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Is Sugar Bad for Athletes? | Ask Allen

Is Sugar Bad for Athletes? | Ask Allen

Hi, my name is Dr. Allen Lim. I’m a Sports
Physiologist and the Founder of Skratch Labs and this is Ask Allen! A question I get all the time is ‘why
is sugar so bad for me’, ‘why will it kill me?’, ‘why are people so scared?’, ‘why sugar? Ah?’. Yeah, sugar is probably bad for you especially the way you eat it, which is to like guzzle loads of it down your gullet all day long. That
being said, in the context of physical activity or exercise or sweating your
butt off, sugar can be an incredible performance enhancer and it can be
essential to helping you to fuel your body during activity. Combined with
sodium, it can actually help to move water across the small intestine faster
than water alone. It’s like a big old water bus that is driven by sodium and
glucose moving all that water across the wall. So don’t worry about the wall. We
got sodium, we got sugar, and we’re moving that water across the wall! Sucralose,
aspartame, Splenda, stevia, all this stuff. We use real sugar
because we’re fueling real athletes who actually need sugar for fuel and for
better hydration. We use cane sugar because it’s one part glucose and one
part fructose. By having those two types of sugars we can access two
transporters within the small intestine for faster fuel transport. We don’t need
the artificial stuff because all the artificial stuff does is trick your
brain into thinking that you’re getting something that it actually needs when
you need it, or satisfying some sort of hedonistic urge. But the reality is if
you’re physically active, if you’re working your butt off you need the real
stuff not the fake stuff. Hey, thanks for watching Ask Allen. If you’ve got a question about sports nutrition or hydration that you’re too lazy to Google, leave your question in the comments below, or use #AskAllen on social and I may just google it for you. See you soon.

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