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IPL cheerleaders 2019 | Unknown facts

IPL cheerleaders 2019 | Unknown facts

If talk about the most colorful cricket in world cricket, the Indian Premier League, can be considered more than the World Cup. Indian Premier League i.e. IPL started in 2008 and since then the graph of its popularity is becoming very high. Today, IPL is at the peak of its success in the world But if anything has attracted the most attention in the first season of this T-20 league, Then they are dancing and cheering cheerleaders during the match Yes, Cheerleaders who showcased their performance during the match to viewers, have thrilled too much Each of favorite teams has a group of their own cheerleaders, who show their amazing performance during the match You are watching these cheerleaders since first season of the IPL But do you know that when this practice of cheer leaders started, how and where? Maybe a lot of people do not know, but today we tell you that when did this practice begin, how and where? According to the news it was initially seen in the US when it was used during a football match in 1898 at Minnesota University The character of Cheerleaders was played by a man, not a woman in this match You will be surprised to know that by the year 1923, there were only boys in this profession, But when the demand began to increase, women started taking part in it and today 97% cheerleaders are women Most cheerleaders are from America or Britain The biggest reason for women to come in the form of Leach Leaders is that they look good in appearance so that the audience gets attracted The cheerleader of foreign origin earns about 1500 to 2000 pounds i.e. approximately 1 Lakh 80 thousand rupees per month in the IPL Cheerleaders of 6 teams out of 8 teams have been of foreign origin this year,

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