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Jennifer Wants a Fresh Start | Basketball Wives

Jennifer Wants a Fresh Start | Basketball Wives

– Hi.
– Hello, hello. Hi, Jen.
– You look pretty! – Oh, my gosh,
you’re gorgeous! – Hi. Nice to meet you.
– Welcome! – Come on in.
– Thank you for having me. I’m really excited to meet
this relationship coach Spicy because I need help
in this department.I’m making some bad
I want to have a healthy,
functional relationship.
I wanna start a family.
I wanna be
potentially dating
the right person instead of a bunch of
ass[bleep]. – So you reached out
looking for what exactly? – I just got out of
a really bad relationship. And I just feel like
I keep getting in all these wrong relationships.
– Okay. – So I need to figure out
what I’m doing wrong. – I’m so happy that
you took the assessment. But I want to go over
these results with you, because I have so many
questions and because there were
some areas of concern. You showed signs
of jealousy in here or experiences in relationships
with jealousy. Is that something
that is pretty recent or past relationships?
I mean– – No. I mean I think
in my marriage– I was married to an athlete. I mean, I think that
right there alone– it’s like I had to
deal with, you know, the whole, like, groupie
and other women. I am definitely not looking
to date another athlete.I never had closure
with Eric.
That’s been a chapter
in my life.
Did it, been there. I feel like these guys
are so young now, too, like they chase some [bleep]
all around. I’m good on that. – Was there something
that has recently happened or that is going on
in your life where your trust
is now at stake? – I’ve been in court
with my ex. – Mm-hmm.
– I’ve been having some issues with some friends,
but… God, it’s just like
don’t wanna start crying, but– – It’s okay.
It’s okay, go ahead. – My mom recently
passed away. – I’m sorry.
– And, um… my parents got divorced. I didn’t see my parents have a healthy relationship
growing up. I do remember my parents like fighting in front of me.
– Mm-hmm. – I absolutely adore
my mother, and so to see her
in that much pain, it really affected me. – It’s unfortunate, because
you’re repeating the same patterns of your mother
and father’s relationship. That decision-making is showing
up in your assessment– your inability
to pay attention when the red flags are there
or the signs are there. – Yeah. You know,
it’s been difficult for me because I kinda feel like I’m kinda in this
by myself. – By “in this,” what do you
mean by in this? What are you in? – The world. I never wanted to end up
like my parents. I didn’t want to be alone.That was one of the reasons
I believe
that I probably stayed
in my marriage a little longer
than what I should have.But I do understand thatI need to make
some better decisions
I can’t dwell on the past. I gotta set the model for doing this [bleep] right. You know, sometimes
I deal with things, um… not in the best way. And I think it’s made me,
like, a little bitter. For a long time,
I was really angry. – Mm. – And I’m trying to get
past that anger, but…
[sniffles] it’s been really hard. – You know, you have to
release other people from your life that may be
holding you down and weighing you down because it’s affecting
your current relationships when it comes to your
friendships and when it comes to
you finding a partner.– Coming up on…

100 thoughts on “Jennifer Wants a Fresh Start | Basketball Wives”

  1. The lier just needs to be dismissed! If all she has said is truth … as SHE SAID, why is a "fresh" start needed?? ijs

  2. Every time I see her now I think about the stinky breath comment and I find my self staring in her mouth. LMAO????

  3. 1) VH1…is it that you just do not want to pay for a credentialed therapist?
    2) Why are they shooting that scene in a backyard with dry a** grass and staged furniture? Flowers would have been a better prop on the end tables than that wine bottle and those wine glasses. Please stop making it so obvious that you're cutting corners with these last minute rental homes.

  4. Jennifer I don’t think any kids needs to smell your breath. Nor does anyone want to deal with your lies n jealousy. Stank breath n jealousy don’t mix

  5. I like how she made herself the victim when the relationship expert brought up the glaring signs of jealousy in Jen's assessment. You know it's about you stalking Tim and not about your ex-husband from a decade ago who was an athlete.

  6. I love Jennifer she just like everyone else we all make bad choices in life no ones perfect. Y’all act like y’all perfect. Stop judging people the wrong way.

  7. You Are Who you’re attracted to…I hate when women try to Blame all of their shitty relationship on the Man!Like trick You’re NOT Perfect????‍♀️Maybe If she had surrounded herself with uplifting QUEENS whom she could feed off of,Instead of the likes of a person like Evelyn Lozada…She would have what she wants by now!Its like the blind leading the blind,She won’t get Anywhere…

  8. I rebuke that spirit of anger in the name of Jesus i pray Amen. The devil knows you want to get past that anger thats why he bring up old stuff that happen or have been said years ago to make it seem so new in your life. Girl don't fall for his tricks. Give it to God and Pay it no mind. See who people act like they so angry with enough to fight then as if all those cali woods not out there when the cameras go off. Smoke and mirror fights

  9. Did she just say she has some issues with some friends ?
    ? Naw sis your friends got some issues with u and for a good reason

  10. I feel like she followed her friends that's why she lost now because she listened to the women in Miami she literally followed everything they did until they turned on her. She was married everyone was single or had a cute boyfriend she had Eric married that man for nothing literally she said on TV they didn't even have sex the wedding night I was shocked.

  11. I love me some Jen, but babydoll after your beautiful mother passing and the trauma of that horrible ex-husband you need therapy. Then when you least expect it he will come…✨?✨

  12. What the h3ll is an aflete… ??? I'll just kick it with a relationship expert instead of a speech specialist… #RichPeople'sProblems ???

  13. Y’all be hating on Jen, but she actually saved Basketball Wives this season. It was going to be a boring season and probably a Jackie vs Evelyn repeat. ?

  14. She needs to change alot about herself, starting with that nasty funky attitude of hers. She's the reason she's having so many issues in her relationship with people whether it be friends, husbands or boyfriends.

  15. Pushing 50.
    No man.
    No career….
    No kids….
    living off of divorce money and her parents….
    Come on Jen….
    It's too late in the game for a "fresh start"….

  16. First you need to work on YOURSELF. Then marry someone because you love them, NOT FOR MONEY OR JUST TO GET ON TELEVISION. My deepest condolences to you and your family during your time of grief.

  17. Jenn talks about wanting to start a family so casually like she’s in her 20s. Ur in ur 40s girl, hurry it up.

  18. I am sorry too hear Jennifer lost her mother, so she has my prayers for that. Truthfully speaking Jennifer keeps up trouble in her own life, so until she realizes that she is creating her own problems, and keep her mouth closed she is going to continue to have unhealthy relationships with people…

  19. IMO what I think happen with Jennifer and Tami is for the first time Tami got "baited or took the bait"…how ever you want to look at it! Remember Jennifer said she told Malaysia the information so she run and do whatever she want with the information b/c her and Evelyn had an issue. So, in other words Jennifer did bring the information to Tami but Tami has not been feeling Jennifer (Messy Mona) and has been at never ending odds Evelyn. So that could have lead to Tami pushing to tell Shaunie…

  20. I’m confused.
    She’s got nice pearly whites.
    Why does her breath stank?
    Must be internal.
    She’s so phony!
    And an habitual lier.
    Just Eww.

  21. Jennifer I'm praying for you, everybody makes mistakes, I pray Jen learns her lesson when it comes to female conversations especially when texting is involved, I don't believe in violence it's awful, I don't care what people say, grown women throwing tables, trying to fight is crazy.. Jen you already apologized, hopefully everyone can move on, these arguments are are similar to trump conversations, it's crazy..

  22. In this case, she ran right back into a circle of bitter ass women. I would have NEVER became friends again with Evelyn after the stunts she pulled all because Jennifer was trying to warn her about a shitty situation that turned out shitty. I like Jennifer but she needs to heal.

  23. Shes right about needing help. She needs to make a public apology about the food stamp comment. Receiving assistance shoulnt label an entire group as ignorant or uneducated which is what she implied.

  24. Jennifer I have come to think that without God, you can't do any better, everything about you is unattractive because of the person you have shown yourself to be inside. And right now, you can only blame yourself in whatever life and relationship you are in. Leave the public view, you are really done in that regard. Your life is uninteresting because you really arent living anything else.

  25. She has to decide that she has the right to be treated right and special by the man in her life. She should also take off at the first sign of anything that puts her off. Sometimes women stay on thinking that sucking up or being nice will make the man love her like she does the man. If a man is mean, if you are the only one calling, if you have to give him money to show your love, take off. Use the cash on yourself and pick up a hobby. The right man will come along Jenny. Be positive and believe you deserved better

  26. She is a beautiful woman but her attitude is nasty. She needs to dig into herself and love herself and quit making dumb decisions.. "Beauty fades personality & wisdom is forever."

  27. She seems to have nice teeth. Maybe she has dry mouth due to medication. Her dentist can recommend a few things for this problem. She can also use an over the counter rinse called biotene it's for dry mouth. Instead of people talking about her, call her to the side and let her know that it's a problem without hurting her feelings. She is a human being. Maybe this is what is keeping her from having a meaningful relationship. ?

  28. Your chest peice pawn horse face is aiming too high. I guess being boring and messy comes from her inherited genes from Mr. ED. #BARNLIFE

  29. For you to keep up so much mess, no wonder you need healing. Until you change your messy ways, you will always be alone. Who are you?

  30. She is so lame,, and flippant,, never true to anyone ,, shady never able to back up her word when she is put on the spot!

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