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Kamri Gets Asked to PROM 2019! | Behind the Braids Ep.86

Kamri Gets Asked to PROM 2019! | Behind the Braids Ep.86

– You guys, what’s up? Today has been a crazy
day full of meetings and awesome planning about my book! (upbeat music) It’s finally here, here it is,
you guys can finally see it. It’s called viral parenting
a guide to setting boundaries, building
trust and raising kids in an online world. Heaven knows, we could all use some help in this category right guys? Here’s the problem, is that
our parents didn’t raise us to be capable of handling raising kids in a digital world because, didn’t exist we were all analog kids. So then when we got to be
adults and digital rolled around suddenly there
were all these problems that our kids were facing
and dealing with that, low and behold, we don’t have
any parenting skills for. So the book is all
about what I have found, what works, tips and tricks, things that we’ve seen as we’ve worked
in the digital space now for 10 years and I
even have in the book little segments where the
kids write how they feel about the way we parented
or some of the things we’ve tried with them, sometimes it’s good not always, but sometimes. Yeah, Shaun shares his
thoughts on it so it’s full of good information and I especially like that the book really focuses on keeping a really good balance
between digital and analog, cause we all know that in
this crazy digital world analog moments are just
as important for kids to have a really good
foundation and grounding too. We did try to share like
not just like, really funny, I mean not funny stories
but try to be real with our stories like so we
share with you guys sometimes when the kids weren’t always
perfect, like she is today. The book’s awesome, you guys
I’m so excited it comes out April 2nd so you can find
it on any book, normal book distribution place but I
will leave a link in the description box below
and you can click there to find all the places you
can pre-order so awesome! (pop music) – Prom 2019? – [Kamri] Yes! That’s so cute! – [Shaun] What’s on it? – All of our pictures! – [Shaun] Oh cool. – And I know you like photography so. – [Shaun] She does. – [Mindy] So cute! – Yes! – [Shaun] Yes what? – I’ll go to prom! – [Shaun] Did you have an idea? – Me? – [Shaun] Yeah. – No. – [shaun] You didn’t have an idea? – [Mindy] Are these from
your date the other night? – [Kamri] Yeah. – [Shaun] Lots of fun! – So today Paisley has. – A showcase – [Mindy] A cheer showcase,
look at those lashes. – Fake eyelashes! – Yeah, so she has a
cheer showcase to show us her routine before she starts
her competitions next Sunday. Show us your full outfit! – And shoes. – Minus the scarf thats holding
down her edges right now. – Minus this. – [Mindy] You look so cute! (funky music) (cheerleaders cheer) (audience applause) – [Mindy] They have a
penny on their elbow. – [Boy] You don’t throw it up! – [Mindy] No, you can’t throw it up! (pop music) – I would’ve thought I was
a circus clown or something. (laughter) – I got it! – [Mindy] You got Kamri! – I’ve done it twice. – [Mindy] Let’s see if Jeremy’s got it. (crowd cheer) – Before cellphones, this is what we’d do. (crowd cheer) – It’s Paisley, today I’m with Kamri. She’s buying new soccer gloves right now, we’re gonna also have dinner out. I think I want Costa Vita for dinner, cause I love Costa Vita,
I could’ve changed my mind to something else but I
really want Costa Vita. Bye guys! – So we just got the gloves,
my old ones were getting so bad that my coach was like,
you need to get new ones. So I finally got new
ones and as I was trying on gloves she went back
and found this soccer ball and like was trying to
convince me to buy it for her, I was like no you
don’t even play soccer, you don’t need a soccer
ball, I have soccer balls you could have at home and
then as we were checking out the store guy said he
wanted to give her a present and he blew up her pink ball
for her and gave it to her. Paisley, she was like
oh thanks but, you know. – I said thank you three times! – Yeah, I made sure to
make her say thank you. Yeah, now we’re gonna go get some food. She wants to go to Costa Vita,
but that’s pretty far so. – Costa Vita, Costa Vita,
Costa Vita, Costa Vita! – Might go somewhere a little bit closer cause I’m almost out of gas and yeah. What’d you get? – This pasta, that doesn’t
even look like pasta. – [Kamri] Nope. – Kamri let me have her food. – [Kamri] Yep. – Last time we went to Zoe’s Kitchen I ate everyone’s food, in the family. – Per usual you guys, we are in the car running errands, carpools. – Where are we going Dax? – I Code. – Going to Daxton’s coding class. – But we found out that
they’re opening his coding school right by
us, so we don’t have to drive 30 minutes away twice a week. – Shaun typically runs the I Code carpool because I’m typically running Paisley’s gymnastics carpool at the exact same time, opposite ends of town. So he’s gonna save some
time, Daxton is going to be switching classes
but we’ve seen the place and it’s all good and he’s gonna love it. Just carpools, always carpools. We picked up Dax from I Code. – Hi! – And now we are sitting at a basketball game, Rylan’s playing. – Go, go Rylan! Just got home from the
game, how did you do? – Not good. – Not good, what’s not good? What was the score? – 29 to 16. – Yeah, second quarter totally
killed you guys didn’t it? – Yeah, look that’s my normal
palm and that’s it now. That’s what happened when
I tripped and it hurts. – Yeah so you have
tournament this weekend. – Tomorrow. – Are you gonna win? – Hopefully? – No, it’s yes I’m gonna win! – Well I don’t wanna get my hopes up. – You only lost like two games. – Well I hope we win. – So Kamri and I are here bright and early to drop Paisley off at
her cheer competition. She’s over here, getting
ready, there she is. Yay, first year competition! (audience applause) (pop music) (audience applause) – [Announcer] Let’s hear it for
A Light Tree Leaf Mini Hops! Congratulations! – [Kamri] So I promised
Paisley if she got 100 percent on her spelling test
she would get ice cream and look where we are. – I got minus zero, I didn’t even think to spell those words I did it in a snap and I was done already! – Cause you studied so hard! – Mhm! – Did pay off? – Yep! Look what we found, this is a dog named Leo and he’s so cute! – Yeah I was driving and I found this dog, so his owner’s number is on
the collar so we called it and now they’re picking
him up but he’s so cute! – [Paisley] And he’s just a sweet doggy! – I think he likes me! – [Mindy] I think he likes Dax! (laughter) – [Daxton] We rescued him! – [Mindy] Rylan’s freaking out. – Big dogs freak me out. – [Mindy] Leo, go get Rylan,
go get Rylan Leo, get her! – [Paisley] He likes Rylan. – So the team decided to come to Rylan’s game today and cheer her on. – Go Rylan! – And she just scored, they
must be a good luck charm. – Wait til you hear our
cheer it’s really good. – Let’s hear it. – R-Y-L-A-N, Rylan, Rylan, win, win! Go Rylan, good try! (crowd cheer) (pop music) (crowd cheer) – So we are going to a Chi O
event called, Yippie Chi O. Everybody else has got these awesome outfits on and we are ready to party! – Congrats on Fy Chi, by the way. (crowd cheer) – It’s basically a baby,
baby, baby, baby, baby orange and you eat it whole, you put it in your mouth and you
chomp on it like a grape. It’s kinda like a warhead a little bit so it’s gonna be a little bit sour. – [Mindy] Try it. – [Kamri] It’s a bite. – Hm, sour, hi. – [Kamri] It’s really
sour, mom go eat one. – No, we’ll have Paisley
eat one when she comes down. Paisley’s gonna try a kumquat. – These little oranges? – [Mindy] Yeah, or as Shaun says, kumquat. – I can try another one. – [Mindy] Do you say kumquat or kumquat? – Kumquat? – Haha, this is me, watch me do it. – [Mindy] What’s wrong Paise? – It’s sour! (melodic music)

100 thoughts on “Kamri Gets Asked to PROM 2019! | Behind the Braids Ep.86”

  1. Pre-order Viral Parenting HERE ➑️ πŸ’‹'s -Mindy

  2. Congratulations Kamri! I think, however, that we in the comments need to be more supportive of Kamri and her 2019 prom experience. In order to go to prom (at least in most high schools), you must be asked by a junior or senior in order to go as a freshman or sophomore. As Kamri is a sophomore, she was asked by an older student, which is completely normal! Again, congrats Kamri, I hope your special night is amazing!

  3. aww this was so cute kamri great video! 🀩🀩

    ps. i’m a small youtuber please support me & i will support back xoxo (i just posted a brand new video)

  4. OMG THE BASKETBALL GAME WAS AT CURTIS, THAT IS MY SCHOOL!!!!!!!!! I KNOW SOME OF THOSE GIRLS PLAYING!!! the team Rylan played at the tournament I have played against, that is Cooper, OML

  5. Can you do a home tour? I know Brooklyn and Bailey did one. Bud dat's 2 years ago. And know the moved away. So ya, if you like this like so dat Mindy sees this.

  6. Your kids are so lucky to have parents like you guys i mean wow your both amazing i have prom next year and i really dont wanna go πŸ˜‚ becuase i dont wanna bring that expense up

  7. Paisleys such a good cheer leader I'm so excited to see her going to prom in the future😍STOP GROWING PAISLEY😭😭

  8. I have watched this video a couple of times. I just wanted to say that I love you family and think it is amazing how good your kids truly are. They all seem so sweet and kind. I am so excited for Kamri, her date seems like such a sweet and kind guy. I hope you all have a wonderful day and remember to stay kind and positive. πŸ’–πŸ€—

  9. Y’all are gonna be so cute a prom!! I think it is so unacceptable that people hate so much on him. Some people have more like mature faces than others! Don’t let anybody dull your shine Kamri or your date! Y’all are adorable together ❀️

  10. I love y’all so much. My older sister does hairstyles on Instagram and they are really pretty you should check them out.

  11. Paisley looked so cute in her cheer outfit πŸ₯°
    Also was it just me or did the camera look a bit blurry in the beginning of the video πŸ˜‚

  12. Three things: 1. Yay, Kamri! Cowboys REPPIN' THE EAST! 2. Since Bailey has a boyfriend, I'm all in on Brooklyn now. She's so incredibly adorably beautiful. 3. The good looks and the talent in this family abound.

  13. not trying to be rude but I think you need to stop using your phone or whatever you use at the beginning of the video because it’s really low quality

  14. I agree he does look around 19. My parents are 8 years apart and love each other so much, so I have no problem with reasonable age gaps. I think a lot of people get concerned with young girls dating older guys because other women make them out to be evil monsters. Thanks feminists. Some people are rude about him looking older, but I think some people are just concerned 😊

  15. I love how kamri took paisley to eat ice cream! That was so sweet of herπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸΌ. Also please do not hate on the guy who asked kamri to prom. He looks like a nice person.πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  16. πŸ’—πŸ‘ŒπŸ’—πŸ‘ŒπŸ’—πŸ‘ŒπŸ’—πŸ‘ŒπŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘βœŒβœŒβœŒπŸŒ·πŸŒ·πŸŒ·πŸŒ·πŸŒ·πŸŒ·πŸŒ·πŸŒ·πŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉ

  17. Just to mention this book comes out on my birthday….but can't buy am not a parent yet…..!!!….and if i gift this to my parents it might seem rude coz even they have worked hard enough and raised their weird daughter and is being successfully parenting for 15 years now….btw…did some one notice that how blissfully i mentioned my age my birthdate and my gender …..credits to my lamenessπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  18. Kamri’s date seems like a kind, well rounded man. It’s unfortunate he got so much hate before the comments were disabled.

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