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Karate, Aikido, Shorinji Kempo, Sumo,Judo,Kendo.Nippon Budokan demonstration techniques martial arts

Karate, Aikido, Shorinji Kempo, Sumo,Judo,Kendo.Nippon Budokan demonstration techniques martial arts

Russian President VLADIMIR PUTIN visited the Luzhniki sports arena in Moscow. There were demonstrations of the Japanese house of martial arts “Nippon Budokan”. The event was held as part of The year of Russian-Japanese exchanges in the field of martial arts. PUTIN came to the martial arts festival, along with Japanese Prime Minister SHINZO ABE. Who arrived in Moscow with a Japanese martial arts delegation. The audience and officials met with applause and loud applause of the participants. The event was attended by famous wrestler Fedor Emelianenko and judo wrestler Alexander Mikhailin. 9 types of modern martial arts and three types of ancient martial arts were presented. The Japanese delegation included high-class masters, as well as mentors. Kyudo is the Japanese art of archery. Is part of Budo. Kyudo is a meditative practice that teaches concentration, it is a system of spiritual self-improvement, where the goal-self-knowledge, achieved by the sequence of actions, which is called ” shot from the bow» Daito-ryu Aiki-Ju-Jutsu. Is applied, the rigid form of martial arts of the Japanese samurai. Which came from the middle Ages. Having collected in itself all the best, than possessed Japanese masters of various styles for several centuries. For a long time, Daito-ryu Aiki Jujutsu was closed to “mere mortals”. The secrets of the technique of this school were transmitted only in a straight line – from the teacher to the students. Jukendo – the art of bayonet fighting. The need for effective use of the bayonet on the battlefield, led to the development of a standard method of bayonet combat, which was taught at Toyama Gakko, a special military school in Tokyo. Zukan-to have objectives that are different from the development of combat skills. Strict discipline in the classroom serves to educate a courteous, modest personality. SUMO-one of the types of Japanese national wrestling, rooted in ancient times. In which two wrestlers reveal the strongest on a round platform… Among Japanese myths and legends there are many legends associated with sumo. Kendo is the way of the SWORD. The modern art of fencing, what happened from traditional techniques of swordsmanship of the samurai, kenjutsu. Kendo sets a goal: the formation of a full-fledged personality, of a firm character, tempering the will and body of the swordsman. The name “Kendo” appeared in 1895. This name is derived from the ancient “Ken-Jutsu”. In this word “Ken “denotes” sword”,” Jutsu ” – “art”. Thus was created a special system of education for the revival of the traditions of samurai And strengthening of the national spirit among the Japanese youth. Aikido – ” the way of harmonization of the spirit.» Aikido is a martial art that is a synthesis of ancient self-defense techniques, and struggle, combined with the philosophy of harmony of the spirit. Aikido techniques are based on merging with the enemy’s attack, and perenapravlenie energy attacking and end the pain capture or throw. Kenjutsu – ” THE art of the SWORD.” The Japanese art of swordsmanship. Was born about 1,200 years ago with the emergence of class warriors. Kenjutsu is a unique phenomenon extant from the depths of centuries the art of owning a Japanese sword. The emphasis is on the mastery of weapons, while character education is an important but nonetheless an accompanying discipline. Karate – “EMPTY HAND”. Japanese martial art, which is a system of defense and attack. The term “karate” was introduced in the XVIII century. At the initial stage karate was a system of hand to hand combat, intended only for self-defense. Today karate has become more famous, thanks to the exemplary performances that demonstrate tameshiwari. From 2020 — Olympic sport! Judo – “SOFT WAY”. Created in the late XIX century on the basis of jujutsu, Japanese martial artist Jigoro Kano 1860-1938. The date of birth of judo is considered to be the Foundation day the first school of judo of Kodokan. “Institute for the study of the Way”) in 1882. Shorinji Kempo “Fist battle of Shaolin” System of self-defense, spiritual improvement and physical education, which was created in 1947 by master Nakano Michiomi (1911-1980), better known by the pseudonym So Dosin. The goals of the founder were: improvement of each person, transforming people for the better and creating a peaceful prosperous society, through training techniques of martial arts. The practice of Shorinji Kempo aims are: to learn how to protect themselves, nurture the spirit, to purchase health. The most important thing in the practice of Shorinji Kempo it is everyday to apply the knowledge and experiences that were obtained in training, as well as relying on them in your everyday life. The total number of persons practicing Shorinji Kempo, is now more than 2 million people, which includes more than 40 countries, including Australia, Germany, Indonesia, Spain, Italy, Canada, Singapore, USA, France, Ukraine, Chile, Russia and other countries. WE ALL LOVE BUDO!!! Feel free to subscribe to the Channel!

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  2. Thanks for translating to many languages! Спасибо за переводы на многие языки!

  3. Thanks for translating to many languages! Спасибо за переводы на многие языки!

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