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John Luke and Mary Kate Robertson Q&A

John Luke and Mary Kate Robertson Q&A

>>PERRY: Well, what’s up NewSpring? I got
to tell you all, I love my t-shirt. I really do. How many of you are going to the Gauntlet?
You’re signed up. Everybody in the room. How many of you are adult volunteers? You’re going
as … Now keep your hands up for a second because every campus, I want you to know,
you are my heroes. Because what you’re getting ready to do is, you’re sacrificing a week.
For the people that have their hands up, by the way, you can put them down. Don’t ask
them when they get back, “Did you enjoy your vacation?” Because it’s not a vacation. They’re
going to work but what you’re doing is you’re not simply working a week.
You’re investing in the next generation and it’s going to make a difference, a year, 5,
10, 20 years. I want to thank you. Some of you might be wondering where you get this
shirt. I actually don’t know. I got back from vacation yesterday and it was at my house.
There was a not and it said wear this tomorrow. I’m like, “This is awesome. I don’t even
have to pick out my clothes anymore.” I love this. I think it’s cool. I’m really,
really excited about Gauntlet. Also to let you all know, we had our first house campus
meeting today in Northeast Columbia and 50 people showed up.
Today, just in our house campuses across the state, we almost had 500 people, collectively,
meeting in houses. That’s awesome. Several years ago, I was on vacation and just happened
to run into Pastor Robert Morris. Many of you have heard him. You’ve heard of his book
or you’ve read it, The Blessed Life. He’s actually taught here before. We ran into each
other. I didn’t know he was going to be there and he didn’t know I was. We went to dinner
one night and on the way to dinner, were riding in the car and he asked me … He said, “Have
you heard about this show called Duck Dynasty?” I was like, “No.”
Pastor Robert, over the next hour, proceeded to tell me about the entire first season,
episode after episode. He talked about Phil and Si, going to the school and teaching the
kids. I’m like, “Oh, my gosh.” I came back home and I watched it. Charisse, my daughter
was with us. I thought this is cool because it’s like 1 of 2 TV shows that your family
can watch today. We watched it together. It was so cool because I got to watch and many
of you got to watch John Luke and Sadie, grow up on television. Back in April or back in
March, John Luke actually attended a service at our Myrtle Beach campus and he said something
to me on Twitter. I said something back to him and we exchanged
cell phone numbers. We started talking back and forth. Just an incredible, incredible
young man, loves Jesus. And found out about Mary Kate and they were getting married. They
were getting married on June 27th. It’s like the royal wedding in the South. They got married
and went on their honeymoon and stuff. I was like, “Hey man, I would love it, if you and
Mary Kate would consider coming to NewSpring Church and just hanging out with us and letting
us talk to you about your life and your family and Duck Dynasty and Jesus. They were like,
“Absolutely. We want to.” This is actually the first Sunday they’ve
attended church together, as a married couple, since they’ve been… Because they just got
back off their honeymoon. I want you … I’ve already prepped them, the 6:00 service is
special. I want you to make John Luke and Mary Kate feel welcome to the NewSpring stage.
You all let them know how glad we are to see them. You all ready to do this again?
>>JOHN LUKE: We’re ready.>>MARY KATE: Let’s do this.
>>PERRY: It’s been so great. You all went to Australia right after you got married,
>>PERRY: … because you were in a wedding.>>JOHN LUKE: Right. I was a groomsman in a
wedding in Australia.>>PERRY: Then after that you went on your
real honeymoon. Where did you all go?>>JOHN LUKE: We went to Bora Bora after Australia.
Yeah, it was amazing.>>PERRY: That’s awesome.
>>JOHN LUKE: Then we came to Anderson.>>PERRY: Which honestly should be everybody’s
bucket list. After Bora Bora and Anderson, there’s only heaven. No, really, it’s amazing.
That’s so cool. It’s really great to have you guys here and just so honored. We’ve watched
the show. How many of you all watch Duck Dynasty or have seen … Yeah, you’re in redneck heaven
right now. That’s awesome. Let’s talk about … I think the one thing I want to talk about
tonight, is you guys and like how you met because a lot of that story hasn’t came out
on the show yet. You’re going to give us and inside view on .. How did you guys … Because
you just got married. You’re both 19.>>JOHN LUKE: Right.
>>PERRY: You’re 19 years old and just got married. For parents in the room that have
a 19 year old, that are really nervous … You’re like, “Man we shouldn’t have picked this service.”
I want you to listen to this story because it’s really cool. How did you all meet for
the first time? What happened?>>JOHN LUKE: We met for the first time, at
a summer camp, at a church camp.>>MARY KATE: About 4 years ago.
>>JOHN LUKE: 4 years ago, right, I was in 8th grade. She was in 9th grade. I just happened
to go to the camp that she was at and we were put … Well first, when I first got there,
we got assigned to these different teams. We got assigned to the same team. I was like,
“Man, older woman, Mary Kate McEacharn.” That whole week, we kind of had a little camp fling.
>>MARY KATE: No, we didn’t. He did.>>PERRY: Was it love at first sight?
>>JOHN LUKE: Yeah.>>MARY KATE: I was like, “Oh, he’s younger,
younger boy.”>>JOHN LUKE: I’m actually older.
>>MARY KATE: Yeah, he is older but he was in the grade below me so I just assumed he
was younger.>>PERRY: It wasn’t love at first sight for
you?>>MARY KATE: I mean he was cute but I didn’t
really … I didn’t really see anything coming out of it. Now we’re married, so I was wrong,
I guess.>>JOHN LUKE: I’ll take cute, I guess.
>>PERRY: You’ll take cute. Did you all start dating that week?
>>JOHN LUKE: I wish. I tried. Actually, we had just met. Our first conversation, actually,
we were put on the same team. We were in a wall-sit competition. We were sitting next
to->>PERRY: It’s where you put your back against
the wall. You pretend you’re in a chair and your thighs scream for mercy.
>>JOHN LUKE: Right.>>MARY KATE: Exactly.
>>PERRY: Okay, yeah.>>JOHN LUKE: The last person sitting wins.
We were sitting next to each other. I was like, “Yeah, I got her right where I want
her. She’s not going anywhere.” That was when we first talked and that was pretty much the
end of our relationship, right there.>>PERRY: You all didn’t start dating after
that?>>MARY KATE: Well, camp ended and we lived
an hour away, so I went my way. He went his way.
>>PERRY: What’d you all talk about while you were sitting on the wall?
>>MARY KATE: That was funny, actually. I was like, “Let’s talk about something, just like
get our minds off the pain. I said, “Do you have any siblings?” He was like, “Yeah, I
have a sister, Sadie.” I was like, “Oh, okay.” It’s funny because little did I know, 4 years
later, we’d be best friends.>>PERRY: You and Sadie are legitimate. Like
you all are best friends.>>MARY KATE: Mm-hmm (affirmative).
>>PERRY: Did you text her? Did you text her right before you came out here because she
might be watching.>>JOHN LUKE: Sadie, yeah. No, she is. She’s
watching right now.>>MARY KATE: She’s watching, yeah.
>>PERRY: She’s watching?>>PERRY: Yeah, she’s watching right now.
>>PERRY: Sadie, oh my gosh. Sadie Robertson’s watching. I’m a little geeked out right now.
No, I get … I’m star struck, really. Like the whole Dancing with the Stars thing, that
… I mean she can really dance?>>MARY KATE: Well her and I, we were having
dance parties, like just us before she went on the show. I knew she had it in her. Everyone
else was kind of surprised. I was like, “She’s got it.”
>>PERRY: Yeah. Are you a better dancer than Sadie?
>>JOHN LUKE: I’d say so.>>PERRY: Do you have moves?
>>JOHN LUKE: I got a few.>>PERRY: I broke my frickin watch again. Always at the
6:00 service. You all remember a few weeks ago. I don’t know what that means. That’s
awesome. Sadie’s watching. After that, I mean you went your way. You went your way. Then,
how’d you all connect? How did you all get connected again?
>>MARY KATE: Well, a year later, I transferred schools. I came to his school. It was weird
because we got put in the same homeroom, which was kind of crazy enough because we were in
2 different grades. Then we had a assigned seats right next to each other.
>>PERRY: How cool is that? I told him last night, “If you ever doubt God in your relationship,
just tell your story.” You got assigned seats right next to each other. At this point, is
this when love blossomed?>>JOHN LUKE: Sparks we’re flying at this point.
>>MARY KATE: Not really. It was more like, well, he was the only person I knew. He would
just->>JOHN LUKE: By default, he’s the only guy
that you can talk.>>MARY KATE: Yeah. Our relationship basically
was, he would tell me stories and just tell me what he did that weekend or whatever and
I would give him my homework to cheat off of.
>>JOHN LUKE: Well we were good partners. That’s how I knew we could work together.
>>MARY KATE: We had a good foundation.>>JOHN LUKE: She was really good at school
and in the homework department. I was not so good in that department. I would come in
and I was like, “Well, hey, if I’m going to talk to you, pass on your homework. We’ll
have a little deal going. I’ll tell you stories.”>>MARY KATE: You told her Duck Dynasty stories?
>>JOHN LUKE: Yeah, well I passed. Yeah I did. I told her Duck Dynasty stories.
>>PERRY: Is that when you guys got … Is that when it, the connection happened? Like
you all started dating after that?>>JOHN LUKE: Well, I tried.
>>MARY KATE: Like I said, I was new. I was trying to make friends and one of the friend’s
I made, she told me that she liked him.>>PERRY: She liked John Luke.
>>MARY KATE: Mm-hmm (affirmative). I was like, “Okay.” Then John Luke broke his arm, in the
meantime, his right arm. He couldn’t write in school. One day he asked me if I would
help him with his homework. I was like, “Sure.” I figured we would just go into a classroom,
like right after school. I would just write something down for him. That was it. He’s
like, “Oh, okay. I’ll come over to your house.” He already knew where I lived.
>>PERRY: You invited yourself to her house.>>JOHN LUKE: Right.
>>PERRY: Okay.>>MARY KATE: He came over and he would not
leave.>>JOHN LUKE: She makes it sound like this
is a bad thing.>>MARY KATE: The whole time I don’t want rumors
to get started about us being a thing or anything because my friend liked him.
>>JOHN LUKE: I wanted rumors to get started. I was making my move at that point.
>>PERRY: What does, making my move mean?>>JOHN LUKE: Well she was just doing all my
homework, actually.>>MARY KATE: Yeah. I was in there doing his
homework because he couldn’t write. He was in the other room, with my mom and my sister,
trying to win them over.>>PERRY: Did you do a good job? Did you win
them over?>>JOHN LUKE: Yeah, successfully won them over.
>>PERRY: After that, is when you decided to date?
>>MARY KATE: No. I kicked him out of my house.>>PERRY: No, I’m sorry. You kicked him out
of your house, right. What happened after that?
>>JOHN LUKE: Well, that hurt my pride a little bit and was a slight deterrent.
>>MARY KATE: Then a week later he had a girlfriend.>>JOHN LUKE: That’s true.
>>MARY KATE: Not me.>>JOHN LUKE: What’d you expect? You kicked
me out of your house.>>PERRY: Was it serious with that other girl?
>>JOHN LUKE: No, not serious. I always had Mary Kate on my mind.
>>MARY KATE: It was about a year. They dated for about a year.
>>PERRY: They dated for a year.>>MARY KATE: Almost.
>>PERRY: Almost.>>JOHN LUKE: She broke up with me, for the
record. We did date for almost a year, maybe.>>PERRY: We’re talking about that other girl
now. She broke up with you.>>JOHN LUKE: She broke up with me, yeah. She
dumped me.>>PERRY: Okay.
>>MARY KATE: Then he looked to me.>>JOHN LUKE: Yeah.
>>PERRY: After that, is when you all started dating?
>>MARY KATE: No.>>JOHN LUKE: Well, I tried.
>>MARY KATE: Her and I were still friends. Her and I were still friends and so I didn’t
want to put that friendship in jeopardy. I just kept kind of like …
>>JOHN LUKE: How many times did I ask you out, after that?
>>MARY KATE: Quite a few.>>JOHN LUKE: 3 or 4 at least.
>>PERRY: How did you all … This was real cool, last night, when you were telling me
this. How did you all really start establishing a relationship? Because I mean, she obviously
wasn’t going out with you.>>JOHN LUKE: Right.
>>MARY KATE: We were still friends. We were friends throughout the whole year.
>>JOHN LUKE: Yeah, we were friends.>>MARY KATE: He started coming to my church.
I still was going to my old church, which was like an hour away. He would ride with
me on Wednesday nights to youth group, which consisted of me, him and my sister. We were
trying to build it up and get people coming. Round trip that’s 2 hours, so we had 2 hours
together, in the car, every Wednesday night. That was like the only time we hung out.
>>JOHN LUKE: Yeah, that was the only time we ever hung out. During that time, we were
trying to grow this youth group, which we did. We doubled by the end of it.
>>PERRY: Just tell people you got 100% growth.>>JOHN LUKE: Right.
>>PERRY: 100% growth. You don’t have to tell them it went from 3 to 6.
>>JOHN LUKE: Right. Around that time, I was teaching the lessons.
>>PERRY: You would go and preach.>>JOHN LUKE: I was preaching. I was going
and preaching.>>PERRY: You’re driving to the church. You’re
going to preach.>>JOHN LUKE: To my congregation.
>>PERRY: … and you drive back. It’s just you and her in the car?
>>MARY KATE: No, no, I dragged my sister along.>>PERRY: You made your sister come along?
>>MARY KATE: Yes.>>PERRY: Because?
>>JOHN LUKE: She makes it sound … Okay, yes, her sister was there, but you liked me
during this time.>>MARY KATE: I liked you. I did like him but
I was trying to make myself not like him, which is a difficult thing to do.
>>PERRY: See, now let me tell you what just happened in this room. Every guy went, “Huh?”
All the girls went, “Uh huh.” How many girls are tracking with her right now? You know
exactly … See and all the guys are like, “Why do you got to do that?” What happened
in these car rides?>>JOHN LUKE: I was teaching the lessons so
the car ride over there was basically talking through what I was going to preach about Jesus.
The car ride back was like, what we’re going to do for next week, to create this community
where people loved Jesus, so our entire relationship was truly based on Jesus.
>>PERRY: That’s awesome. Did anything romantic happen in the car rides?
>>JOHN LUKE: Well, I tried.>>MARY KATE: Attempts.
>>PERRY: Talk about that for a minute.>>JOHN LUKE: Okay, one time in particular,
I’d actually … Our youth group was growing and we were going great.
>>PERRY: Doubling.>>JOHN LUKE: Double.
>>PERRY: Absolutely.>>JOHN LUKE: Double. It was going good and
actually at that time, I got kicked out of their church. That’s another story altogether.
>>PERRY: I have not heard.>>JOHN LUKE: I have not told you this.
>>PERRY: No. You got kicked out of the church?>>JOHN LUKE: Yeah, I did get kicked out of
the church.>>PERRY: Her church?
>>JOHN LUKE: Yeah. They told me to leave. Is that true?
>>MARY KATE: Yeah.>>JOHN LUKE: Yeah.
>>MARY KATE: He got into a little argument with our assistant pastor.
>>JOHN LUKE: Well, he was a intern.>>PERRY: I have not heard this story. This
is fascinating.>>MARY KATE: Yeah, I kind of forgot about
that.>>JOHN LUKE: I just remembered it too.
>>MARY KATE: It was a bad time.>>PERRY: You got kicked out of a church. Everybody
here’s gotten kicked out of a church before so this is like … That’s the reason I started
a church is because nobody would hire me. You’re at home man.
>>JOHN LUKE: Mm-hmm (affirmative). I feel at home.
>>PERRY: I automatically love him more because he got kicked out of a church. I’ll ask you
why later.>>JOHN LUKE: We’ll talk about that.
>>PERRY: Okay, we’ll periscope that.>>JOHN LUKE: Okay, we’ll talk about that later.
At this point … This leads in. We’ve talked about it before but not the full story. When
we were driving home that night,>>PERRY: After getting kicked out of the church.
>>JOHN LUKE: … after getting kicked out, I was like, “Okay, look.” Because I was mad
and I was upset but then I was like, “Okay, this is a good opportunity here because she’s
probably feeling sympathy for me.” I was like, “Okay, I’m going to try and hold her hand.
I’m going to do it.” We were driving. She was on the other side but we were driving.
I was like … Get the camera. Watch our hand. This is it. I was like, “John, you got this.
Hold her hand. Come on.” I was like … I grabbed her hand and I was like … I looked
over. No joke, this is exactly what happened. I went … She just slid her hand away from
me and I was like->>PERRY: You weren’t having it?
>>MARY KATE: I was not having it.>>JOHN LUKE: I was like, ” Well, all right.
Better luck next time John Luke.”>>PERRY: Did you get in trouble for forgetting
you wedding ring?>>JOHN LUKE: I did.
>>MARY KATE: My mom was watching earlier. She asked where it was.
>>JOHN LUKE: I did forget my wedding ring.>>PERRY: Your mom was watching.
>>MARY KATE: She noticed. She noticed he didn’t have it on.
>>PERRY: It was an accident.>>JOHN LUKE: It was a total accident. I didn’t
lose it. I know where it is.>>PERRY: You know exactly where it is.
>>JOHN LUKE: I know exactly where it is,>>PERRY: Si probably hawked that thing [crosstalk
00:18:19]>>JOHN LUKE: … it’s just not here.
>>PERRY: You’re not going to hold his hand.>>MARY KATE: No.
>>PERRY: You’re obviously trying to pursue her.
>>JOHN LUKE: Right.>>PERRY: What happens at this point in the
relationship?>>JOHN LUKE: At this point-
>>MARY KATE: I was trying to kind of drop subtle hints like, pulled my hands away and
he kept->>PERRY: That’s not a subtle hint, by the
way.>>MARY KATE: He tried that again and he tried
something else. He chased after me one night, after a football game, through a parking lot.
>>JOHN LUKE: Well, okay->>PERRY: This is brand new information. We
talked all day and I have not heard about,>>MARY KATE: I forgot about that. That’s good.
>>JOHN LUKE: I forgot about that too.>>PERRY: … getting kicked out of a church
or chasing her through a parking lot, at a football game.
>>MARY KATE: It was actually after homecoming. My sister and I were leaving. We had like
an FCA, like, movie night or something, afterwards. I was like, “Kelly, come on. Let’s go.” Because
for some reason, I just had this feeling that John Luke was going to try to come talk to
me and so I said … All right, we had made it through the whole movie and he hadn’t come.
I was like, “Okay, we’re doing good.” I was like, “Come on Kelly, let’s go.” We were kind
of like … I didn’t tell Kelly that I was trying to avoid John Luke. We were making
our way through the parking lot and we were almost to the car.
>>JOHN LUKE: When I saw her leave … Okay, so I was going to ask her out that night,
because I was going to sit by her at this movie thing. I was like, this is good, but
I didn’t get to talk to her before so I was going to talk to her after.
>>MARY KATE: We were almost to the car,>>JOHN LUKE: Yeah, they left early. I was
like, “Well, what are they doing?” I ran out.>>MARY KATE: … almost there and I hear,
“Mary Kate.” I turn around and there he is like running at me. I was like, “Shoot.”
>>PERRY: I can see it in slow motion with Journey, Open Arms playing. I can see it.
Can you see it? Gosh, I should be a producer.>>MARY KATE: There was just like terror on
my face because I knew I was going to have to-
>>JOHN LUKE: You’re making this sound so bad but you liked me. You liked me.
>>MARY KATE: It was hard. It was hard. It’s hard when you like someone and you’re trying
to make yourself not like someone. Then->>PERRY: It’s hard when you like someone and
you’re trying to make yourself not like them.>>MARY KATE: Yeah.
>>JOHN LUKE: I’ve never had that problem. I’m being honest right now. Amen. Thank you.
>>PERRY: Women are slightly more complex than men. Amen? See, some of you came to church
tonight and you said, “I’m not going to agree with anything that the pastor says,” and I
got you, right there.>>JOHN LUKE: Okay, so, I ask you out and you
said, “No.”>>MARY KATE: Then I told him. I was like,
“I don’t know where you think this is going but it’s not going anywhere. We’re not going
to date. We’re just friends.”>>PERRY: What happened after that John Luke?
>>JOHN LUKE: At that point, I was like, “Maybe this is not going to work.”
>>MARY KATE: Then you came to my house the next night and I had to repeat myself.
>>JOHN LUKE: Yeah, okay.>>PERRY: I did not know this. This is brand
new. You went back?>>JOHN LUKE: Yeah.
>>MARY KATE: I’m just remembering all of this, actually.
>>PERRY: Okay, okay.>>JOHN LUKE: That was true, yeah. I came over
the next night.>>PERRY: Got shot down again.
>>JOHN LUKE: Yeah, got shot down again. I think that was it, wasn’t it?
>>MARY KATE: That was it. That did it.>>JOHN LUKE: Yeah, the next night. Then I
was like, “Okay.”>>PERRY: What happened after that?
>>MARY KATE: Well then->>JOHN LUKE: Before she says this, this is
a natural response. All right, you can go ahead.
>>MARY KATE: Then the next month, there he goes on a date with a new girl.
>>JOHN LUKE: I mean you rejected me. I moved on. It’s what you wanted.
>>PERRY: When he goes out with this new girl, what goes off in your mind?
>>MARY KATE: I just knew, I knew I had made a mistake. I knew that. I was like … I actually
had a friend tell me. They were like, “Mary Kate, I know you really care about that friendship,
that you have, with his ex-girlfriend,” they said, but like, “You and John Luke look like
you all get married. That might be who God has for you. I was like, “Wow. That is so
true.” Then I started thinking about it. I was like, “God just so evidently, just placed
him there. He’s perfect.” Then I realized I had made a mistake. Then I took the next
step and I admitted to Sadie that I liked him.
>>PERRY: You told Sadie, who’s your best friend … “Hey Sadie, how you doing?” You told Sadie
that you liked John Luke. Would you say that Sadie was the mediator,
>>MARY KATE: Yes.>>PERRY: … that kind of brought you all
together?>>JOHN LUKE: She would … Sadie would say
that. She would like to say. She tries to take credit for this. You try to take credit
for this, you know.>>PERRY: She had a part in it, right?
>>JOHN LUKE: A small part, yes.>>PERRY: She went to Sadie because she knew
Sadie would tell you. Is that what you did?>>MARY KATE: Yeah.
>>PERRY: Okay, so then Sadie, she sends you a text?
>>JOHN LUKE: Right. Sadie sent me a text that night.
>>JOHN LUKE: Mary Kate was actually at my house because she was spending the night with
Sadie and I was staying at another friend’s house. I got that text that night. I was like,
“What? Mary Kate likes me. Where is this coming from?” Because at the time, I didn’t know
she liked me the whole time. I thought … I was just like-
>>PERRY: You thought it was over.>>JOHN LUKE: Yeah, I thought it was over.
Then I get this text and I’m like, “No.” I was getting myself pumped up because I was
like, “Look, John Luke, she did what … She did you wrong. She did you wrong. This is
it. She had her chance. This is over,” but I was like, “Okay, I’ll let her speak her
mind.” I came home that next morning and->>PERRY: What’d you do that next morning when
you got … I mean, you’re sounding pretty tough right now but what’s you do the next
morning?>>JOHN LUKE: I got up the next morning I was
like, “Look I’m going to go in there. I’m just going to tell her, ‘What are you thinking?'”
>>PERRY: What’d you do?>>MARY KATE: He makes it sound so bad but
he came early and made us all breakfast.>>PERRY: Can he cook?
>>MARY KATE: Yeah, he can cook. He can cook.>>PERRY: All right, at this point you laid
the law down.>>JOHN LUKE: Okay, so after breakfast, which
was really good. I think I made pancakes.>>MARY KATE: Eggs.
>>JOHN LUKE: Eggs. After our good breakfast I was like, “Upstairs. We got to talk.”
>>PERRY: You said it just like that.>>JOHN LUKE: Just like that, I think.
>>MARY KATE: Okay, continue.>>JOHN LUKE: I was like, “We got to talk.”
We walked upstairs and I was like, “All right, Mary Kate, what are you thinking? Like I get
this text that you like me but what’s going on?” Then she … At this point, she looked
at me and she was like, “John Luke look, this has been on my mind for a long time. I just
want to tell you that I really like you. I liked you the entire time and I shouldn’t
have done what I did. I was in the wrong. I just want you to know that whatever you’re
thinking right now, you’re an amazing guy and whether you chose me or you chose this
other girl. Like I know you’re a godly man and that you’ve
prayed about it and that you’re going to make the right decision, no matter what. I know
that you’re going to make the right decision. I trust you. Also, I wouldn’t date a guy that
I wouldn’t marry, and I would date you.” I was like, “Forget this other girl.”
>>PERRY: Then you all started dating.>>MARY KATE: No, not immediately.
>>PERRY: Oh no, I was still playing.>>MARY KATE: He just thought that.
>>PERRY: Oh Lord, there’s something after that.
>>MARY KATE: I had hurt his pride so it was time for him to like … The table’s turned.
>>PERRY: I thought that in my mind. In my mind I was like, “I’ll propose right now if
I had a ring,” but in person I was like, “Okay, I’ll think about it.”
>>MARY KATE: He wanted to make me suffer a little while.
>>JOHN LUKE: Yeah, I did.>>MARY KATE: It took about 2 weeks.
>>PERRY: Something you said at dinner last night … I thought this was so cool, Mary
Kate.>>JOHN LUKE is the only guy you’ve ever dated.
>>MARY KATE: Mm-hmm (affirmative).>>PERRY: He’s your first and only boyfriend.
You’re 19 years old. You went through middle school, high school. Obviously all your friends
are dating. They’re going out Friday and Saturday nights and you’re not. You’re choosing not
to date. You’re even choosing not to date a really good guy. I mean he got kicked out
of church but other than that he’s a really good guy. Why did you make that choice? What
was the foundational anchor in your heart? The reason I say that is because, we literally
have 100s of teenage girls, at this service, who are great girls but that’s the number
one area they’re tempted to compromise in so why didn’t you compromise? What was it
that held your heart solid?>>MARY KATE: I would say a person who played
a big part in that is my dad. Because ever since I was young, he would just tell me that
I was a daughter of the King and I was worthy and I just deserved the best that God had
to give to me. One thing that he said … He taught a Sunday School class. The title of
it was, God leaves his best for those who leave the choice with him. It was really hard
because whenever you have … All your friends are dating. Like everyone has a boyfriend.
The media and culture puts so much emphasis on having a boyfriend and a girlfriend, like
all the time. It was tough. It really was hard but I feel like that was
a time in my life where I was so close to God because I was depending on him in that
area. I feel like I kind of made a deal with God and I told him I wasn’t going to settle
for anything less than the best that he had for me. I feel like our relationship and our
story really … It shows how faithful God was to me. Like he came through, on his end
of the deal, since I was faithful to him.>>PERRY: Isn’t that cool. Isn’t that cool.
The reason I love this story so much is because there might be a teenage girl here or maybe
a girl in your 20’s and you’re like, “I didn’t have a dad like her dad.” Which he sounds
like an amazing, amazing man. The fact that you can remember a talk, that he gave in Sunday
school, is awesome. You’re like, “Oh my gosh I don’t have a dad like that.” You know, you
have a heavenly father that says you’re beautiful and that you don’t have to settle and that
you’re worthy of pursuit. I mean, what her earthly father said to her, your heavenly
father, if you’ll listen to his voice, he’ll say that to you. Be encouraged for that.
I had a couple questions written down, I want to ask you all, about the show. People are
just dying to know some of this stuff. Some of this comes from social media too. Can Miss
Kay really cook?>>JOHN LUKE: Yes, she’s amazing.
>>PERRY: Really? What’s your favorite thing that she cooks?
>>JOHN LUKE: Chicken and dumplings, absolute favorite.
>>PERRY: Chicken and dumplings?>>MARY KATE: Mm-hmm (affirmative).
>>PERRY: We’ve talked about this but I’m in. Like you’re going to get me in on a chicken
and dumplings meal, with Phil and Miss Kay.>>JOHN LUKE: Right. Mm-hmm (affirmative).
>>PERRY: And Uncle Si?>>JOHN LUKE: Right.
>>PERRY: How crazy is Uncle Si, for real?>>JOHN LUKE: What you see on TV is only a
fraction of how he is in real life.>>PERRY: What was your first thought when
you first met him?>>MARY KATE: He’s the craziest thing I’ve
ever seen in my life. He is just constantly in his own world.
>>PERRY: How legitimate is the sweet tea glass? I mean, does he carry it … He really carries
it everywhere?>>MARY KATE: I’ve never seen him without it.
>>JOHN LUKE: Growing up he always had it. I never can remember a time that he hasn’t
had it.>>PERRY: Did he brig it to the wedding?
>>JOHN LUKE: He did actually and his own tea.>>PERRY: He brought his own tea, sweet tea.
Did he dress in camouflage?>>JOHN LUKE: He did actually. I’m pretty sure
he did yeah.>>PERRY: For the wedding?
>>JOHN LUKE: Yeah.>>PERRY: I love him. Did Miss Kay … I watched
this episode? I just want to make sure this is right. Did she really cook squirrel brains?
>>JOHN LUKE: That is a staple. That is what we eat. We eat squirrel all the time and the
brains.>>PERRY: What does squirrel brains taste like?
>>JOHN LUKE: It’s just kind of like a meat that you put in a soup.
>>PERRY: Yeah, I would send that back. What’s your favorite thing to hunt?
>>JOHN LUKE: Hunt? I’m a deer hunter. I like to deer hunt, so does my dad.
>>PERRY: Use a camera?>>JOHN LUKE: He’s asked me this and I feel
like it’s some kind of inside joke.>>PERRY: All day long you’ve avoided this
question.>>JOHN LUKE: Well it’s such a loaded question,
I feel like.>>PERRY: It is a loaded question. Do you use
a deer camera.>>JOHN LUKE: It is. I know. I feel like it’s
some kind of inside joke that’s just …>>PERRY: I just need to know.
>>JOHN LUKE: I have killed many deer, in many different ways. That’s what I’m going to say.
>>PERRY: Thank you, Senator. Mary Kate have you ever been hunting?
>>MARY KATE: Yes.>>PERRY: Have you ever killed anything?
>>MARY KATE: I’ve killed one deer.>>PERRY: Really? How big was the deer?
>>MARY KATE: It was an 8 point. I was ten years old and I immediately started crying.
>>PERRY: You dropped an 8 point.>>MARY KATE: Okay, well that’s the thing.
>>PERRY: You were ten years old.>>MARY KATE: I haven’t told you this yet.
I didn’t exactly drop.>>PERRY: Did it … Oh, wow.
>>MARY KATE: It was bad. It was really bad. I don’t know if like, whenever I shot, it
just had a heart attack and kind of fell over because we went down there and it wasn’t dead.
My dad had to kill it. I halfway killed it.>>JOHN LUKE: I didn’t even know that.
>>MARY KATE: I halfway killed one deer. Surprise.>>JOHN LUKE: I thought you were like a hunter.
I was all, “Yeah. I’m really getting a woman.”>>PERRY: Out of all the Duck Dynasty episodes
… Because I know you’ve obviously watched them. What’s your favorite episode?
>>MARY KATE: When John Luke goes to the dentist.>>PERRY: Did you all see that one? What’s
your favorite episode John?>>JOHN LUKE: Not the dentist episode. That
episode will not die.>>PERRY: Because it was hilarious. You got
high on national television and didn’t get arrested for it. That’s amazing.
>>JOHN LUKE: I don’t even … Because that’s the thing, I don’t even remember that episode.
>>PERRY: We can run clips for you if you want us too.
>>JOHN LUKE: No, that’s okay. That’s okay. I saw it on TV after it aired and I was like,
“What?”>>PERRY: What about the episode where you
wrecked your dad’s truck?>>JOHN LUKE: That, yeah, that was true. Not
my favorite episode either.>>PERRY: Because you legitimately rolled the
truck,>>JOHN LUKE: Yeah I did.
>>PERRY: … 4 times.>>JOHN LUKE: I rolled it 4 times. Yeah and
my dad brings it up every time the episode comes on. It’s like I relive it.
>>PERRY: When you were here last time, we talked about hunting and you had just recently
done a alligator hunt,>>JOHN LUKE: Yeah, I did.
>>PERRY: … and you killed one.>>JOHN LUKE: Right.
>>PERRY: How big was it?>>JOHN LUKE: 12 feet, 12 footer. 12 foot alligator.
>>PERRY: Tell us about … How does one go about killing an alligator? We don’t have
a lot of them in the upstate. Don’t hit me on the social media with Alligators in Lake
Hartwell. If they’re there, I don’t even want to know about it. Talk to me, like, how you
kill an alligator.>>JOHN LUKE: Okay, so to kill an alligator,
you take a chicken and cover it in mustard.>>PERRY: Yes.
>>JOHN LUKE: Yes.>>PERRY: That was my first thought.
>>JOHN LUKE: Okay, good.>>PERRY: Because alligators love mustard.
If you’re ever on Jeopardy.>>JOHN LUKE: You cover it in mustard and you
put a hook in the chicken and tie it up a few feet off the water. Then the alligator
will come up and it jumps up and it eats the chicken.
>>PERRY: Its kind of like sin.>>JOHN LUKE: Exactly.
>>PERRY: The alligator eats the sin.>>JOHN LUKE: It’s tempting and it’s got a
hook in it. It’s exactly like sin.>>PERRY: Yeah, and the hook gets all down
in the alligator belly.>>JOHN LUKE: The hook gets all down in the
alligator. Yeah, just like sin.>>PERRY: That happens that night.
>>JOHN LUKE: Right, that’s the night before. The next day we go up and one of my … the
other guy … How you get the alligator, how you kill it, is you take the rope and you
pull it. Then the alligator is going to come to whatever is pulling the rope.
>>PERRY: Because he’s obviously pissed at this point.
>>JOHN LUKE: Right. I would be, yeah. Then your job is to shoot the alligator, before
he gets to the end of the rope, where you are.
>>PERRY: How’d that go for you?>>JOHN LUKE: Well, I survived.
>>PERRY: Did you just drop it with one shot?>>JOHN LUKE: Well, no, no, no. I had five
shots. The other guy pulled the rope so I was shooting it before he … I mean this
thing’s a dinosaur. It came out and I was like, “Bam, bam, bam, bam,” and shot four
shots off. I had one shot left. I was like, “Oh no,” because this thing was still like-
>>PERRY: Yeah, that’s not what I would have said. I wouldn’t have said, “Oh no.” I would
have said it. Then I would have do it, you know what I’m saying. I could only say that
at 6:00 because if I’d have said that this morning, I would have got kicked out of the
church. Wow. There’s probably somebody waiting on the side of the stage right now. Like right
when I walk off stage, it’s like, “You shouldn’t have said that.”
>>JOHN LUKE: Sadie’s turning the cell off right now.
>>PERRY: You shot this alligator four times.>>JOHN LUKE: Yeah. He pulled it up. The alligator
… I mean, it was coming at me. It’s mouth was right here. This other guy had a stick.
He hit him in the head with a stick and like deterred it.
>>PERRY: This is a bad day for the alligator. You shot it four times. It’s eaten a chicken
with mustard. It’s got a hook in his stomach and now your friend is whacking it in the
head with a stick.>>JOHN LUKE: That’s what happens when you
fall into sin.>>PERRY: That’s right.
>>JOHN LUKE: It’s a bad day.>>PERRY: That’s exactly … Bam, love it.
>>JOHN LUKE: At this point, that gator was, I mean on my lap and so I put the gun on it
and finished it.>>PERRY: The alligator was in your lap.
>>JOHN LUKE: Right. Well, not exactly. I mean it was right around, right there.
>>PERRY: It doesn’t matter. It’s close enough. Would you go again?
>>JOHN LUKE: I would go again.>>PERRY: I’ve never been hunting in my life.
Would you take me?>>JOHN LUKE: I would take you right now.
>>PERRY: I don’t want to go right now.>>JOHN LUKE: Okay, yeah.
>>PERRY: I’m still nervous. I’ll probably never eat mustard again. Have you ever gone
alligator hunting?>>MARY KATE: Absolutely not.
>>PERRY: Would you go?>>MARY KATE: Absolutely not.
>>PERRY: Have you ever gone duck hunting with him?
>>MARY KATE: No, I haven’t.>>PERRY: You think you’ll go, in the future?
>>MARY KATE: Probably not. I had a pet duck one time.
>>PERRY: You had a pet duck and you all shoot ducks. That’s pretty funny.
>>JOHN LUKE: I know.>>PERRY: Who’s the best shot in your family?
>>JOHN LUKE: Phil or Jase, probably. I mean they hunt every day of the season, so you
can imagine how many times they shoot. I mean I’ve seen them do some pretty amazing stuff.
They hardly ever miss.>>PERRY: Really?
>>JOHN LUKE: Mm-hmm (affirmative).>>PERRY: Who’s the best golfer in your family.
>>JOHN LUKE: My dad probably golf’s the most.>>PERRY: Really?
>>JOHN LUKE: Mm-hmm (affirmative).>>PERRY: Is he pretty good?
>>JOHN LUKE: He’s pretty good. He’s really good.
>>PERRY: Do they ever take golf balls and shoot them with shotguns?
>>JOHN LUKE: Oh yeah. That’s a daily.>>PERRY: Because I could do that. That would
be fun. Do they do that at the county club?>>JOHN LUKE: Not at the country club.
>>PERRY: Because that would be awesome too.>>JOHN LUKE: They might have once. I don’t
think you do that twice.>>PERRY: They did go steal frogs from the
country club pond.>>JOHN LUKE: They did do that.
>>PERRY: Yeah, yeah. That was so … That was interesting. Your grandpa just seems like,
just the guy that’s going to say what’s on his mind. What’s the best advice you’ve ever
gotten from your grandfather,>>JOHN LUKE: Oh my goodness.
>>PERRY: … that you can say?>>JOHN LUKE: That I can say … Well I mean,
I’ve already [sinned 00:38:57]. I can just say whatever, right?
>>PERRY: Pretty much, at this church, yeah. What about the crawdad thing where he was
talking to you about dating?>>JOHN LUKE: Yeah his dating advice-
>>PERRY: What was his dating advice? What was the thing that you can say?
>>JOHN LUKE: His dating advice pretty much consisted of, “All right son, don’t touch
her below the neck. If you do just be ready for … He went on to name a series of STDs.
I was 15. I was like, “What?”>>PERRY: I love that generation. You know
what I’m talking about? Like Phil’s generation, they just … The older they get the more
… I was telling John Luke last night. I was like, “I can’t wait to get because you
can say anything and they just say they’re old. They’re just old.” John Luke said, “Well,
you say anything now.” I was like, “Well, that’s true,” but I get … People get mad
at me now. When you get old, you can ride around town and just blow the horn at people
and yell at them and nobody will get mad at you.” Going back to you all’s relationship.
You’re 19 and you got married. Did anybody tell you that was crazy?
>>JOHN LUKE: Quite a few. Yeah, like most of America.
>>MARY KATE: Yeah.>>PERRY: Like social media and stuff like
that?>>JOHN LUKE: Yeah.
>>PERRY: Social media’s made it real easy to sin.
>>JOHN LUKE: Yeah,, social media.>>PERRY: Yeah, because people can say things
that they wouldn’t. You had people telling you that you were too young to get married.
>>MARY KATE: Yeah we got that. We got a lot of that, that we were too young, that it wasn’t
going to work, that we should wait.>>PERRY: Was there a recommended age, that
you should wait until?>>JOHN LUKE: That was something that I noticed.
That everyone who said that we were getting married too young, were single.
>>PERRY: He said it you all. I didn’t say it. I didn’t say a word. I’m just the moderator.
You’re right though.>>JOHN LUKE: That or I mean, one, I could
tell their marriage wasn’t that great. The people who were telling us, like, it will
work were the people who are married and say like, “It can work.” I mean my parents got
married at 18, 19 and their marriage is going pretty good.
>>PERRY: What’d your dad say to you when you told him you were going to propose?
>>JOHN LUKE: When I told him, I was like, “Dad, I got to tell you something.” I walked
outside and I was like, “Dad, look, I think I’m going to propose to Mary Kate.” He said,
“Well, it’s about time.” He was like, “I was already married and living off, by the time
I was your age.”>>PERRY: You went and talked with her father.
>>JOHN LUKE: Right.>>PERRY: You did the southern gentleman thing,
>>JOHN LUKE: I did.>>PERRY: … and got her father’s … How
did that conversation go?>>JOHN LUKE: This is good. I went and talked
to her dad. This is like 2 months before [crosstalk 00:42:00]
>>PERRY: You had no idea?>>MARY KATE: I had no idea.
>>JOHN LUKE: No. We hadn’t even talked about it, really. Yeah, no, I was just going for
it.>>MARY KATE: I feel like we both knew we wanted
to get married. Like we both kind of knew we would get married one day but like, I had
no idea this soon.>>JOHN LUKE: Yeah, so I went and talked to
her dad. I pulled up in her driveway. I was like, “All right John Luke, you are not taking
no for an answer.” This is how I talk to myself. It gets me pumped up. I showed up and I was
like, “Sir, we need to talk about something.” He’s like, “All right let’s go in the house.”
We walked in the house and he’s like, “What’s on your mind?” “I want to marry your daughter.”
He was like, “Well, let’s sit down and talk about this.” We sat down. He said, “Well,
did you bring me a cigar?” I said, “I know you so well and I pulled out a cigar.”
>>PERRY: You brought him a cigar?>>JOHN LUKE: I did and he said,
>>PERRY: Oh my gosh.>>JOHN LUKE: … he said, “You can have her.”
>>PERRY: Did you know about the cigar?>>MARY KATE: I did.
>>JOHN LUKE: We told her after.>>PERRY: What kind of cigar was it?
>>JOHN LUKE: It was a Duck Commander cigar, actually. Duck Commander actually has their
own cigars.>>PERRY: Will you send me some?
>>JOHN LUKE: Yeah, sure.>>PERRY: Oh my gosh. That would be so cool.
I love a good cigar, occasionally. All right so then, you guys get married and you’re so
young. Mary Kate, why do you have so much confidence that, “This is the right thing.
It’s going to work. You guys are going to be great.”
>>MARY KATE: We decided that like, we don’t think it really matters. Like age doesn’t
really make a difference if … The best way I can explain it is, we’ve always just looked
at it as, it’s like a triangle. Were at the bottom and God’s at the top. If each of us
personally, are moving closer to God, we’re going to … We can’t help but move closer
to each other.>>PERRY: That’s awesome.
>>MARY KATE: We’re like, “If we’re both going to strive for God, it’s got to work.”
>>JOHN LUKE: That’s true, yeah.>>PERRY: That’ll preach, if you’re 19 or if
you’re 59, right? I mean, that just works. John Luke, this was fascinating. We were talking
about, you were 14 years old, essentially, when you gave your life to Christ.
>>JOHN LUKE: Right.>>PERRY: Talk to me about that decision. It
goes back to a conversation you and your dad had, when you were 12, right?
>>JOHN LUKE: Right, right. I had grown up. I mean I grew up … My parents are both Christians
and both follow the Lord. I had seen my Grandpa and his transformation, so I always knew that
at some point, I was going to have to make this decision. My dad sat me down when I was
12 and he said, “Look son, one day you’re going to have to decide whether you’re going
to follow God or whether you’re not. When you make that decision, if you’re in, you
go 100%, all the way. You’re either hot or you’re cold. If you’re not in, you go 100%
the other way. Because if you’re in the middle, the middle people are the miserable ones.
You can have joy, pure, true joy, by going 100% or you can have pleasure, by going the
other way. In the middle, you don’t really get a whole lot of either. At 12 years, I
mean … I didn’t really know what that meant, at 12 years old. I thought about that and
when I was 14, is when I decided … Actually, I’d met another friend and we had both recently
discovered the internet and the dangers that come a long with that. We both decided like,
it’s time to get our thoughts in line and there are actions to follow, so I made the
decision to give my life to God. Phil actually baptized me in the river.
>>PERRY: Really?>>JOHN LUKE: Mm-hmm (affirmative).
>>PERRY: At 14 years old you said, “I’m giving my life to Jesus.”
>>JOHN LUKE: Mm-hmm (affirmative). That’s right.
>>PERRY: From 14 till 19, you and your family have, essentially, become a household name.
>>JOHN LUKE: Right.>>PERRY: You fought for her heart, really
hard and valiantly. You fought for her heart. You guys committed to purity and you got married.
What was it before, between the age of 14 and 19? You’re obviously a Christian but a
lot of people say they’re Christians. What was it that really helped you from the ages
of 14 to 19, stay connected and committed to Christ, when so many people … That’s
the time when a lot of people stray off the path.
>>JOHN LUKE: Probably my biggest help was my friend, who is still my best friend. He
was in my wedding. Me and him knew that, while we were friends and in our little group, in
our little group that we would love God and do whatever. We knew that if we ever got outside
of that, if we ever lost that community, that we would just fall into … I mean who knows
where we would be.>>PERRY: Right.
>>JOHN LUKE: We kept each other accountable. Throughout high school, our mission and we
kept this mission in mind, to create at our school and at our church, to create the community
that we could thrive in. Because we didn’t have that community at first, but we knew
we needed it. What kept me grounded, throughout my entire high school career and which calls
me to do some of the things I did, like start going to her church and start preaching was,
our mission to create that community for ourselves, so that we could thrive and we could love
God and that we could love others and that we could keep each other accountable and not
stray. I mean it was a fight. That was a fight for
our minds. Because I mean I think that’s … That was definitely my biggest struggle and I think
most guys, my age, I think that is the biggest struggle. Because you get those thoughts and
you see those things and it’s hard to control and so it’s a fight. Our fight was to create
that community, that encouraged us to think good thoughts.
>>PERRY: I love this. You were in a fight but you knew you were not in a fight by yourself.
>>JOHN LUKE: Right.>>PERRY: Like you had guys that would stand
back to back with you.>>JOHN LUKE: Oh yeah, there’s no way I could
have done it by myself.>>PERRY: That goes right into one of our core
values. You can’t do life alone. If you’ll, especially the men in this room, if you’ll
find another man that will stand back to back with you, you really can overcome any sin
that the enemy throws your way. Man that’s incredible. One more question. Phil, your
grandfather, wasn’t always a Christian. There was a time in his life where he was not a
follower of Christ.>>JOHN LUKE: Yeah, absolutely, yeah.
>>PERRY: Then he gave his life to Christ. Has he ever talked to you or talked to the
family about what it was that just caused him to say, “Man, I need to give my life to
Jesus.”>>JOHN LUKE: Yeah, actually he, him and [Merrill
00:49:42] Kay were married. Then he left. He left them at some point and was off doing
his own thing. He actually was running a bar. His sister knew where he was and so she sent
someone from our church, to the bar. This guy would go in there and he would talk to
Phil every … He would go like, once a week.>>PERRY: He would go to the bar.
>>JOHN LUKE: Go to the bar. Sit at the stool. Phil was a bartender. He would talk to him
about Jesus. At some point, during their conversations, Phil decided to change his life and come back
to his family.>>PERRY: He gave his life to Christ,
>>JOHN LUKE: Mm-hmm (affirmative).>>PERRY: … comes back to his family,.
>>JOHN LUKE: Right.>>PERRY: I didn’t know that. Isn’t it great,
that there was a Christian, that want afraid of the stereotype, of walking into a bar.
We don’t even know this person’s name but there’s a guy who is in heaven right now or
is going to be in heaven, and he led Phil Robertson to Christ because he was willing
to forego the stereotypes that people would put on him and walked into a place and shared
Christ. He didn’t go and try to blend in. He went and shared Christ, intentionally.
That is fascinating. Your grandfather gives his life to Christ.
>>JOHN LUKE: Right.>>PERRY: And then?
>>JOHN LUKE: He came back and ended up … At that point, ended up later, baptizing my dad
and all my uncles.>>PERRY: Your dad and your 3 uncles gave their
lives to Christ.>>JOHN LUKE: Right. Mm-hmm (affirmative).
>>PERRY: Now you’re sitting here, 2 generations and you’re following Jesus. You’ve married
a beautiful young lady. You guys are starting Liberty, in the Fall.
>>JOHN LUKE: Right, starting Liberty in the Fall.
>>PERRY: You’re going to Liberty University. Man, your story is just amazing. I think I
speak on behalf of our whole church, when we say, I personally love how you guys have
not allowed the media to shape your family values, that you love Jesus. The way you end
the shows with a prayer, is unreal. Man, we’re so thankful. Before you guys leave … I haven’t
done this all day but before you guys leave, I just want to pray over you all and pray
for your marriage because it’s so rare that you guys are married, at such a young age,
but man I see nothing but great, great things. Before we do that though, I got some texts
and some tweets and stuff like that, like, “When are you all going to have kids?” People
are asking. I know. You just got married but people are asking. Like when are you all going
have kids?>>MARY KATE: We want to finish college.
>>JOHN LUKE: Right, not for awhile.>>PERRY: Are you going to do his homework
in college?>>JOHN LUKE: Probably so.
>>MARY KATE: That’s over. We’re married now.>>JOHN LUKE: That’s why we got married before
college.>>PERRY: How may kids are you all going to
have?>>MARY KATE: I want like, 5.
>>JOHN LUKE: 5? This is till under discussion.>>PERRY: Why don’t you want 5 kids?
>>JOHN LUKE: She just [crosstalk 00:53:01]>>PERRY: Why do you want 5 kids? I mean that’s
a lot of kids.>>JOHN LUKE: Dropped a bomb on me right there.
>>MARY KATE: Well, I only have 1 sister and my parents are about to adopt their foster
baby. Then his family, they have like … He’s got like a million siblings. It’s just so
much fun.>>JOHN LUKE: It’s so loud. That’s why I like
going to her house.>>PERRY: Because it’s quiet?
>>JOHN LUKE: Yeah, I get some peace and quiet.>>PERRY: I’m not going to ask a ton of information
about future episodes, but I’m just … I think it’s okay to say, there’s a future episode
with you two and Uncle Si, that’s going to be hysterical. Am I right?
>>JOHN LUKE: That is true.>>PERRY: You all are in that episode. You
all are doing some stuff.>>JOHN LUKE: Right.
>>PERRY: It’s just you two and basically Uncle Si, the whole episode?
>>JOHN LUKE: Basically, yeah. Our wedding episode is coming up and there was a lot of
advice from all the family, that I think will be funny. [crosstalk 00:53:59]
>>PERRY: I cannot wait to watch that. I’m going to watch it. Hey, let’s pray over these
guys because they’ve came all the way from Louisiana. They’ve got very, very busy schedules
and when I asked them to come … This was so cool. When I asked them to come, there
was no … There was no, like, this is my honorarium and this is what … They didn’t
even expect to get a dime. It was just, “Hey, we want to come to NewSpring and hangout with
you guys. Let’s pray over them and just pray that God will bless their marriage because
this is just really cool and a real treat to have them with us. Jesus, thank you so
much for John Luke. Thank you so much for Mary Kate. Thank you
so much for the family that you gave each of them. God, I want to thank you for … God,
I’m just so moved by a man that would go into a bar and share Jesus with Phil Robertson
over and over and over again and he receives Christ and his family receives Christ and
today his grandson is on a stage talking about his relationship with Jesus. That is a testimony
God, to how great you are. God, I want to thank you for that. I want to thank you for
Mary Kate and how she was born into a home with a dad that just spoke blessings and life
and encouragement, into her and blessed her. God, I want to thank you for the godly heritage
that she grew up in. God, I want to thank you for bringing them together. Their story
is so fine but God it’s so … Your hand is just all over them. Father, I pray that you’ll
bless them. I pray that you keep them and that your face will shine upon them. I pray
God that they would work through every struggle. Father, I pray that they would communicate
their faults. God, I pray that they would know what it’s like to grow old together and
more in love, at the same time. God, I pray for your blessings on them and on their 7
future children, in Jesus name. Amen, amen. You all give them a hand. Thank you all so
much. Thanks man.>>JOHN LUKE: Thank you. Thank you.
>>PERRY: While you all are standing … Thank you guys. I just want to share real quick.
We’ve had 5 people receive Christ today. It’s so cool, because some people go, “Why would
you go to church and you watch a interview? Is that really the Gospel?” Yes, it’s the
Gospel because I’m blown away by the bar story. Like, I had not heard that story but it just
goes to show what the Apostle Paul said, Romans 10:9. “If you confess with your mouth Jesus
as Lord, that God has raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” It doesn’t just
affect you. It affects your children and your grandchildren and your great grandchildren.
We saw that. If you’re here tonight, maybe you showed up to see John Luke and Mary Kate.
But what happened is, maybe Jesus did something to your heart because you’re like, “I don’t
have what they’ve got and I want to know Jesus.” Maybe you’re here and you’re like Mary Kate
and you want to do dating right, but you feel like you’re caught in a trap and you’re pressured.
Maybe you’re like John Luke and you want to pursue a girl and you’re wanting to pursue
purity, but you feel like you’ve lost that battle. Man, we’re here as a church because
we want to pray with you and for you. All day long, it’s been amazing. It’s blowing
my mind. People have responded to the invitation. Outside
every campus, if you’re not standing, feel good and stand with me for closing prayer.
Outside the back door, of every campus, are staff members and volunteers, that if God
moved your heart tonight, I want you as soon as I say amen, just to feel the freedom to
step out of your aisle and walk out the back door. Because we’ve got people back there,
that want to pray with you or for you. If you don’t know where you stand with your relationship
with Christ or the dating thing or the marriage thing or anything that stood out you’re like,
“Man I need to pray with someone or I need to have someone pray for me, about that, then
I want you to feel the freedom to move. Jesus, right now, thank you so much for the
testimony that we’ve seen, God, about your greatness, your glory. Father, I pray in the
name of Jesus that, if there are people in this room tonight … Maybe there’s a wife,
who’s not here with her husband. Maybe he’s like Phil Robertson was and he had walked
away. Jesus, I pray that she would be encouraged, that right now, you’re doing something in
his life. I pray for the girl here God, that’s struggling with feeling alone and she’s tempted
to compromise, that right now, you would speak to her heart and remind her that she’s a daughter
of the King. Father, I pray if there’s someone in the room,
that’s struggling with where they stand with you, that right now, God, that they would
have the courage to step out and talk to someone about salvation. Right now, with heads bowed
and eyes closed, if you feel like, “Man, I need to talk to someone. I need someone to
pray with me or for me.” I just want you to step out of your aisle and walk out the back
door. And I want you to go right now. I want you to go. John Luke was very transparent
on stage tonight and he said that he battled with a problem and he got some help.
Maybe some of you men, here, are battling with that same problem. Hey tonight, you know
what, you can confess and you can get some help. You need a man or you need a church
to stand back to back with you and fight. I want you to move. If you’re in Greenville
or Columbia or Greenwood or Florence you go ahead. There are people moving in Anderson.
I want you to feel the freedom to go because I want for you … You need to meet Christ
tonight. This is the best night possible. Jesus, thank you so much that we saw tonight,
when you change a man, you don’t just change a man, you change a family legacy.
Father, I pray for the people here tonight, that they would be encouraged, maybe even
challenged but all of us would walk away Jesus and all of you and the change that you can
bring about in a person’s life. Continue to change us Jesus, so that we would become more
like you and everybody that agreed said, Amen. Hey before you leave, next week, were finishing
up the Merica series and there’s no better way to finish it up, than bringing out Clayton
King and letting him just go for it. You all do me a favor. You all hit Clayton up on social
media this week and let him know you love him and you’re praying for him. I’m going
to be going ahead and getting ready for Gauntlet and so were excited about that. Thank you
all for coming. God bless. You all have a great week.

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  1. God is good, thanks for a wonderful video. I thank God for your ministry and John Luke and Mary Kate. God moves in our lives constantly. May God continue his blessing upon on us. I hope you have a Merry Christmas

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