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Jennifer Calls the Ladies Classless and Petty & Malaysia Leaves! | Basketball Wives

Jennifer Calls the Ladies Classless and Petty & Malaysia Leaves! | Basketball Wives

– Jennifer what went
through your mind when that drink got thrown and
you saw her on the table. – I was thinking that I was at the zoo with a goddamn animal. – (audience murmurs excitedly) – But you don’t know
what that (beep) is like to carry a child and have
that child living inside you for nine months to have somebody like you, a grown ass adult, talking about a child. – So let’s just set the record straight. Did you or did you not
talk about Shaniece? – I have said a million
times that I did not. – [Marc] Okay. Evelyn, do you believe that? – No. – Why not? – Why would she make this up? Why would she make this up? – She knows we wouldn’t sit up here and make up stuff like, for what? – Jen were you shocked
by this Photoshop image? – It was classless and petty, and my thing is like listen, if you didn’t want to come, or you didn’t want to take a photo, you always have the option to stay home. Yes, there were photographers there. Did I put that photo out? No! It serves me no justice! And it just shows like the level of just no respect.
– That’s crazy. – Evelyn you re-tweeted the photo right? Why?
– Mm-hmm. To let the world know
that we’re not friends. – You know what Marc, like this is,
– (mumbles sarcastically) – it’s always something
with me like I can’t – – Jen stop acting
like the (beep) victim. Instead of saying you know what? I (beeped) up, I said
something, I was mad, that was probably low of me. I’d rather you say that
’cause we would probably be friends right now. – Nah I’m straight. (audience gasps) – Shaunie help me understand this. Evelyn threw a drink, Jackie and Malaysia got
into it in the skating ring, they all got to go to Costa Rica. Jen poses for a picture, and she can’t go. – The picture don’t have
nothing to do with me. – It has all to do with
her saying that her (beep) baby father (beep) her best friend. – I can be cordial, I can be a grown woman. We can, I wish her the absolute best, and black excellence and all the above, but over there, I’m just not rocking with her like that.
– There’s just a line – Yeah
– Okay – So that brings me to Malaysia. You and Jennifer have
had some tension as well. Where are y’all at with it? – Nowhere. I feel like a lot of
the things that happened she didn’t take in
consideration how she put me in the middle of things. Everyone knows that I get emotional so Jackie Christie too, know how to keep poking
– Jackie – because they
– will address it when – I don’t care
– when Jackie’s turn comes up so I’ma let you go ahead and speak to her.
– Shh! Up. Lady. Like don’t put me in a situation to make me react a certain way,
then you wanna play victim. – Nobody was playing a victim, I stood right there,
– You was tough on the on the streets too
– so who was playing a victim?
– You did! But you’re playing victim now! Oh my God I almost got killed! The table went up and you pushed me to it. – You should have shut the (beep) up. – You should shut the (beep) up as well. – Okay well sorry you can’t
use your words to fight. – I use my words, and I used the table so I double sorted you. – Yeah when your ass woulda been in jail then it would have been a different story. – Aight well I don’t
know if this will ever be resolved but hopefully somehow, one day, we gonna get some where. Anyway, we’ll be back
with more of the reunion right after this. (audience clapping) – I’m sick of this (bleep). Y’all can have this. – Is she trying to escape? – I don’t know. (suspenseful music) (angry speaking) – [Radio Controller] Marc.
– Come again? – [Radio Controller] Marc,
Malaysia’s in her dressing room and she’s not coming out. – We done hurt Malaysia. – I think so, yeah. – [Radio Controller] We
don’t know what’s going on. – You wanna go eat?

100 thoughts on “Jennifer Calls the Ladies Classless and Petty & Malaysia Leaves! | Basketball Wives”

  1. DEvilyn needs to give it up with the "poor me" act. Evil Lynn is trash and wants an apology from everyone. Shaunie is trash. Lakiesha or Laquanda whatever her name is should NEVA talk bout anyone being violent. Sitting up there talking bout "you pushed me to throw a table." TF!!

  2. Evelyn said OG's toes were longer than a CVS receipt but the receipts OG had on her were the real gag. They were made shut up real quick. When Evelyn asked Kwame if she knew OG was calling Chad Chaddy bear then OG said he was right there with her.. Evelyn sat back in that chair so fast. LMAO. Its like Evelyn took more Ls this one season more than everyone else combined during other seasons of the BBW franchise.

  3. Evelyn: "I make money while I'm sleeping." OG: "On your back. Sometimes, on your knees!" Boy, I fell off my chair…buaahahahaha!

  4. Iโ€™m trying to figure out why weโ€™ve been watching the same issue for two years. Jennifer was insulting Evelyns parenting NOT Evelynโ€™s daughter. Hell, I donโ€™t even like Jenniferโ€™s personality on this show but come on now!!! It doesnโ€™t take a scientist to analyze what she said and what it meant. Smh Iโ€™m so done with this show… I almost didnโ€™t watch this season but I heard talk that it might be the last season. I for sure wonโ€™t be tuning in next season if itโ€™s renewed.

  5. Shaunnie keeps making excuses for Evelyns behavior. THE Colorism issue is real…if Og was to do half of the things ever done by would've been a greater issue.. the reunions sucked..

  6. They chased Malaysia like she was on Maury. Lol ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜‚ shaunie, Evelyn, and Kristen making themselves look bad.

  7. Malaysia knew she was wrong for throwing that table at Jennifer. I guess she walked off the stage because she didn't like the clap back from Jennifer!

  8. I wonder if they hear how hypocritical they sound. Talking about throwing drinks and tables but have the nerve to call OG aggressive lmao

  9. All three of them sitting there like we actually care about anything they are talking about. Malaysia…who knew that you were this feeble. Jennifer gathered you all the way together, had you looking a lil special ed along with that make-up. Evelyn is a nasty, wicked and vile person. She wants to have no compassion for Jenn's mother then bring up her being childless as a dig but all hell broke loose because CeCe called you a BIH! FOH Evilyn!!! Shaunie is a weakling. I wouldn't be suprised if Evilyn did mess with Shaq behind Shaunie back but then again she was probably there kissing on ๐Ÿ˜บ too. ๐Ÿ˜

  10. I respect Jennifer for standing up for herself Iโ€™m proud she came a long way sheโ€™s so classy chocolate beautiful women I know for a fact Jennifer was telling the truth shaunie is fake and a fraud

  11. Malaysia is so fake this season, just a season ago she wasn't fucking with Shaunie like that but in order to get Kristen on the show, she switched teams! That bih is soooo fake and phony! Malaysia got that mad at Jennifer for that tiny piece of nothing that was said to her…girl bye!

  12. They know they were/are wrong for how they treated Jennifer. How she playing the victim cause you got mad throwing tables trying to fight her? How she playing the victim cause you throwing bottles, drinks, running around yelling trying to fight? Chile….

  13. You guys want this show canceled donโ€™t watch next year but of course black people still will thatโ€™s just because they are born fake two face people who donโ€™t walk what they talk period point blank Iโ€™m not saying it Iโ€™m telling you

  14. Shaunie O'Nostrils can always remember what everyone says years ago but when it comes to Evelyn Hoezada she gets amnesia.

  15. Colorism at it. With OG. With Jennifer too. Team OG 100%. Wonโ€™t watch next season. Black ink crew is way better than this show. I did Not believe Shaunie conversation about colorism. Evelyn sending Monkey emojis to OG tells she is a racist and Shaunie defending Evelyn shows she is a racist too. Clearly you can tell that The audience was paid to be against OG.

  16. Shaunie is a full and Evelyn is a bully Malaysia is their puppet they are all FAKE women I don't know why people are watching this ๐Ÿ“บ I used to watch it before but I don't watch it anyway because Shaunie and Malaysia are kissing Evelyn Fake Ass I like Jennifer she's straight even though she's lying most of the time, Jackie is crazy I think that she is going through midlife crisis oops my bad am going through the same thing lol

  17. Malaysia is such a follower .. all of them TAMI WAS THE FIRST TO WALK OFF STAGE NOW THEY ALL DOING IT LIKE IT MEAN SOMETHING ๐Ÿ˜ฉ girl none of yโ€™all about that #Growth ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿพ life like tami … STAWPPPP IT ๐Ÿ™„

  18. Evelyn sheโ€™s not a child no more damn we all know shaunice was out here paying the bills while you was out looking for nba players

  19. Jennifer ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ told truths.. Evelyn had her roll in the house at something in the AM.. while Shanice was cooking / cleaning / simply handling the house..cause her mama was/ is looking for another "Set Of Balls " to live off of

  20. When Evelyn said she makes money while she sleeps and OG said yea on your back and knees sometimes. I could not stop laughing.
    Kristen should've just remained quiet the whole reunion.

  21. I used to like Malaysia but now she's a mean girl! All the mean girls have their little "click". I can't stand them

  22. Evilynโ€™s daughter is almost 30 years old.
    At what age do they become an adult and be able to be spoken about!? Girl bye you just donโ€™t like Jen.

  23. Jennifer is a pathological liar since shes been on the show. She's super messy. Take her and OG out. OG is super RUDE and disrespectful

  24. I love how Jennifer is standing up for herself and letting it be known she is capable of fighting with WORDS !! & a b*** will go to jail if they get out align come on Jenn !!!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

  25. Just effin cancel the shoe please thank you. They talk about always being positive, yet… still hating on Jackie, OG and Cece, this season the others have disappointed me, y'all talk others needing to own up to their words, yet… y'all yourselves can't even own up, like go sit tf down and habe several seats with all tfckn hating already and find something positive to get into and remember KARMA HAS NO EXPIRATION DATE, IF THERE IS ANOTHER SEASON I WILL NOT WATCH, AND TBH I USE TOO LOVE IT THE SHOW, BUT… NOW, NAH, I CAN'T STOMACH IT AT ALL, YOU ALL NEED TO GET AN EFFIN CLUE FRFR SMFH
    ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ 

  26. "Nah, I'm straight.." ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚โœŒ best thing in this vid

    Also "you wanna go eat?" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚โœŒ

  27. Her daughter no longer a child but an d adult. Ev you slow and love how you try to make your behavior look ok. Ev you act like the victim when it came to O.g. what's the difference.

  28. All these PRETEENS acting like when they getting hormones and they first periods lawwwddd just be grown yall womens with kids and ya kids probably act more better then yall … And Malaysia just want somebody to feel sorry for her and tryna talk proper girl quit that bullsh** shaunie shouldn't even be a cast member since she the EP cuz its causing more conflict and i think they do have somethin twas OG this show is ridiculous

  29. The Collectives can't control themselves, first they don't want OG and Tami on the stage with them and now they keep leaving because they can't sit down and contrl their anger whem they are the aggressors.

  30. Jennifer is getting so cold hearted now. She should just say she's sorry about everything and maybe she might have some more friends.. out of the one's she had before. And I like Jen.. โฃ๏ธ

  31. Look at the difference in how the E hoe talks to Jen in comparison to how she communicates with OG.

    E you ainโ€™t about that life sis ๐Ÿ˜

  32. This show just needs to be cancelled periodtt . It losts all its flavour a bunch of women who are ex wives and girlfriends fighting over petty problems, use the platform for something positive .

  33. Supposedly Jennifer said Evelyn's daughter was a latch key kid.What was so horrible about tjat.That is a kid that lets herself in the home until a parent comes home.There are many single parents that sometimes have yo do that. IT IS NOT THAT SERIOUS! Don't throw shade st Jennifer because she has not carried a child. Evelyn has been a bully and say shitty stuff about the other women EVERY Season! Especially when she said ztami looked like a crack head! No sympathy for Evelyn from me.

  34. "U pushed me to it" really Malaysia ??sound like an abuser. you are a grown woman take responsibility for your actions . No matter what anyone has ever said to me i never flipped a table. Those women are classless af.

  35. Malaysia had a horrible acting scene at the skating rink. She knew her cousin (probably her third or fourth) by marriage did start the rumor about her kids. That's why she left. She didn't want to embarrass her "family".

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