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JULIA’S LEG WORKOUT – Gymnastics and Cheer Fitness Workouts

JULIA’S LEG WORKOUT – Gymnastics and Cheer Fitness Workouts

Hi guys, my name is Julia I work with Carl at All American Gymnastics and he’s asking if I know any type of leg workouts So some of the things I do I do a lot of squat variations For example, criss cross squats So criss cross squat other leg squat keep alternating back and forth Another variation of a squat is side step squat Step squat together, step squat together Another leg workout that I really like to do are front lunges So 1 foot lunge together lunge together You can do them in place or or if you have a mat or a basement or whatever You can walk them like this Alternating legs all the way down the panel or all the way across the basement or yard or wherever you are Another type of, not really a leg workout it’s kind of for your butt You go on all fours and these are donkey kicks So extend your leg, bring it back in extend, bring it back in And you would do those on both legs Another one I really really like is fire hydrants it looks like a dog peeing on a fire hydrant Leg out and in out and in And those are really good for the butt. My ultimate favorite when I coach classes are toe rises, toes together slow tippy toes up and back down and try not to let your heels touch the floor. Another variation of those are turning your toes in Same thing, slow up slow down try not to let your heels touch the floor. And last variation of them I call it penguin stand heels together, toes out up, down up and down So that’s kind of all I really have I tried to think of some things that I do that I tell some of my class kids to do So hopefully you’ll find some of them useful.

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