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“JETS” Fukui Commercial High School Cheerleader Club Performance, April 23rd, 2017

“JETS” Fukui Commercial High School Cheerleader Club Performance, April 23rd,  2017

Hello, everyone! Hello! We are the cheerleader club “JETS” of Fukui Commercial High School. We were very grateful to achieve our fifth consecutive victory at the NDA National Championship last month. We really appreciated that many people supported and cheered for us. Thank you so much for all your support. Thank you! The JETS club members star in the movie, “Cheer and Dance.” JETS was started in 2006 by students without any dancing experience. The movie documents the real story of how the original JETS members won the NDA National Championship in the USA in 2009, only 3 years after the club was founded. Many people have said that they were inspired by the story. Have you already seen the movie? Thank you. If there is anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, please go see it. Even though half of us are still dancing novices, we’ve won the first prize seven times. It is our dream to not only to win at All Japan Cheer Dance Championship and NDA National Championship, but also to promote our hometown Fukui as a town of cheer dance. One day, we hope visitors from all over Japan come to see the cheer dance in our hometown of Fukui Prefecture. come to see the cheer dance in our hometown of Fukui Prefecture. Please support us! Ok, now, we would like to move onto the performance part. It is the Pom-pom dance performance of our juniors. Please enjoy the sharp movements of the pom-poms during their energetic dance. Here they are. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight
and one. Let’s go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go, JETS! Thank you! Cheer dance is a competitive sport that we try very hard to win the first prize for at the NDA National Championship every year. Unlike “cheerleading,”which requires acrobatic movements, “cheer dance” is a competitive sport in which participants cheer others with only dance movements. Since JETS starred in the movie “Cheer and Dance”, we hope that the charms of cheer dance will be spread throughout Japan more and more. Next piece is the dance which has been choreographed with a song used in the movie. The dance has been gradually spread throughout Japan. Former “Wings” members, who have since joined JETS, will teach you the dance today. Please enjoy it with us. Ok, let’s get started. First, you will wave your hands from left to right. Left, right, left and right. Next, roll your hands. Roll your hands and shake your hands when you reach the top. That’s it. We are going to repeat this one more time. Let’s go. Left, right, left and right. Rolling your hands and shake them. That’s it. After you finish this, put your arms down bending your upper body. Put your left hand out and your right hand up. We call this pause “L”. After the “L”, put your hands on your head and move it from left. Left, right, left and right. And then move your hands from right to left while shaking your hands. Shake your hands. Let’s go to the other side. Shake them. And then, put your hands back onto your head and the repeat the movements. Left, right, left and right. Shake your hands. Shake them. Shake them. Great! After shaking your hands, put your left hand out and shake it. Good job! Let’s all dance together now. The movements we just showed you are for the chorus part. I will give you a sign, then please dance. Thank you! Now, we are going to show you the piece we did at the NDA National Championship this year. Half of our members danced this piece at the NDA National Championship graduated from the high school already, so we made some changes. The best part of cheer dance is that people can enjoy several different kinds of dances. For this piece that you are going to see now, it starts with Jazz dance and it changes into hip hop, and then a pom-pom dance. The formations in the routine change too, so please enjoy that as well. Here they are. Five,six, seven and eight and one. Go JETS! Thank you. The conventions of the 73rd National Sports Festival will be held in Fukui. We are very excited to have it in Fukui. Although we are promoting Fukui through our movie “Cheer and Dance,” we hope the natural charms of Fukui will be recognized more by having the national athletic meeting there. Now, we are going to introduce the dance for the national athletic meeting. If any of you know the dance, please dance with us even from where you are seated. Let’s get started! Go! Go! As it is shown in the movie, JETS won the first prize only three years after the team was started. After the first victory, we won the first prize at the NDA National Championship six more times. We kept making our dreams come true, one after another. As our team name says, we have done so many things at a fast pace – like a JET! Beside dancing, we are learning many other things that are more important than just dancing. We are learning the power of smile, believing in ourselves, believing in our friends and the key to the growth is to be honest to ourselves and others. We are also learning that the feelings of gratitude become strong energy, dreams do come true if we don’t give up. Our dreams will keep growing limitlessly. We would like to keep having the feelings of gratitude to people who always support us, and we’ll keep dancing. With our last piece, we would like to cheer you from the bottom of our heart. Let’s start! Thank you! Thank you! JETS has achieved five consecutive victories at the NDA National Championships. As mentioned earlier, they have a dream to make Fukui a town of cheer dance. They have notebooks called the “Dream Notebooks.” They use this notebook to write things to inspire them to make their dreams come true. I am sure they will make their dreams come true. Let’s all support them! Thank you, everyone.

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  1. I have watch the movie of JETS so many times and I can't help but to watch it. Your story motivate me!💖💖
    Lets go, JETS!!!!!!!! wohh ohhhh!!!!

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