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Japanese Dorm Tour | Plus Bonus Footage of Japanese Cheerleaders

Japanese Dorm  Tour | Plus Bonus Footage of Japanese Cheerleaders

What’s goin on guys. Today I thought I’d give you a tour of my dorm so you can see what a dorm looks like here in Japan. But before I do that I thought I’d show you some footage I took back in December at a meet and greet event I went to with some friends. At this event they actually had some acapella group sing?… sing?…. they had an acapela group sing and after that we got to see these cheerleaders perform, So I thought I’d show you What cheerleaders are like here in Japan. I just don’t think it’s fair that our cheerleaders spell things like “Go Team” and their cheerleaders are yelling aggressively and showing off their karate skills. If you already think that’s interesting, check out this guys solo. Alright guys here we are outside the dorm. I thought we’d start form the outside and work our way in. I’m only on the second floor so of course we take the stairs. Cuz we’re not lazy. Of course we have to take our shoes off here. You can see we have a whole bunch of umbrellas even though there’s only seven of us. I’m not sure why that is. Also, we have four different trash cans One for plastic bottles, One for cans, One for other plastics, and then one for burnables. So now we’re in the shared lobby There’s seven of us in total, there were 8 before but one actually moved out. so this is the water heater, we have to turn it on every day whenever we wanna take a shower and then we turn it back off when we’re done. These are our three sinks, Thats me! We each have our own little space here I’m in room 201 We have three showers which is pretty convenient and of course I have to show you guys the toilet. We actually have three toilets There it is in all its glory, the Japanese toilet. Look at all these options we have here. We have a flush option, a stop option, little bit of spray on your booty option, little bit of spray for the girl option, and then, you would think that would be some music that’s what I thought when ever I first got here you could, you know, do your business and listen to some Japanese music but wrong. Check it out. *Running water noises* You can listen to some good ol’ water. So yeah I don’t know whats relaxing about that but I guess it does something for them. We have a little miniature sink here. To wash your hands, for Hand Wash Only Don’t Pee In It. So now we can go check out my room. So now we gotta enter my pin I like to make my pin my social security number. I’m just kidding it was never actually locked. So yeah this is my room. Alright guys, thanks for watching! I hope you liked what you saw. If you did and you wanna see more make sure sure and push that subscribe button.

14 thoughts on “Japanese Dorm Tour | Plus Bonus Footage of Japanese Cheerleaders”

  1. Now those of the kind of cheerleaders I'd like to see on the sideline of an American football game hahaha! Nice video man!

  2. No automation on the water heater!? I'm disappointed Japan. The water sound I can guess it's to help some people pee, anyway it's that a Gunpla box you have next to your desk?

  3. Hmmm, I wonder why the sign on the sink of the Japanese dorm says "Hand Wash Only" in English. Has an English speaker there recently made that mistake?

  4. I just watched all of your videos and I thoroughly enjoyed them! Also noticed a cute Pikachu so that was a nice bonus 😉 When I graduate highschool, I plan on moving to Japan for uni, so I think this channel is a pretty neat concept! Quick question: What do you think your favourite aspect of Japan is? I've never been, but am going for the first time in less than a year's time and CAN'T WAIT! 🙂

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