test for you can be and will be, when we hit the turf, to see,
can you do this on the field? Or is the field gonna
minimize your effectiveness? – We’re on your side,
we just, kinda need you to get there a little quicker. – I really feel that
you want me on this team and I feel like, you hold, like, my future in your hands, as silly as that is to say. – I want this for you. I’m not gonna change
what our expectations are to match you no matter
how much I like you. – I understand. – Meredith said something
that really hit me. And she would never know. She said that she feels like we have her future in our hands
and I realize that. I realize the responsibility
of my position. I want to give people opportunities. I don’t wanna take ’em away. Some people will be disappointed. Some people we will make
their dreams come true. Some people will go home crying. You know you’ve gotta
build a team of excellence and part of excellence means elimination.

66 thoughts on “Intense Choreography w/ Tyce Diorio! Season 14 Ep. 8 Recap #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT”

  1. It’s obvious they want her on this team. She must have some connection to these women? Bc she should’ve been cut weeks ago. It weakens their entire brand. Every guest choreographer has said she’s a weak dancer. Le. Sigh.

  2. People need to stop asking why Meredith hasn't been cut yet if she's such a slow learner/has trouble with the choreography.

    Looks come first, then dancing. I said this to someone else in another video, but I've watched this show from the beginning. They've cut dozens of women over the years who were great dancers but didn't have the right "look" for the team and kept more conventionally attractive or modelesque women who weren't the best dancers. Meredith looks like Megan Fox, so they kept her, even though she's nowhere near as strong of a dancer as other women on the team or other women they cut. NFL cheerleading squads aren't cheerleaders — they're dancers. Dancers who wear glorified underwear out on the field. The people in the stands don't care about choreography. They want to see bouncing tits and hair flips.

    So, y'all can quit asking why so-and-so hasn't been cut yet or why so-and-so was cut.

  3. Victoria is killing it. The dancers are all so good this year that when one of the women isn't up to par she really stands out.

  4. Why is Meredith still there? It seems like they are always having to talk to her about something she did wrong. I don’t think they’ve given any other girl this many chances. It’s usually one more shot and you’re out

  5. Why are they so attached to Meredith?

    If it’s about her looks then it’s just not about talent anymore. I get that she is a talented technical dancer, but it is obvious that she is not ready for this team. LET HER GO.

  6. Kelli crying over Meredith saying she holds her future in her hands on last nights episode was too much. Dozens of girls have said those words in her office so why the big deal for Meredith? I’ve watched the series since the very beginning and have never seen anyone struggling as much Meredith and still make the team. And to even think of cutting vets Jaylin and Christina is crazy. Jaylun showed up with awful pink eye for first game last year and took it like a pro and did awesome! And Christina took five years making the team and is a 3 year vet now and certainly deserves her spot over rookies like Meredith. Ugh!!

  7. Those girls really don’t have the right energy for the that second combo. They were too smiley and bland, not nearly enough energy or spunk. That number should’ve been tough and badass, not pretty

  8. Every year they have to have a lame duck that they toot along because of potential that we the audience can’t see. Just cut Meredith already, it would be a favor to her and a giant relief to us.

  9. Does Julia get cut? She is my favorite and there is literally never anything said about her? Then all of a sudden next episode she gets called to the office?

  10. I feel bad Meredith she just doesn’t have the DCC style. She has problems every episode and the coaches are just dragging her on. She should have gone home a long time ago.

  11. If they don't get rid of Meredith I will definitely think that this show is rigged smh 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  12. Meredith should’ve been long gone, a LONG time ago. So many other women deserved to be where she is, or atleast given the amount of chances she’s been given. She’s beautiful, yes, but she cannot pick up choreo. to save her life, and just needs more time to train.

  13. Really? Really?

    How times did we watch them break some girl’s heart and they were just asking for an extra week?

    Like that one girl who tried out 3 times? Or the girl that finally made it to training camp after trying out 5 times? Or the one girl that just 18 and told them how sorry she was to waste their time and hope she can see them in the future?

    Like good for Meredith but honestly, what is it about her? I feel like because she is so pretty that gets to stay.

  14. I wish they would show ALL the girls instead of the same ones. I want to see them all not bits and pieces, ugh!! Who cares if their vets if they are shining show it …

  15. Meredith is a sell point for the show, people keep expecting the cut but it doesn't happen. Underdog tactics, clearly she will not make the team as she's an appalling dancer compared to the others. But she is something that stands of from all the rest cookie cutter blonde, brunette and black haired what'shernames.

  16. Merideth has to have some special relation with the boss’s cuz they keep saying that she’s sloppy and everything but then they keep keeping her in the team she’s nice and pretty and all but I feel like she just doesn’t have it in her

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