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Karate : Contrôle ≠ distance []

Karate : Contrôle ≠ distance []

Hello and welcome. I’m Bruno Bandelier, the Karate teacher of the net. And today I would like to you a video of “control”. Because I see too often, students or even videos you see on the internet where control is … In fact, confused: control and not be at the right distance. So, here, I’ll explain: what control? And how to know if you are at the right distance, if there is not a problem of “Maai” the so-called “Maai” is the distance. But in the meantime, you are free to download: my guide successful stretches. It is a guide that explains how … why and how much stretch. Why you have to stretch and how to do it. And then, I give you very concrete exercises, good practices so you can stretch, in particular, the whole pelvic girdle, hips, here, finally … You click and I send it to your inbox, as quickly as possible. So control. So what I see often on the internet … I say on the internet, but here, in short, I see often. It will move the Bob. I often see this: for example, someone shows you a Bunkai, or Ipon Kihon Kumite and you Uke receding, and there: Gyaku Zuki. There, it is not control that. That is off distance, because my technique is over and I’m not the right distance. Okay ? If you do that, the technique is almost complete. You see ? I’m here, my technique, even if I reach my arm, I do not touch. That is not good. Check, that means you end your technique. Okay ? And there’s just the end, ie: the final member is stretched, which will stop before. But your technique is going through. So for there to control, if I’m at that distance there, and I want to do Gyaku Zuki … – I’ll put myself in the other direction for you to see me better – If I’m at that distance there and I want to do Gyaku Zuki, I can not. I’m not the right distance. He’ll have to do Yori Ashi, I advance on him to be at the right distance. And to control, I stop. There, there is a control because my arms, I do not know if you can see, but my arm is not unfolded. So I finished my technique. Okay ? And my arm ends. If I continue, I touch. Okay ? But if you are there, it’s not good. So that’s something to feel. That’s why we need you to work the Sanbon Kumite, Gohon the Kumite, Kihon Ippon Kumite, all this with a partner. If you do, and then that all technical, you do that. It’s no use. You really … So there it is for you to self-correct you, or your teacher to correct you well. You really every time you hit your partner, it is necessary that you and him feel: if you wanted, it was enough of a fraction of a second more, and you touch it. There, if I’m there. I made him nothing. There, in fact, I’m not the right distance. Okay ? It’s really important that notion away. This is important because after we see students who even after, in Jiyu Kumite they’ll be there, Jiyu Kumite, and they will do, for example: Mae Geri like this … In fact, they are so used to Mae Geri like that. They are … they are never at the right distance. Okay ? Mae Geri, at the right distance, that’s it. There, if here, knock, if I stop before I stopped me before. But the movement is the same, the movement is the same …. Okay ? If I’m here, that’s not good. Or, I have committed a little more hip. So if there, I want to control while engaging the hip, I urge the hip, but I do not place my foot. I urge the hip and I do not place my foot. Okay ? It is not necessary that your control is done at your hip, it is not necessary that your control is done: “I back a little, to be sure not to touch it.” It’s not that ! No ! If I work in close combat, I have to be there. Control is …. Okay ? It’s not…. “That way I’m sure not to touch it.” And it is often that we see. Okay ? So sometimes I’m even surprised because it’s even people, and sometimes that are quite officers, who make mistakes like that. I find it a shame. Really, really need you to imagine your opponent, and imagine that: “If I want, I’ll break his head.” Okay ? If I want, I break the clavicle. But before I stop me. And it is not: “I’m doing this.” Okay ? It’s not that. OK ? It’s not like that Uraken. No, Uraken like that, it is useless. And Mawashi Geri like that is not good. Okay ? Because anyway, you would not have touched. You are not at the right distance. OK ? So here is. It was a small video … This is not a rant because … I find that too often, this error is seen, notion of distance and control concept that have absolutely nothing to do. Finally, who are closely related in fact, I say it has nothing to do, but it is closely related. You really feel. That is something that must feel. Now I know I touched. Now I know I do not touch it unless I say. But here, here, my fists, I can not touch. My feet I can. There, I can not. Okay ? There, I can not. Unless, I Ayumi Ashi same time, that is to say: I’ll move my hip. There, I will touch. Okay ? And that’s something you have to feel, because then when you are in combat, and well you know if you can attack. You know if there, I can feel. If you are there and your opponent approach: “Hey, where you going?” Okay ? But if you are there, it is useless. Okay ? So it’s important that you’re training to make the difference. Oh good… Your control, you must … control, that’s it. It is… my fist, I stop before continuing. But my technique: I am full, my technique, except the last centimeters. I do not do: “I let my hips back” to say : “I have control and that’s why I left behind my hips.” Often, we see this: hips are behind the arm is extended. Finally, it was to control. We see this. “Well, I have not turned the hip because I want to control.” Well no ! That is: I turn the hip, but I do not place my arm completely, to control. Okay ? So listen! Work out, warm up, often think about that. And then I say: “very soon” on Karate and 3G. So, of course, as usual, I need your return, Your feedback and then you tell me what you think of the videos. So leave me a comment, click “Like”. Join YouTube channel if you want me to send you a great video daily. Every morning at breakfast, at seven in the morning, I send you a video in your inbox. That way, you have all day to watch. In general, it is fairly short videos like this. Where I give you advice on karate in general, on progression. So enjoy! I say “very soon” on and Karate 3G. Goodbye !

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