[ VO ] Today’s movie is brought to you by Extra. ♪♪ There’s something familiar ’bout it all ♪♪ ♪♪ The pieces are painting quite ♪♪ ♪♪ a picture on the wall ♪♪ ♪♪ We don’t need to know it all to know it’s real ♪♪ ♪♪ We don’t need to see the world ♪♪ ♪♪ to know exactly how we feel ♪♪ ♪♪ All I want you to know ♪♪ ♪♪ the difference you have made ♪♪ ♪♪ Please don’t change ♪♪ ♪♪ Please don’t change ♪♪ ♪♪ Please don’t change ♪♪ ♪♪ Please don’t change ♪♪ [ VO ] Give Extra, Get Extra with
all-new Refreshers Gum. (upbeat music) – [Announcer] It’s close to showtime and the crowd is getting restless as we await this highly anticipated breakthrough performance by Rhyme McAdams. – That’s right. Critics are saying this show will literally make or break the rest of her career. (cheering) (gasping) (soft awkward music) Rhyme McAdams just face planted on the red carpet, folks. – You can’t even walk in heels. Who do you think you are? Break’s over, Rhythm. – Your break is over. (snaps fingers) – Sorry, I must have dozed off. – You’re supposed to be clocked back in and work ready in 30 seconds. Cutting a little close, right? – Right, on it. – And in the future, don’t take breaks in view of the guests. Thanks, Rhythm. (soft mellow music) – I need four Arnold Palmers for the family reunion on one, and a pillow to smother myself with. I swear, if one more
screaming kid runs at me… (child screams) – It could be a lot worse. I mean, Rhyme has to take care of all the dirty towels, remember? Yeah, all right, here. Here, have this virgin colada. – Where does this go? – The bartender accidentally made two. (claps hands)
– Ladies! – Where do you even come from? – You know, I see a lot of chitchatting going on over here and well, it looks like you have a drink that needs to be delivered. Chop chop, off you go. Missed a spot. – You missed a spot. – Like, who actually wears these things? – I just read it for the articles. Thank you! Enjoy your day. – Hello, darlings. Look at your cute little shorts. – They’re khaki and disgusting. – Well, take those
heinous things off then. We’re going shopping. The Crown Lake Ball is in a few days. – We have jobs. – Can’t you just leave early? – Well, if you want to
go, I can cover for you. – Yes. – You really don’t mind. – Hey, my towel folding skills will get us both a promotion. Have fun. – Thanks! – [Effie] After we’re done shopping, my Aunt Camille is taking us out to lunch. She’s like a totally famous writer. Could be a good connection. – [Rhyme] Jeez Effie, I don’t know. I work for a high school newspaper. – [Effie] Everyone gets
their start somewhere. – [Rhyme] Yeah, usually not
by skipping out on work. – Well, shopping sounds way more fun. (giggling) I’ll know the dress when I see it. – But Effie, you just
bought, what, six dresses? – Those are backups. In case I don’t find the one. – Right. You know, you never told me that your aunt worked at Tres Chic. – Oh, sweetie, no no. She runs it. – [Receptionist] Hello, Tres Chic. – Hi, welcome to Tres Chic. I’m Apple, how can I help you? – Hi Apple, I’m Camille’s niece, Effie. We’re here for lunch? – Lunch. I don’t see it here. Things are just a little
hectic here right now. If you wouldn’t mind waiting. – [Camille] Oh, Apple! (groans) The conference call dropped again! – She’ll just be a few moments. Please have a seat. (soft angelic music) – I knew I’d find you. – What you are talking about is a complete rebranding. It would ruin our integrity. – Integrity is irrelevant
if we’re bankrupt. You heard the investors, Camille. They want us to bring in more revenue. – By being more commercial. – Look, I hate it just as much as you do, but we have no choice. (groans) (soft angelic music) – Magnifico, no? – Effie. (speaks in foreign language) I legit have no idea
what you just said but it doesn’t even matter. – The Guillaume Florencio gown. It’s a work of art. – It’s the dress of my dreams. And you are? – Angelo. – Angelo. – [Receptionist] Hello, Tres Chic. – I think I lost my friend Rhyme. – The journalist girl? – Yeah. – We’ve been preparing for a big pitch. I invited her to take a look. Would you like to come? – Hmm? Oh, yeah, okay. (phone ringing) – [Receptionist] Tres Chic,
how may I direct your call? – Angelo, we don’t have time for visitors. – Martinique, this is Rhyme and Effie. Ah, this is the pitch for Tres Chic’s annual fashion show. What do you think? – This is amazing. You are so talented. – You, Rhyme? What do you think? – It’s cool. It’s just not exactly my style. – Clearly. You’re not our target audience. – Sorry, Rhyme. Martinique is, how do you say, stressed. Please, go on. – It’s just not super relatable. Nobody I know wants to
wear six inch stilettos. I like sneakers, flats, more color. – Basic. – And I mean, these models. I don’t know anyone who
actually looks like that. Are these proportions even real? – Effie. What on earth are you doing here? – [Effie] You said I could
come anytime for lunch and– – This is– – The look book for the fashion show. Like you requested. – The material is just so– – Is so… – And yet–
– And yet… – Oh, will you cut it out. Ah! Now this, I simply cannot
take this to Paris. It won’t do. – But Camille, it’s the more pared back direction we discussed. – Neutrals, natural materials. Think Italian countryside meets steampunk. – No. No, no, no, no! None of this will work. The investors are demanding
something a little bit more, I can’t bring myself to say it. – We need a more commercial offering. Something relevant to generation dead. – Why? Why do I even bother employing you two? I’m gonna miss my flight. – Wait, Camille, we have another, more relatable concept. – Oh? – Real people. Brighter colors. I mean, no one wears heels anymore, right? Sneakers are way more popular. – They are? Relatable, real. – It’s what the investors want, Camille. Please, give it a chance. – I’ll be back from
Paris first thing Monday. Have a new draft on my desk by eight a.m. And not too many sneakers. Well done, Martinique. See Magnus, she’s not
totally useless, au revoir. – Wait, Aunt Camille. Can I come with you to Paris? – Oh, Effie. Don’t be ridiculous. I have to stall the investors and you have to attend
the Crown Lake Ball. Ah. I remember those were the days. Apple! Let’s go! – That was totally Rhyme’s idea. – Yeah, you literally took
the words out of my mouth. – Even for you, Martinique, that was pretty low. – Jeez, okay, okay, I’m sorry. – Whatever. Let’s get out of here. If I don’t get back to the club, Forrest is going to freak. – Hey wait, we need your help. – Oh well, now she wants to be friends. – I wouldn’t know real if
it smacked me in the face. Isn’t there anything we can offer? – Rhyme, wait. She’ll help you on one condition. – I will?
– Anything, you name it. – The Guillaume Florencio. (mellow funky music) – 300 likes? – That’s too many shirtless photos. – Trust me, I know. – Ooh ooh ooh! Rhyme, is that Ezra? – Maybe. – Come on, everyone. – Where are we going? – We’re giving these two some space. Besides, I need a refill. ♪ Couple years go by ♪ ♪ Crazy how things change with time ♪ ♪ Thinking maybe I
could change your mind ♪ – Hi, what’s up? How are you? – Really good. I’m just spending time with family. Pretty low key. How’s working in the club? – Awful. But I actually might have
this other opportunity. – Oh yeah? – Yeah, Effie’s aunt actually runs this magazine called Tres Chic and they want me to help out with this big fashion show pitch. – Wow, Rhyme, that’s amazing. – I just don’t think I can do that and also work at the club. – Tres Chic is a pretty
big magazine, right? I mean, sounds like a great opportunity. – Yeah, I guess so. I mean, I just don’t
really think I’m qualified. – Well hey, don’t sell yourself short. You’re capable of anything
you put your mind to. Kinda miss you. – I miss you too. ♪ Can we, can we lock it up ♪ ♪ Yeah, can we lock it up ♪ ♪ Yeah, can we lock it up ♪ ♪ Yeah, can we lock it up ♪ ♪ Yeah, can we lock it up ♪ – So, how’s Ezra? Is he gonna make it home
in time for the ball? – I don’t know. He keeps having to push
back his return flight. – I don’t even know if I can get Hamilton to go with me, with all this attention
he’s been getting lately. – Can we get back to the larger issue? The dress of my dreams. – On the one hand, it would look good on my resume, but on the other, Forrest. – I still can’t believe
you saw the Florencio. I don’t think you really
grasp its significance. The year was 1983. Meryl won her fourth Academy Award. She stepped out of the
limo onto the red carpet, and the style gods smiled upon her. Do it for Meryl, Rhyme! Do it for Meryl! (clapping) – The Academy Award for
best motivational speaker goes to Scott. – Scott… How do you know all that? – Tres Chic, March 2019. Duh. – Okay well, if I ask
Forrest for the weekend off, he’ll fire me and I’ll miss the Ball. – Well, how many people
does it really take to clean dirty towels and fold new ones? I can cover for you. – And we’ll help too. – At least one of us should
have fun this summer. – So, you’ll do it, Rhyme? – I guess. – Okay, now that my
outfit is squared away, what in the world are you gonna wear? (sighs) Not this. Definitely not this. Nope. – Effie, don’t make too much of a mess. (cheerful mellow music) – We’re here. And we brought croissants. (speaks in foreign language) – [Martinique] (groans)
Please, it’s too early. – [Rhyme] Oh, croissant? – I don’t do carbs, obviously. Let’s get to work. (mellow music) – Is this what heaven looks like? – Do you think you can find what you need in here, Rhyme? – Is there anything, I don’t know, more casual?
(scoffs) Well, this could work. – Absolutely not. – Okay, then what would you suggest? – You’re the expert on being relatable. – Might have to do some outsourcing then. – More shopping? You go ahead, Rhyme. I’ll hold down the fort over here. – Martinique? – As if. – Well I’m gonna just
do it on my own then. (upbeat funky music) ♪ I race my feet ♪ ♪ I miss a beat ♪ ♪ Throw my seat ♪ ♪ Don’t care, get off my back ♪ ♪ I make a sound ♪ ♪ I wash down ♪ ♪ Around, so round ♪ ♪ Get off, don’t touch my stack ♪ ♪ Come step outside ♪ ♪ To shoot me high ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I’m about to crack ♪ ♪ One, two, three turn around ♪ ♪ Don’t you watch me now ♪ ♪ Just turn around ♪ ♪ Touch your knees, don’t look ♪ ♪ Just turn around ♪ ♪ Do it now ♪ ♪ Don’t make me count to four ♪ ♪ One, two, three, turn around ♪ ♪ Watch yourself, why
don’t you turn around ♪ ♪ Can’t you see I don’t need you around ♪ ♪ Do it now ♪ ♪ Walk right through that door ♪ (soft mellow music) – Look at this. Hamilton posted another selfie. And look at all these
girls commenting on it. – Well, you’re the one who wanted him to win Mr. Attaway, so. It’s gotten to his head. – Careful what you wish for, I guess. (clears throat)
– Oh my God. – Little anxious, are we? – Sorry, you just snuck up on me a bit. We should get you a bell. – And we should teach you
how to wash your laundry ’cause this shirt stinks. – Yeah, totally. I just, I didn’t–
– Where’s your friend? Rhythm? – I think someone asked her to take fresh towels to the sauna. – All right, well go back to work. (soft mellow music) – I love Italy. And Italians and Italian food. And Italian clothes. And shoes and bags. – I love American girls. They’re just so… So, what’s the word? – Beautiful? Charming. Talented. – Loud, arrogant, ignorant. (speaks in foreign language) – What is that in English? (speaks in foreign language) – Optimistic? – That’s it. – You had me at Balenciaga. – Okay so, all the shoes
and the accessories could be versatile and
completely interchangeable. What do you think? You know, maybe you could
take a break from that, ’cause we have a lot to get through. – For your information, I’m looking for young influencer talent. Connections like that are a
huge asset in this business. – Is that Hamilton? – You mean, Jared Danger? How do you know him? – No no no, I’m pretty
sure that’s Hamilton. He’s from Attaway. – Really. Wow, I guess Jared Danger
is just his stage name. – Can’t even begin to process that. You want to just get back to this? (groans) – I’m sorry, but no. You can’t pair sneakers
with a Damien Woods dress. It’s sacrilege. – All right well, most of
the high schoolers I know don’t want to walk in stiletto heels for eight periods. It’s not a Damien Woods. It’s cute and it’s a
comfortable alternative. – Well, at least the
models will be comfortable when they’re laughed
off the stage next week. – Ease up, I’m working as hard as I can. – Are you kidding? You’re working hard. Try slaving away at this
company for two years. You’ve been here five
minutes and suddenly, I’m supposed to listen to you. – I’m trying to–
– I will not go back to my grandma’s house and
waiting tables in Millwood just because some naive teenager who is completely out of her depth thinks she can walk all over me. – You guys need to chill. We’re all on the same team here and we have a long weekend ahead of us. – Yeah, these look amazing. ♪ We’ve been talking for almost ♪ – They look really good. ♪ Feeling to starting to come down ♪ ♪ Seems like we’ve been
a thing for forever ♪ ♪ Going nowhere so why even bother ♪ ♪ Gotten used to the
tears and the fighting ♪ ♪ Start to wonder if you even like me ♪ ♪ When it’s over I don’t
want to be friends ♪ ♪ Had a good run but this is a dead end ♪ ♪ Right now it feels like
we’re floating in space ♪ ♪ It’s weird we ♪ ♪ Don’t have a label ♪ ♪ We don’t have a name ♪ ♪ And I’m bored ♪ ♪ I don’t think I like you anymore ♪ ♪ I’m sure ♪ ♪ That you ain’t the one I’m looking for ♪ ♪ See, this isn’t anything ♪ ♪ You’re not even dating me ♪ ♪ Bored ♪ ♪ I don’t think I like you ♪ ♪ I don’t think I like you anymore ♪ ♪ We’ve been doing this
dance and I’m tired ♪ ♪ Check the date and I
think we’ve expired ♪ ♪ When it’s over I’ll
miss all the laughter ♪ ♪ It’s too bad we were such a disaster ♪ – Okay, you be the lookout. – Mm-hmm, yep. ♪ Feels like we’re floating in space ♪ ♪ It’s weird we ♪ – Hurry up. – I’m trying. ♪ We don’t have a name ♪ ♪ And I’m bored ♪ (laughing)
♪ I don’t think ♪ ♪ I like you anymore ♪ ♪ I’m sure ♪ ♪ That you ain’t the one I’m looking for ♪ ♪ See, this isn’t anything ♪ ♪ You’re not even dating me ♪ ♪ Bored ♪ ♪ I don’t think I like you ♪ ♪ I don’t think I like you ♪ – (claps) Okay, move it, people. Chop, chop, get it in gear. Get it in gear. Who threw this? ♪ I don’t think I like you anymore ♪ ♪ I’m sure ♪ (soft funky music) – Think I’m gonna step
out and get some air. – That sounds nice. Enjoy. I think I’ll come too. – Wait, wait, wait. – Angelo, wait! (laughs) (clears throat)
(phone ringing) – So, you never told me
you’re from Millwood. – Yeah, it’s not exactly
something I’m super proud of. – Why? It’s part of your story. I mean, what, you’re 22 and
you’ve already come this far. – Not far enough, apparently. – So what do you think? – To be honest, I may have underestimated you. It’s not bad. – Thanks, that means a lot. Coming from you. – I think you should do
the pitch with me tomorrow. – No way, that’s your thing. I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. – It’ll be better with the both of us. Who says Attaway and
Millwood can’t get along? (soft music) – You’ll never believe what I found when I went to clock Rhyme in. We work all summer and don’t
even get to go to the party? – You’re kidding. How could he do that? (slams door)
(screams) – Do what? – How are you everywhere? – Did you want to say something, Ellie? – No. I don’t know. Just… Did you wanna say something? – Good, good. Get back to work maybe. – That is not, that is not… What we talked about, Apple! Usual. Mm-hmm, listen. I am back in my office. We will talk about this later. Yes, I’m glad you agree, goodbye. (sighs) Well, let’s have it. – Oh, now? Right, great, of course. – Effie and… Effie’s little friend. What are you doing here? – While you were away, we invited Effie and Rhyme
to collaborate with us for my, I mean, our vision
for the fashion show. – What do they know about Tres Chic? – Well, that’s the point. It’s fresh and new. This fall line appeals
to normal teenagers. Research shows that by 2020, Gen Z will make up a
third of the population. So, what does Gen Z care about? – We care about social
and environmental causes. So no fur, no leather. – We also know that this generation wants to feel relaxed. They prioritize comfort and function and prefer more spontaneous aesthetic. – Yeah, our mood is inclusivity. Clothes for everyone. – We run the gamete in
turns of price point, and are available in a
wide variety of sizes to accommodate all body types. Our motto. Whoever you are, wherever
you are, do it in style. (whimpering) – Aunt Camille, what’s wrong? – I’m sorry. It’s not you, it’s me. Everything fell apart in Paris. The investors, they, they sold the magazine. – How could they do that? – They ousted me from my post. Disgraced. I’ll never be able to
work in this town again. – What does that mean? – It means that we are all out of a job. Tres Chic is dead. Adios, ciao, arrivederci,
sayonara, bye bye. I’ll have to move home
and learn a new trade. Perhaps as a zookeeper, for I’ve always loved sea lions. – Does this mean I can
still wear the dress? – The Florencio, have you gone mad? It will be sold at auction with the rest of the things that we own when the investors come to town. – I knew this day was gonna come. I did. I just never imagined
it would be like this. Surrounded by… Children. (sobbing) – Everyone is dismissed. Apple, bring Camille a tissue. – Tissue, please. (soft music) – Why can’t you just leave your shirt on? – Hand it over. – I’m sorry, it was an emergency. I’ll put it away right now. – Nope, too late. I’m confiscating it. – Did you write those rules yourself? You can’t take away my phone. This is my personal property. – Addendum four of the
employee rules handbook. Supervisor may confiscate employee’s phone if said device is used during work hours. You can come by and
collect it in my office at the end of your shift.
– But it was… – Hmm? Oh, and tell your friend Rhyme she needs to see me ASAP. – Will do. – I can’t believe we did
all that work for nothing. – [Effie] At least she liked the pitch. – Doesn’t matter, Effie. Angelo and I are out of jobs. Print is dead. We’ll never find another job in this town. – Without a job, my visa’s invalid. – No one feels bad for you, Angelo. You get to fly back to Italy. I’ll have to move back to Millwood with my grandma and her 17 cats. – Oh no, no, no, no. Forrest is onto me. – Take the car. I need to say a proper goodbye. (soft music) Maybe in another lifetime. I’ll never forget you. Don’t make this harder
than it needs to be. (sobbing)
(soft music) – So, where’s your friend, Rhythm? – Rhyme is still in the bathroom. Might be a minute. – Oh, I think I’ll wait. – Oh, good. I like your belt. It’s nice and chic. And also practical. Is that Velcro? Wow, you’re just ready for whatever life has to throw at you. – Always be prepared. I learned that in Boy Scout camp. – I was never a Boy Scout. – Hard to believe. – I like your watch. Is it waterproof? Looks waterproof. Nice and chunky. – Apple! Apple! – I’m sorry, Camille,
I was just on LinkedIn. – Linked what? – You know, looking for a new job. – Looking for a job? Have you lost your mind? – But you said Tres Chic was– – Tres Chic may be over but I’ll still need fresh coffee and
dry cleaning and yeah. – Oh. I see. – No, oh, poor Apple. Thinking that I would abandon you during your time of need? – My time of need? – Now, scurry off. Scurry off, yes, please. Go start taking inventory
of whatever’s left ’cause we don’t wanna have to sell everything at the auction. Go. – Okay.
– Okay. Jared, do you own a shirt? (knocking)
– Forrest. It’s locked. He said I could have my
phone after my shift. – Classic, really, just classic Forrest. It’s like he doesn’t even care that we have places to
be or boyfriends to see. – I have an idea. Stand back. I saw this in a movie once. – [Ellie] It worked. – I know! – Well, go in.
– Okay. Hey, look at this. – Hey, find your phone. – Okay. (ominous music) Oh, got it. Now let’s get outta here. – Careful, careful. Okay, three Damien Woods trench coats from the Fall ’08 show. Two pairs of Robert Darren
stilettos worn by Gisele. And one Guillaume Florencio gown. Famously worn at the 1983 Academy Awards. – Those were the days. – Magnus, I didn’t see you there. – 1983, the year I started
working for Camille. Can you believe it? I’ve been with her ever since. – Wow, that’s like, nine minus six. – Carry the four.
– Carry the four. – Subtract it by, it’s 28. No, 32.
– 38. – [Both] 36! – 36 years. I was not much older than you. I’m really going to miss this place. It’s so hard to say goodbye. – What if you didn’t have to? – [Magnus] Effie? – I’ve got a plan. – Oh, Rhythm. So good to see you. But guess what? I am onto you. No one fools Forrest. You are so fired. Bye! (phone ringing) – Ezra, hey. – Rhyme, hey. Is now a good time? I wasn’t sure if you were still at work. – Oh, I am but it’s whatever. Now’s great. So what’s going on? – So, my dad is divorcing Elena. – Wow, wait, that’s great! That is great, right? I mean, she was so awful to you. – Yeah. I’m definitely happy he finally saw through her facade. – But? – Because my dad’s getting divorced, it kinda screws up all his visa stuff. – What does that mean? – Means I have to stay in England. At least until I finish secondary school. – Oh. – I’m really gonna miss you, Rhyme. – Well yeah, I’m gonna miss you too. – But who knows? Right, I mean, maybe one day. – Maybe one day. You know, I gotta go. – [Ezra] Bye, Rhyme. ♪ ‘Cause when you go ♪ ♪ I don’t know ♪ ♪ How ♪ ♪ I feel ♪ ♪ For you ♪ – I am so excited to never wear a pair of khaki shorts ever again. – Yeah, but at least they’re better than the event uniform
we have to wear tomorrow. We look like penguins. – Rhyme, we need to talk. Wait, what are you doing? – What does it look like I’m doing, Effie? I’m heading back to Attaway. – You can’t leave yet. I was thinking and I’m pretty sure there’s a way to save the magazine. – It’s already been sold. – But they haven’t seen our ideas yet. Magnus and Apple are on board. – You’re not making any sense. – It makes perfect sense. Everyone’s coming to Tres
Chic for the auction tomorrow. But there’s not gonna be an auction. – Then what is there gonna be? – What it was supposed to be. A fashion show. And you’re gonna help me run it. All of you. – Isn’t the Crown Lake Ball tomorrow? – Who cares, Ellie? We weren’t even invited. – Got a point there. – All right, even if
we could pull this off, we have no models. – You said you wanted real people, right? Come on, we don’t have time to waste. ♪ You think that I’m on my own ♪ ♪ But I ain’t dancing alone ♪ – Ready? – Yep!
– Let’s go. ♪ I’m way too grown ♪ ♪ Since you’ve been chilling with them ♪ ♪ See you acting like a clown ♪ ♪ Now you don’t keep it real ♪ ♪ That’s just the way I feel ♪ ♪ ‘Cause girls like me ♪ – Sweetie, I am so happy I’m here. ♪ ‘Cause girls like me ♪ ♪ Don’t wanna be like nobody ♪ ♪ With some homebodies ♪ ♪ Yeah, girls like me ♪ ♪ Ain’t going to your lame parties ♪ ♪ Hollywood talking ♪ ♪ Nothing to miss, don’t care who it is ♪ – Sound check for Harmony. – And Apple. – Hear you loud and
clear, check for Effie. – Go for Quinn. – I don’t hear anything. – It’s on channel four.
– Oh. (clicking) Check for Ellie. – [Effie] Copy that. – Oh that’s so fun, I can hear you. Okay, this is awesome. ♪ Nothing to miss, don’t care who it is ♪ ♪ I’ll be doing me while
you’re trying to get it in ♪ ♪ ‘Cause girls like me ♪ – Okay, break it up, break it up. The Ball’s in T minus
four hours, everybody. Look alive! (grumbling) Who left this? Whoever it is, you’re fired. (beeping) – The eagle has landed. Early. – Well. I hope that you have prepared a eulogy. – Who died? (sobbing) – My career. Oh God, no. – Come on. Let’s get you to the back. It’s okay. – Hi. I don’t know if I’m in the right place. – Yes, finally, a model. You look perfect. Right this way.
– I’m not a model. – The photographer is on the premises. – Goodbye, Italian raw silk. Goodbye, Belgian fur. – Oh my gosh, thank
you so much for coming. – Of course.
– Let me show you where we’re going. – Where are the investors? – Goodbye, Egyptian lace. Please, Apple. Leave me, I need a moment. – But–
– Out! (whimpers) (soft funky music) – Those are the investors. – You need to stall. The investors are here. Anyone have eyes on Camille? – Apple’s on it. Or not. Guys, we have an hour to go. I need a status update. Ellie, Quinn? – Effie, where are we on transportation? – [Effie] There’s been a slight snafu, but I’m right around the corner. – Great, Effie’s almost here. – Hey guys, what’s going on? Nothing, good. Get back to work. Hey, good job on the
meatloaf, it was awful. (soft music) – Camille, are you okay? What are you doing in here? – Hiding. I’m just not ready to see my
entire career sold off yet. – Well, people are starting to arrive. Maybe you should get ready? Wash your face? – I can’t, Rhyme. – I know, it’s okay, just breathe, okay? Good. (sobbing) – I just feel like, I think this is the end of me. – You know, whatever
happens tonight, be proud. Tres Chic was your vision and it’s your grit that you got this far. You can’t let anybody
take that away from you. All right? Let’s go get ready. – Okay. – Meet me out there. (soft funky music) – How’s it going, Effie? – [Effie] Working on it. Had a minor setback. – I don’t know, Ellie. This seems shady. This doesn’t seem like it’s
worth getting fired over. – You’re not getting fired. We’re just standing up
for what we believe in. How much of a setback, Effie? People are getting antsy. – [Effie] Well, I secured a bus. – Great. So, we’re good to go? – [Effie] The only problem is we don’t have anyone who can drive it. – Said you had a driver. – [Effie] I do, but he’s got the measles. Apparently some of his
clients were anti-vax. It’s been really hard. – Effie! – What’s going on?
– Oh my God! Every time, where do you come from? – I am a ginger ninja, okay? Now I want everyone back
to work in 30 seconds, or you’re all fired! Without pay or severance. – What? You can’t do that. – Oh, I know you’ve been
covering for your friend. Not only is it within my right to confiscate your wages, we could press charges. – Ellie, maybe we should go back. – No. You can’t do that. – You want to find out? I said now! – Everybody, wait. This man has been bullying us all summer. We don’t have to take this. – You are making a really
bad mistake, Ellie. – You want to explain what’s happened to all the tip distribution, Forrest? – Go ahead, take it. We have copies. – I’m outta here. Actually. Unless you want us to send this to our friends at the
Crown Lake Chronicle, you’ll be our driver for the night too. Sound good? – [Quinn] Let’s go, everybody. – Where is everyone? – They’re getting antsy out there. We need to start soon. – Guys, they’re coming. We just need to stall a little longer. – We’re already way past when the auction was supposed to start. This plan was terrible. – Can we at least try to
stay a little positive? – We need to start. People are asking questions
and I don’t have answers. – Pull it together, woman! – Okay. – All right, all right, all right. – Camille, are you sure you’re ready? – It’s okay. Thank you for everything, Rhyme. Thank you, Apple. (sighs) Here we go. (audience clapping) Thank you, thank you all, you’re too kind. You know, when I first
started this company, I wanted to make images
for women to aspire to. Every single one of you who has supported me throughout the years. Thank you. – We need to go now. – [Camille] But it is
time for a new chapter. – Here goes nothing. – [Camille] And… – You got this. – I say all of that to say, what? What are you doing? – It’s okay, trust me. (mic whistling) (audience gasping) Hi, everybody. Yes, I do know that this was
supposed to be an auction, but we do have a little
surprise for you guys. – Surprise? – Yes.
– Okay. – Introducing our new summer collection. (audience clapping)
(upbeat poppy music) – What is going on? This is absurd, Magnus. – I had nothing to do with this. Don’t look at me. – This is a waste of our time. – Wait, let’s see how it plays out. It’s gonna be a train wreck anyway. – Hi, thanks for coming. – You were amazing. My baby’s all grown up. – I’m so relieved you guys are here. – VIP backstage access
to a Tres Chic event? I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Don’t be crazy. – You should’ve seen this
girl stand up to Forrest. It was magic. – It’s no big deal. – Can you guys congratulate
yourselves after the fact? We have a show to run. I need help moving racks. You three, come with me. Rhyme, you do accessories. – On it. I need help. (laughing) Oh wait, guys. I almost forgot, here. I got these for us. – [Girls] Awww! (audience clapping)
(upbeat poppy music) ♪ Burning like a sun ♪ ♪ Love you like no other ♪ – Flash? I thought you were in California. – It’s a long story. SUP kinda died again. – Well, we’re happy to have you here. You clean up pretty well. – You’re up. (audience clapping)
(upbeat poppy music) (clears throat) – Forrest. – I’ve had a Tres Chic
magazine subscription since I was in high school. If you had told me you were interning, I would’ve let you do this. – Are you walking? Because this won’t work. Changing area’s over there, go! – Finally, my dream. (audience clapping)
(upbeat poppy music) – Effie, you made it. – Just barely. – Better late than never. They’re loving it out there. – Should we go watch? – Definitely, but first,
you should get dressed. – I am dressed. How? I’m gonna go change. (audience clapping)
(upbeat poppy music) ♪ Just feeling good ♪ – Wow. I don’t know what to say, girls. Look, no matter what happens today, I could not be prouder. – Camille, a word? – Excuse me. – [Rhyme] So, how do you think it’s going? – I can’t tell. They aren’t smiling but
they also aren’t frowning. – Yeah, but there’s a
lot of hand gestures. So I was thinking that was a good sign. – Or a really bad sign. – You have a point. – [Martinique] The suspense is killing me. – It’s killing you? I might get deported back to Milan. – Don’t be dramatic, Angelo. You’re Italian royalty. – Royalty? – You’ll probably get sent back to your parents’ massive
villa on Lake Como. – Oh em gee. Isn’t that where George Clooney lives? – Ah, you know George? He lives next to me. – [Effie] That’s not a good sign. – They said that that was exactly what they’ve been looking for. And they want to give us a
chance to turn things around. They’ve even refunded most of our budget. I think I’m in shock. Rhyme, as long as I am here, you got a job. – Thank you! You know, I just, I don’t think fashion is really my thing. – Are you sure about that? (squeals) Apple, yes, drinks! It is plastic? We’ll talk about this later. I think it’s time to celebrate. Here’s to Tres Chic! (cheering) ♪ Girls like me ♪ ♪ Ain’t going to your lame parties ♪ ♪ Hollywood talking ♪ ♪ ‘Cause girls like me ♪ ♪ Don’t wanna be like nobody ♪ ♪ With some homebodies ♪ ♪ Yeah, girls like me ♪ ♪ Ain’t going to your lame parties ♪ ♪ Hollywood talking ♪ ♪ Nothing to miss, don’t care who it is ♪ ♪ I’ll be doing me while
you’re trying to get it in ♪ ♪ ‘Cause girls like me ♪ ♪ Don’t wanna be like no, no, nobody ♪ ♪ Girls like me ♪ ♪ Hmm ♪

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