J’ai testé le Karate-Gi Seishin de Jesse Enkamp – Jeudi Karaté #3

I just received from the postal service my new karategi from Seishin International. It is karategi that has been created by karateka blogger Jesse Enkamp. Who is among other things the author of various books and a member of the national kata karate team. Before giving you my thoughts on this karategi, I would like to underline that this is only my personal opinion. It is not by any means an advertising message. I bought this karategi online on their website just like any other Seishin client. I have been hearing about this karategi for a while now and I wanted to get to the bottom of it and to form my own opinion. Not to mention that it was time to buy a new attire. Ordered and received three days later via UPS. It is very quick and the delivery is for free. Awesome ! Personally, since I was 16 I have always had high quality karategis. Kamikaze Europa, Adidas Kumite, Arawaza Onyx and especially over the past few years Shureidos bought directly in Okinawa during my filming there in the birthplace of karate not to mention the Shureido New Wave Mugen that I am particularly fond of. Light, snapping, white, for me it is the cream of the crop. Let’s discover the Seishin Karate-gi. Let’s check out what is inside. As you can see, I have not opened my box yet. OK, there is nothing left there, you never know. This is nice. A small sticker. According to the website, this is a authenticity certificate that confirms that I have indeed bought it on the Seishin website. They only give it to their direct clients and not to resellers. Nice. Let’s open it now. It is well protected and that is a good thing. Here it is, the Seishin Premium Quality, it is written here. You cannot miss it. I find that the cotton is really white. That is great and I hope that it will stay the same after the training sessions. The finishing touches are done with care and are pleasant to the touch. Some small washing recommendations : do it at 30°C iron with an average power and do not put it in a dryer. You already know that you must let your karetegi dry on a hanger as I indicated in my article on how to take care of your karategi. Let’s take a closer look. As you can see on this label, this karategi has the WKF logo, the World Karate Federation, and it has been approved. It means that you can wear this karategi during international, national, league and regional competitions. Nobody is going to tell you that your gear is not approved or that you need to change it, which would force you to go home if you don’t have a spare one. That would be a pity. This is a proof that this karategi is of good quality and that it is recognized by the world federation, which is a very good thing. We find here the laces and let’s take a closer look. They seem of good quality which is very important for me as I do a lot of karate jutsu. Usually when I do karate jutsu, I do not lace them up otherwise I always end up losing some and having to do some sewing afterwards, which is not something I enjoy. The sizes. I don’t need this as I know my size. On their website, they always recommend to take the corresponding size but it can vary a bit depending on the brands. For this one, I am 1,82m tall and thus I took the model suited for 1m85. I like having room to breathe in my keikogi. I don’t like feeling stuck. In your case, it all depends on your morphology. If you are small and robust, you shall take a slightly bigger size. I have a slender frame so I always tend to take the size just above my regular size. As I mentioned before, I like to have enough room to operate. There is a ventilation system, right here under the armpits, and that is a good thing. In the back there is the embroidered Seishin logo. And it is not very heavy. This is a nice karategi, here, by only doing this, can you hear that ? By moving it just like this we can hear it snap. It is very white and not too heavy. Personally, I don’t like heavy karate-gis. I remember the time when I participated to the French team kata championships, yes, I also did that, and I had an Adidas kata. It was hellish, I felt like I had a huge cardboard on my back. I could not stand it. It was horrible. I only wore it during the training sessions and the championships and I don’t think I ever wore it again. That’s how much it bothered me. I like light apparel but also attire that has some style. I have Adidas and Arawaza gear that are combat attire that are nice to do combats but not much else. It has no style and it feels like wearing pajamas. It feels comfortable and it is already something. That is why the ideal compromise between combat and technique is when the tissue is not too thick, loose enough, but it also has a nice shape and a nice cut. That is an excellent mix. It is something I found also in the Kamikaze Mugen New Wave. Sorry, not Kamikaze, but the Shureido Mugen New Wave. I mixed them up. For the pant , there is a small difference compared to others like the Shureido or the Kamikaze. This is a high waist model. Instead of stopping here, it will get all the way to here. I have never had a keikogi cut like this. I don’t know how it will turn out and if I will like it. I will need to try it out to know for sure. We find also loops and unlike for others, we have four of them in this model. It is nice to do a tight knot and why not a surgical knot like a reader of the blog suggested me. We find yet again the label here. Again, behind a high waist cut. As you can see, we can find a small ventilation system in the crotch area with small holes here. The finishing touches are very nice and the edges are doubled with a stronger segment in the center. The quality was promising. This is very promising and on paper, on the website, it was also promising. I have it in my hands, I have all the details and I think that it is going to be a good karate-gi. But it needs to be tested anyway and there is no better way to do it than to put it on and go train in it. After unwrapping it at home, having tested it by myself and with my students, I can attest that this karategi that has been put together by a karateka for karatekas, is really great ! However, I am not a huge fan just yet. Why ? Because I just got it and in order for me to become a BIG FAN it will need to pass the test of time, to stay this good over a period of time and if after a year or two it is still there in similar condition, then I will be a HUGE FAN. At this moment, right now, I am FAN of this Gi. Thank you Jesse-san for this tremendous karategi.

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