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Jennifer Williams Can’t Find Her Receipts | Basketball Wives

Jennifer Williams Can’t Find Her Receipts | Basketball Wives

and I just kept hearing,
“Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer.” And I’m like,
“Hold on. “Jennifer is present, so what
the hell are we talking about?” I’m right here.
Like, let’s talk. The fact that we keep going
around in circles about this, like, Tami, you and I talked
about this a year ago. – Yeah, I know.
– And you agreed that you were not
gonna tell Shaunie unless you had proof. – I said I would never say
anything unless there was some validation behind that.
That’s all true.♪ ♪– Now I’m pissed off because
you had a text message with her saying that you sent
me to do something.[dramatic sting]♪ ♪We never had a conversation for
me to go and do anything– – Where did I say I sent you
to do something? – You sent her
that text message. – Jen starts to lie and lie and tell one lie
and then another lie and then another lie pops up. I’m like, do you take
any responsibility for anything? The way your text message read was like you sent me
to do something like I’m a [bleep] peasant.
That’s not it. – No.
– Jennifer, in that same text, you did type, “I told her–”
– To go and– – You didn’t say “send.”
You said, “I told her.” – I’ma pull it out,
since everybody wanna… – Pull it up, please. – Tami is not the only one
with receipts because, listen, boo,
everybody in this groupknows that they have done
some [bleep] too.
So, if everybody wants
to sit around and blame me, I will definitely
bring my phone out.[hip-hop music]♪ ♪[bleep], what is this…? – Right. Tami’s the contender.
She’s like, “I’m ready.” – Damn, she got hers quick. – Jen supposedly
has so many receipts that she was just gonna
open the floodgates and let the mother[bleep]
pour out. Meanwhile, my phone is, like,
present and available, ready to show
the same information that I’ve always had.
And this is how you can really tell
who’s the liar amongst us. – I’m not sure what day it was. You know what day it was? – March 26th.
In that area. – My texts are stopping
at the 27th.[playful music]– It seems to be
a malfunction.
I don’t see no damn receipts,
and all of a sudden, all this evidence that
she’s been talking about, that she can now show everyone,
is gone. – So you can read it.[dramatic hip-hop music]– I agree. – “I told her ass so she
will drop a dime to Shaunie “about her ex and that witch.”
– Okay. – You wanted to expose
Evelyn mad crazy, and it’s–it’s foul that you
tried to use me to do it. – If that was a year ago,
I really don’t remember, but I thought we had
a conversation about you were upset with Evelyn. – Upset with somebody
I don’t know? That’s crazy. Jennifer, we had several
conversations where we were at church,
we were on a mountain, and what was I doing?
Listening. Now you downloaded me
with information that I’d never
in a million years would’ve came back and said
anything that you said, because that’s not how I roll. I keep secrets for [bleep]
everybody in here. – I’m really trying
to keep my cool right now, ’cause I want Malaysia to get
a chance to speak her piece. But at the same time,
I really don’t want anything getting out of hand
in front of my guests. – First off, never had
a problem with this woman, so I’m not gonna put
her family in some [bleep]. – Tami [bleep] brought this
whole [bleep] to the table. – You’re not owning the fact
that you were trying to [bleep] slaughter your friend
a year ago, and you spread all this
[bleep] about her, and what you do
know that’s real is that you told me that
[bleep] was fact. – Tami, you sayin’
you never heard that? – I’ve never heard that
in my entire life, until you said it to me. – And we didn’t have
a conversation about it? – We had a conversation once
you said it, bitch. – Oh, my God.

100 thoughts on “Jennifer Williams Can’t Find Her Receipts | Basketball Wives”

  1. okay non iPhone user but I know numbers
    Tami said 26(of that area)
    Jennifer said hers stops 27
    let me think 1 2 3 4….. 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27

  2. If it was around March 26 and yo text end at 27..I’m jus go leave it right there boo… next wit tha sugar honey ice tea??

  3. Jenn be making a fool of herself in front of public all the damn time you just nevea know with this ho.?????
    Jennifer jennifer jennifer well hello jennifer is here lets talk about it oh word. Ummm you remember what day it was Tami- pulls it up on her phone. Jenn says oh well mines stop after the 27th ?????? well didn't get no clarity out of this paused strutting trashB0Xxxx lmfao

  4. I know what happened ? Jen was scrolling and scrolling and when she asked what date it was, she had the messages right in her face and she saw Tami was right so she told Tami to read it ??

  5. Malaysia needed a storyline at this moment because her and Evelyn did not get along during the time that Jennifer was fueding with Evelyn. Wasnt Evelyn the one calling Malaysia a plus one?

  6. Jennifer- "Tami is not the only one with receipts!" Ten mins later still looking…

    Tami – (Grabs Phone, finds information in 2 seconds!) ROFL I Can't take it…

  7. Malaysia was upset w Evelyn about the Brandi situation since she wanna act like she never had a issue

  8. Lmao Jen brought her phone out…to provide what?????? Her txt coincidentally discontinued THE DAY BEFORE the receipts ahe needed???

  9. If you take away all that they have…makeup, weave and money…its so sad these women fight w what ppl do every day. They should building foundations for young girls and boys towards success now when you put back on the weave and makeup and money.

  10. Y’all remember that video of the man asking Joseline for the marriage license ? that’s what this reminds me of but atleast Joseline laughed when she got caught, Jen just kept going???

  11. Jennifer Williams was everyone's enemy last season she has no real friends in this group like girl leave the show nobody likes you ??

  12. ?????? OMG why it take Jen so long to fine the text message tami got it quick like what the heck omg ? that’s right tami thank you expose her

  13. They love to pick on Jenn but if these same things happened to any other person (Tami, Evelyn, shaunie, Kristen, Malaysia) they would be like "it happens' that's mad whcak ugh

  14. Y'all seem like y'all take turns and bully each other one individual at a time and my goodness y'all all gonna be replaced with BBW of Miami,Houston,etc

  15. Malaysia, l think you so fake and you Jealous, of Jennifer, if I was Jennifer none of y'all wouldn't be my friends, that is why I don't deal with woman I have men for friends . Stop hating on this beautiful woman Malaysia.

  16. Leave Jennifer Malaysia goto e and take care of your kids stop being a big ass bully .Malaysia you are not all that Tami I like you Jerriner is a per so . Malaysia you will be bully one day what go's around will come around plesae leave Jennifer alone

  17. Malaysia Evelyn y'all both don't pick with Jackie or Tami. Yal always picking with Poor Jennifer. Tamil I like I d think Jennifer learning Evelyn and that dam Malaysia is two crazy bullys

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