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Joel Kim Booster Talks Being Single, Waiters With Neck Tattoos

Joel Kim Booster Talks Being Single, Waiters With Neck Tattoos

this shirt as a prank on myself Here I
am I am here I’m so glad to be here tonight with you guys I’m celebrating a
very special anniversary tonight it has been eight years since a man told me he
loved me so here we are we made it together so thankful to still be here
yeah the last man who told me he loved me did it after we split a bottle of
nyquil and watched Passion of the Christ so pretty high bar set there real
classic rom-com moment you’ve seen in a lot of films I’m sure it’s tough I’m so
lonely I was listening this week to the Dixie Chicks live album and somebody on
one of those records yelled out I love you and without even a second thought I
was like oh my God thank you so much I am NOT ready to say it back but feels
good to hear trying to get out there more I’m trying to hit the clubs you
know meet another person to fall in love with me I always bring a wingman with me
you know I have a very good wingman that I take with me out we have a special
code that we use to communicate so we can talk about the guys that where we’re
communicating with at the club and that they won’t know that we’re talking about
them and you guys you can steal this code if you want when we’re talking in
front of the guy we just ask what do you think of the new Beyonce album you know
and the answer sort of dictates that like oh I like the new Beyonce album a
lot I’m gonna go request a song right now or I did not like the new Beyonce
album we have to leave we must go but the problem is is like
the drunker we get the more obvious that code becomes you know like they’ll ask
me about the guy and it’ll be like what do you think of the new Beyonce album
well I like the new Beyonce album but before you make any decisions you should
see it in fluorescent lights because I saw the new Beyonce album in the men’s
room and it’s rough it’s rough you know like I love the new Beyonce album but it
does think Barack Obama is a Muslim you know so be careful of that like I really
like the new Beyonce album but it is clearly 10 years older than it told you
it was you know I went home with them anyways though cuz I like an old guy I
do I like an old gay I’m an all-ages I don’t discriminate based on age I’m like
a good Pixar movie you know the outside is for kids but there are layers for
adults you know something for the grown-ups in here too you know I went
home with an old gay recently and the great thing about them is they have so
much cooler in their apartment you know like this guy he was giving me a tour of
his apartment he was like this is my living room and I was like a whole room
for living oh my god it was like this is my office and I was like what’s that he
was like this is my macbook and I was like you’re rich what’s going on and we
got to the end of the tour and he was like and this is my 16 year old son
Christian’s room there’s like oh that’s a twist I haven’t been here before and
at first I was like taken aback by this I was like I’m not sure if I’m ready to
be a dad you know can I be a stepmom you know but then I thought about it a
little harder and I realize like dating a guy with a 16 year old son
that’s just like owning an iPhone you guys you know you just got to wait
around two years and then you get an upgrade you know I’m disgusting
that’s why I’m single this is why you might have noticed by now I do have a
little wrist tattoo because I am an artist okay
made some mistakes I think our generation has gotten a little weird
about our tattoos though I think we’re all too ashamed to of them like every
time I meet someone with a tattoo they’re always just like oh this is just
my dead mom’s face I hate it oh good so I regret it every day you know like it’s
like No Oh your tattoos just won’t be about it like I was at lunch the other
day and my waiter had a giant neck tattoo that just said Julia in cursive
you know and I was like all right turn it down but I wanted to know why so I
just asked him I was like who’s Julia and he was like Julia’s my ex-girlfriend
but thanks for asking and I was like oh no no no this isn’t my fault no oh you
think this is my fault no it’s your I’m easy mistake and you see when you broke
up with Julia you broke up with v-necks – okay so wrap a scarf around it and
give me another glass of Rose eh okay I don’t have time I do not have time thank
you oh what a guy Streetman they just they
do not have any chill they really don’t you guys get
frustrated very easily I find you get scared very easy I did a show recently
and after my set I walked into the men’s room and there was a man at the urinal
who looked at me and then started peeing away from me and I was like well now I
got to see it I didn’t care before but now I have to have it because it’s
obviously your treasure okay like why else would you hide it turn around show
me that Tetris piece alright give it to me alright I’m joking booster you guys
have been great thank you so much

100 thoughts on “Joel Kim Booster Talks Being Single, Waiters With Neck Tattoos”

  1. I hate when ppl are like that tattoo guy. But the “You broke up with V-necks!” Like has me rollin

  2. He’s done these jokes before but I like his delivery and energy. Once he gets some new material. He’ll be unstoppable

  3. That shirt was seriosly distracting, it's the first time I paid so little attention to his face.

  4. I got a pride support add before the video, thats what I call beautifully perfect timing 😂🙏

  5. Love this guys sense of humor but i have to say i cannot WAIT until this “hairstyle” is over and done with.

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