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Jenny Dell’s Prom promise

Jenny Dell’s Prom promise

Teen goes to prom with Red Sox star’s girlfriend Ahh its that time of the season… shinny
dresses, ill fitting tuxedos and awkward dancing in front of your peers!!! That’s right it’s
Prom Time. Get that room at the Motel 6 because it’s time for the after party!
Intro You know what a woman likes in a man? We like
confidence! And 16 year old Cameron Stuart is full of it! Confidence, I mean! This young
lad from ROCKLAND, Mass. didn’t just ask the most popular
girl at his high school to go to prom. No, no, no, he loaded up his charm chamber and
took a shot at asking New England Sports Network Anchor Jenny Dell.
Damn boy she’s hot! Even I wouldn’t have the cojones to ask her out!
But for the record…I’d do her. In October Cameron Stuart launched a twitter
campaign to woo the beautiful news anchor and his efforts paid off:
“I thought it was fantastic,” Dell said about Cameron’s Twitter invitation. “When you see
someone that puts that much time and effort into something, you have to take the time
and give him the benefit of the doubt.” Side note to all of you think it’s that easy
just to ask a celebrity out to a prom. Cameron asked permission from Dell’s boyfriend Red
Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks before they made prom plans!
Wow… confident and courteous!? And they say the youth of today are lost.
Tell me what you think Boredombreakers… would you have the guts to ask a celebrity
out over social media? And if you did which celebrity would it be? Fyi my twitter is “@Lauren_Ellen_”
You know the routine. Hit that little like button right there and don’t forget to subscribe
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