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Jennifer Williams Forgot to Bring Receipts | Basketball Wives

Jennifer Williams Forgot to Bring Receipts | Basketball Wives

– This is a cute little spot.
– It is. – So, Ev,
Jackie’s event was lit. What happened to you?
– Was it? Was it good? [laughter] – You know, I didn’t go
to the PSA party because Leo had just came back in town, and, you know, Leo’s always gonna be
my first priority. I don’t give a [bleep]
what PSA was going on. Like, I’m gonna spend
some time with my son. “Lit,” as in it was good,
or what? – Drama. – Yeah.
– No. What happened? – In the beginning,
it started off nice. – Yeah, it was fine. Everybody’s having
their cocktails. – And then a black cloud
walked in the room. – Who was the black cloud? – Tami?
– Your friend. No.
Jennifer walked in. – What did she do?
– She didn’t speak to anyone. – We’re here,
and she went and stood where that plant is
over there. [tense music] Then I guess Kristen is
asking all these questions, and at some point,
we’re just like, “Ask Jen. She’s right there.” So she turns. The circle kinda opens. And all hell breaks loose.
– Jen goes, “Well, I have the receipts.” The receipts never manifested. Pull it up, please. – Do you know what day it was?
– March 26. – My text says
stopping at the 27th. – And I was like, “Yeah, yeah. Okay, sure.” Jen, you was so worried about
bringing pepper spray. You forgot to bring
your receipts. How come you didn’t
screenshot them? How come you didn’t,
like, print them out? Why were you not prepared? I don’t know what happened, but I guess Jen said
something to piss Tami off, – I think
Jen called
Tami a bitch. – Yes.
– I’m really surprised, honestly, that she even went, because it’s, like,
there’s tension with you, there’s tension with you
obviously between them. Like, I feel like… – Well, she came in
prepared, though. She had, uh,
pepper spray in her purse. [laughter] – I do think that Jennifer
maybe would have pepper spray in her–for sure. ’Cause we’re talking about
[bleep] Tami Roman, who is evil as [bleep]. We don’t know what
she’s capable of. – It was a [bleep] show. Jennifer’s got this
Billy Badass thing going now. – She–she has told me
several times that she always connects this
to the past and her mom. You know, she didn’t really
speak up for herself before. And when she realized that
she was gonna pretty much be on this planet by herself ’cause she doesn’t have a mom, she just feels like she needs
to protect herself because– – But that’s not
protecting yourself. That’s putting yourself
in more [bleep], and you shouldn’t be
trying to, like, plot on people and
try to bring people down. – Or how about you
develop some friendships since she doesn’t have
any friends. Then maybe you should
work on being a better person ’cause why are you
affording something and don’t have any friends

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  1. Malaysia makes me sick,sorry,she is petty and full of herself. shaunie is a real woman.Brandy,psst!work on ur self confidence.

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