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Karate – Dissociez vos hanches pour être plus efficace []

Karate – Dissociez vos hanches pour être plus efficace []

Hello and welcome on the karate clear and net. So I’m Bruno BANDELIER and today I’ll give you a short video on the hips, on wholesale: dissociation hip compared to the rest of the body. They asked me questions about it. I get questions by email: Yes, I can not do … my hips, I do not know how it’s done. You always told me to work with the hips and all, but I can not. I do not put my speed with my hips. So we will try to work a bit on it. I invite you to do is go watch video stretching to release the hips, to try to feel the muscles that cling to the hips. We will try to visualize and then, in fact, the goal is a little tame, what. This is prevent them from being permanently stretched. So stretching should do you good provided you do not shoot like donkeys. If you pull too hard, I’ve already explained, stretch reflex: the muscles will stretch the tendons. Do not stretch the muscle itself. Do not stretch the muscle fibers. So we, we will try to work on it: on the hips. Let me explain: when we say, for example I’m zenkutsu Dachi and I have to Gyaku Tsuki, Okay ? and is: energy part of the stomach Okay ? The energy from the belly and I will … this energy, I have to lean on something. I explained that there must be a “letting go” so I drop. But, if I drop, I rely on? On anything. In fact, there letting go, as I told you, and when the energy part, you must have the opposite, in fact, you want to go that hardens. So, I let go, but if there was any leg there was taut … the other also greenhouse. Do not … it’s … I do not know how you say it. You let go to let the belly, but you just rely on the leg there. At the end of the movement, you rely in fact on both, but initially we drop. Return to the video of “Letting go” because I am trying to entangle the two videos there and then it’s not going to. So, we start like that, then that’s it.
What to you do, that’s it. I move the hip, but … I do not pull my leg back. I do not advance my leg … there, my leg, I’m not doing this, I do not turn. I’m not just trying to move only the hip, even the upper body does not move. I have only hip that moves. I move my hip when I go Gyaku Tsuki, I go and I let go the arm. I walk and I leave from there. I’m going to create tension at the bust, a twist at the torso and spine And this twist, I let go. I let go. It is going too work on the “I let go” and all that. What I want is that we separate. Come on, you’re going to like me. So do not do that. Okay ? I remain, I zenkutsu, I push forward and it stretches out and I release. I push and I release. My shoulders do not move. Well, I divorced my pelvis of the body. My pool: I must be able to dissociate. So now I’m going back buttocks go buttocks … I release I return I release. I return I release. I go buttocks. I release. Try to get down not especially tight, normal, but try not to move almost not. Do not force yourself to stay well aggriper because you may reach you and, I do not want you tendiez. Put hands on hips. “Laisse your hands on your hips … ” is done singing. There will toggle. You see, we see the good with the belt: the pelvic tilt. Retroversion, the pelvis tilts back anteversion, the rocker pelvis forward. Retroversion is often what we do when we make an impact. Retroversion there, we will arch your back, it’s not too good. Come on, back behind … front. Behind, we will remove your hands. In front of Behind in front of Come on, we exchange side, always zenkutsu. I purposely put yourself in the position there because you can not move too much knee stuff and it is only the basin that moves, and it’s not easy. So it makes you feel and stretch. It stretches slowly releasing. This is not a great move. Do not think to put a Gyaku Tsuki, that’s it. It’s at all costs … no, there I put Gyaku Tsuki because the strength is there, it rests on the bottom to start over. The energy is there, rests at the bottom, down and sends it to the top. It’s the end, it is tight at the bottom, stretched over with the energy that is part there, done that. Come on! Is returned. Is returned. Try to have the leg moving as little as possible. From time it moves a little. It’s well feel the stretch there, Here, at the psoas-Illiaque. Now we will tilt the pelvis in the other direction. Is tilted in the other direction, Is tilted in the other direction, Retroversion, Anteversion. Retroversion anteversion Retroversion anteversion Retroversion: it is much that will serve you to hit also hit kicks. Well, that’s it, and then, to give blows to press toward the ground, that’s it: Retroversion. As in the articles, I talk about retroversion, that’s it. That’s what Johnny called “return the tail of the dragon.” The tail of the dragon: it comes down to. And, the outputs buttocks – it’s coccyx is there, I retroversion. Coccyx looks at the ground. Not like this, not completely, he looks at the ground. Come on! One. Two … One. Two … One. Two … One. Two … Ichi, Ni … Ichi Ni Ichi Ni Ichi Ni Yame So now, let’s get in Kiba Dachi. And then we will move your hips One Two and I try to … I stay in Kiba Dachi and I advance a hip, I go another. I force a little bit there so it moves a little bit. But try to move as little as possible legs. It must be just the hip but do not advance like this. It’s just a little bit. You can switch like that, or move like this or like that. You must be able to move We will make rounds like that. My shoulders hardly move. It’s really like a belly dance and I’m Kiba Dachi. I open although the arc, The barrel vault. Go in one direction or the other. here In Kiba Dachi, I have already explained, actually there, the energy starts here and will come to rest on the base. The base, we shall … each technique, called a vibration, in fact, the basin will be pressed on the legs then to be able to transmit directly, without game. Because if the basin, it is free when I put the impact, there will be play at the joint. We really need to strike plate. And when working in Kiba Dachi, you must not do that. You should not do that. You stay like that. The energy from there, rests here and it goes belly. This is the size that moves and hips are only slightly vibrate. They vibrate because energy belly rests on it so it always vibrates slightly. Okay, but the energy starts here and not the hips. It starts here, the belly. You see ? Return to video Kiba Dachi to work it. We will continue our dissociation. While there, we will do stretching. You will put yourself: legs open, feet look before, buttocks backwards, here. Not completely splits either. The buttocks backwards and position there, while stretching you (I’ll put me there because I do not know if you see my feet) while stretching, you try to … I go right hip, I move the left hip. You see, it is very light. Very light. The shoulders do not move I try to view my pelvis in the head. I try to feel it and say, I stretch that muscle, I like muscle, I see the joint that moves. I feel it. Yame Then it’s a short video. In fact, what I propose is to go back to the video to release the hips and think a little bit to what we just did because what happens – I’ve noticed – often people that are blocked hips are often brown belts … … brown or black belts. who do karate for a long time, but in fact, as they are still working with the belly and to the strength and everything. Well, they lost the habit of moving the hips to belly dance there. They lost this movement, they can no longer do because everything is tense, all the muscles are tense. So you have to relearn. And that’s … we’re going to do it for hours, I think it is you who have to work. When doing Kihon, when you do all that, work less hard. Learn how to work less hard! Firstly, you go slowly and learn every time out decompose hip, legs, upper. So, what exactly is happening. The shot from there, it’s from my hip. This is the belly that works, that pulls the hip and learn to release it. Same when you move, you should not … this happens often here. That’s why … This happens often, brown belts tend to do that. That is: I advance, I whole body moves along so it really must be … must be freed. So free yourself! So, rework it, but mostly work yourself. yourself work. Make your kata, kata all you know and learn to free yourself, to go weaker and in the end you will go much faster. You’ll be much stronger and more stable and everything. Listen, I thank you. I hope you like this video. It’s a little bit special. And I tell you next time on the crystal clear karate. Well thank you and goodbye.

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  1. Je ne trouve pas la video "libérer vos hanches" seulement une video de 1:50 car en effet je suis ceinture marron et c'est ce que je recherchais.

  2. Parce que ces exercices est pas très bien et Ils ne sont pas seulement bon pour les vielle homme et non pour les jeunes enthousiasmé de sports c'est pourquoi j'ai envie d'une bonne mouvements pours m'aider

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