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Is the NFL Exploiting its Cheerleaders? | AJ+

Is the NFL Exploiting its Cheerleaders? | AJ+

100 thoughts on “Is the NFL Exploiting its Cheerleaders? | AJ+”

  1. Include men in cheerleading, are you trying to cause another trump fueled culture war?! Idk if Football holds back America so much, or if it’s just a reflection America’s true nature.

  2. Football is an outlet for our need for sex and violence. If the players are making millions the cheerleaders should be well paid too

  3. Narcissism is a pervasive mental problem-in this world-, not just the USA. This whole segment is sexist on so many levels. These women are complaining about a job that demeans them morally and sexually, and does not compensate them properly, but they want remain in the profession??? Who’s at fault here? These woman are not Planted Tree… take responsibility and Do Something Else. There’s no Art in kicking up ones legs. My opinion.

  4. While it is clear these are horrible jobs, why would one accept the terms, and sign on for such an unfair, and brutal work environment?

  5. These are not children at some nike sweat shops in malaysia, these are grown women that have made a choice to work in these conditions for those wages.

  6. Aside from the harassment, cheerleaders need to suck it up. If you don’t want to be objectified and want better pay, choose a different occupation.

  7. Here's an idea: Don't become a cheerleader. It's a trivial 'profession', it's very career-limited, it pays like shit and they treat you like shit. Use your talent elsewhere like in Dance, Drama or Education. Start your own dance school. Start your own group. Promote yourself. Why work for rubbish employers in the first place?

  8. 🏈: The Quintessential 🇺🇸 Sport… for all the WORST reasons.

    Concussions, racism, misogyny, money discrepencies – and those are just the ones off the top of my head.

  9. The crazy thing is they know what the job requirements before when they applied for the position.. she Broke the rules got fired now she sees a problem with

  10. They all know it's not for pay.Its too show off.No body holds a gun to their heads.Ive always wondered why anyone would work so hard for no pay but it's a personality flaw that's needs attention.

  11. Glad you guys uploaded this video I had no idea that they got treated like this. I thought they were making bank like the players especially if they're putting their bodies out there like that. they could have made more as an adult Entertainer if they decided to then doing that ,not that I think they want to do that .that's outrageous to get paid under minimum wage and then they have to pay for all these things and standards and NFL's not dishing out the money for that ,plus no protection when they're out there ,don't they know there's animals out there .Big old 6-foot 8 over 300 pound linebacker has a bodyguard but these little tiny cheerleaders whoe are practically in underwear are going out there in a crowd full of nasty men that's outrageous!!

  12. Racism & Sexism have historically always gone hand in hand. If it's this bad for White cheerleaders, I wonder what it is like for Black & other women -of-color cheerleaders. From the Black perspective the NFL & all major American sports have always been exploitative towards people of color & women. But, to make that more clear, they have always had issues with Black male players, Black female cheerleaders, & cheerleaders in general. But, I noticed that in some Black social scenes since I was little, African Americans talk about what majority white owned sports do to Black men, but rarely specifically mention the sports' effects regarding African American women.

  13. What's the point of cheerleaders? I get excitement from the game itself, are they just there so we don't turn gay from staring at a bunch of men in tights?!?!!?!? Rah!

  14. Nobody cares! These stupid hoes signed up for this shit and knew what they were getting into…. if not should’ve done your homework and maybe stayed in school

  15. Cheerleaders need to realise they’re a sideshow nobody cares if they exist or not it has no impact on the game or team morale which is why all the fans ACTUALLY turn up to the games not to see some hoe doing the splits

  16. I've never been a sports fan nor have I even paid attention to it, but one thing that I am aware of is exploitation. It is very reassuring to know that we're at a point in American history where gender inequality, discrimination and racism are longer just not being tolerated, but also being exposed and uprooted. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." – Edmund Burke

  17. Unbelievable. For all the crap they endure while getting paid peanuts, how can these women look so great and be so passionate about the sport and job ? They should be praised as super humans ffs!!!

  18. Okay, I'm sorry for thee girls but, you signed the contract. You knew what could happens me you did it anyway. I feel sorry for you but, girl, you aren't blameless. You brought it upon yourself.
    Like legit, you shouldn't sign something you didn't know and you can't say you didn't expect something like this to happen.
    My heart is going out for them tho.

  19. I'm confused, is free will not a thing anymore? Was it not a choice to be a cheerleader? Did she not sign a contract prior about her conduct outside of work before she posed in the see through lingerie on her IG page? Besides, I don't even consider them "cheerleaders" to be honest, it's more like a dance squad. Actual cheerleaders, are trained athletes.

  20. If two people enter into a voluntary contract there is no exploitation. If they don't want to be a cheerleader they can leave.

  21. Get woke go broke….dont sound like there making too much now maybe stop that bitching and start saying only facts and ppl will listen.

  22. When games itself corrupted with cheerleaders….women are used as sexual objects everywhere, but they think its their freedom rather its slavery…..

  23. +AJ+ Do these cheerleaders have any agency? Are they able to leave the job? Are they able to NOT take the job in the first place?

  24. I want to know why a middle eastern government funded channel is talking about America stories. Stop trying to ruin other countries.

  25. You mean the same way as foreign workers of darker complexions are ruthlessly exploited, sexually molested and murdered in by Qatari employers and are generally ignored by the Qatari state?

  26. I used to love cheerleading as a little kid because it was fun exercise (and I was a flyer, which is exhilarating), but I hate how sexual it is when you hit even a high school level. It’s uncomfortable and controlling, and takes focus away from the actual fun of the sport. Throw unethical business practices on there and you have a very bad no fun terrible awful time.

  27. A 5 y/o understands NFL cheerleaders are being used as sex symbols to attract a source of revenue. I’d hope an adult female could understand this before she applies. Perhaps look at photos since we no longer have GW cheering. Your agenda is weak, your logic and reasoning are not present, but your implied intent is noble. It’s kinda like saying, awe shit, they make Soldiers go to war too – OMG unfair! They are sex symbols. Don’t like it, don’t do it.

  28. This is so idiotic, at one point he says “it’s almost like the nfl doesn’t value this woman”. You make it out to seem like all the other American institutions value the people that serve/work for them.

  29. Idk… she’s like.. I get up there, dance around, showing off my body in order to tease thousands of men. And then men make sexual comments towards me and I feel like it’s my fault. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  30. The NFL think they have all the power. They're pathetic. Screw you NFL. Firing her because of a one piece swim suit violated your rules but it's okay to take nude photos of them?? You guys are messed up perverts.

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