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Is Cheerleading a Sport? | Cheerleading

Is Cheerleading a Sport? | Cheerleading

It’s the age old debate. Is cheerleading a sport? Well, here’s the official answer. Cheerleaders compete, so by general definition,
yes; cheerleading is a sport. But for school teams, it’s a bit more complicated
than that. The Office of Civil Rights determines what’s
a sport, and cheerleading meets all of their physical and competitive requirements, except
for one thing. The primary purpose of a sport must be competition. By this definition, cheerleading isn’t a sport,
simply because the primary purpose of school cheerleading isn’t competition. It’s to support your school athletics. Competition is a bonus, and that’s the reason
why cheerleading isn’t a sport, not because of any physical definition. A new sport has been created; stunt. Derived from traditional cheerleading, stunt’s
primary purpose is competition and stunt teams perform and compete against each other, in
a four quarter format, head to head. You can find out more information about stunt

57 thoughts on “Is Cheerleading a Sport? | Cheerleading”

  1. All star cheerleading IS a sport though becaue its whole purpose is competition. Sideline cheerleading isnt really a sport though.

  2. cheerleading is NOT a sport
    not because it takes practice and execution
    not because they have competition
    not because its competitive
    its because the act of cheering, however choreographed, is to help another sport
    it is not its own independent sport, much like ballet or dancing is not a sport

  3. It's a great sport; to see if you can pick up & bang dumb hot looking chicks, faster than your male friend can

  4. "An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others." – So yeah it is a sport

  5. Supporting our school's team? Oh helllls no, we don't have year round conditioning/practices because my coach loves the football team. She wants to WIN. that's all she cares about.

  6. this is really dumb. I think there are major flaws in 1) the definition of sport and 2) the main purpose of cheerleading. Maybe back when cheerleading first started its main point was to support the team, but just like anything else in the world I think we need to consider the changes of the time. People join the team to compete although all teams do not have to compete. If a person plays on a non-competitive football team is it them not a sport? I think not. This explanation is bogus.

  7. Competitive all star cheerleading isn't just a sport it is the most difficult sport! But I don't think sideline cheerleading is a sport

  8. BULL! excuse my outburst. Cheerleading IS a sport, it always will be, and no matter what u do or say to bring us cheerleaders down, we all no we try our best and put our hearts and souls into what we do, and no matter how hard u try, u will NEVER be able to take that away from us. Case closed…

  9. High school or competitive cheer is a sport! I'm in high school cheer and you best Belive we work out, practic, stunt and above that get the crowd going , just cause we don't compeat doesn't mean we don't train as hard as any other sport!

  10. hey 'sweetheart' allstar cheerleaders do chants for there squads… and also do a lot more but if u r on one maybe yall just dont but most dooo

  11. im a cheerleader and we practice way more than some think we have 2 hour practices we run 3 miles we have to be in shape we do flips all practice and a bonus we have to be tight strong flexible and we have to love it and guess wat im 11 years old and i can already do a layout (and standing) lets c u do that id like to watch

  12. school cheerleading may not be a sport but all-star cheerleading is definitely a sport, it may look easy but we go through a lot of conditioning and stretching exercises so we look perfect at competition, but school cheerleading isn't even half as hard as all-star cheerleading

  13. yes allstar cheerleading is more but really.. my opinion is that yes allstar is VERY competitive but highschool dose have of that stuff as all star cheerleading.

  14. is gymnastics a sport? yes! there's gymnastics in cheerleading!! does cheerleading take hard work and dedication? yes!! when doing cheerleading are you part of a team? yes!! can you get injured from doing cheerleading? yes!! do you exercise in cheerleading? yes!! so there's your answer!! cheerleading IS a sport!! saying "cheerleading isn't a sport" is just like saying "soccer isn't a sport"

  15. correction!! in my school, we have competition season!! btw do u see how many dislikes u have on this vid?! just remove it already!!!! 😛

  16. Maybe there's no competition during fall season, but guess what?! i have a cheer competition today! so um excuse me but competition season does exist. Maybe you should do some research before you start putting facts on the internet that aren't true 😛


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