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It is Mom’s Turn | CGH Kids Style Mindy’s Hair

It is Mom’s Turn | CGH Kids Style Mindy’s Hair

-Hey, everyone. I’m Bailey. -And I’m Mindy. -And we’re from Cute
Girls Hairstyles. A lot of you guys have
been asking for a video where the CGH kids do
hairstyles on my mom, so today, we decided
to just that. We each picked a unique that
we are going to do on my mom, and it’s going to
show a small part of each one of
our personalities. -Let’s get started. -I’m a little nervous. [MUSIC PLAYING] -I love them guys! I love all the
styles you picked. Now, I want you guys to all
join together and show me a style that represents me. Oh my goodness, you
guys, how did you come up with this hairstyle? I love it! -Well, first off, your
name sounds like Minnie. -[INAUDIBLE] Minnie Mouse. -And Minnie’s
always fashionable, and you always look so cute. -Why thank you. -And now you love polka dots. -You’re cute Mommy. -Thank you, honey. -And you always buy me
mouse ears at Disneyland. -I do. I love Minnie, I have to say. You guys are so smart. I love that we have
all these memories of Disneyland and Minnie Mouse. That’s so great– or me
and my lovely hairstyle. So if you guys want
to see a tutorial on these adorable Minnie Mouse
buns, click the box right here. We were even granted access
to film it in Disneyland. It was so much fun. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Or, you can click the
description box below. We’ll also stick
a link in there. And we will see you guys later. Bye guys! -Bye! -Take that second
half of her hair, twist it around our fingers, go
ahead find our little tunnel.

100 thoughts on “It is Mom’s Turn | CGH Kids Style Mindy’s Hair”

  1. How old are Kamri Brooklyn and Bailey in this?!? They all look so cute!!! You guys are all my fav's

  2. Happy bday Paisley! It’s ur big day! I’m one of ur family’s biggest fans! Have a great and awesome day! It’s all u girl… so rock it! I know you will! -❤️- Peyton

  3. I love how mindie doesn’t put her younger kids names on YouTube until they are old enough to decide themselves if they want to be on YouTube

  4. Cant believe the twins were like 13 in this video! And Kamri!! Omg that voice. So cute

  5. The last digit of the likes is which CGH girl or boy you are
    1. Mindy
    2. Brooklyn
    3. Bailey
    4. Kamri
    5. Rylan
    6. Daxton
    7. Paisley
    8. Shaun
    9. Braidy
    0. Ash

  6. Ok…
    I'm from 2019 y'all and I never watched this video SOOOO…..
    Can I just say Bailey with long hair literally looks like brooklyn

  7. Who else is watching this in 2019 like if so ———————————————->>>>>>>>>>>>>

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