46 thoughts on “Karate Dubstep Throwdown | Mr. Pickles | Adult Swim”

  1. If you don't like the show,then don't watch lol Just turn the channel if you don't like it.I would rather watch this than opposed to Squidbillies or FishCenter. This new generation loves to complain about petty shit,its ridiculous.

  2. Is that song made by AS or this is a part from original dubstep song? Can somebody give me a source of this?

  3. A. what episode whas this? or is it just a short during the break?
    B. that harmonica solo tho 😂😂
    C. never expected dubstep to fit with this show

  4. I can think of little shows that could compare with how absolutely vapid, yet gratuitous this show can be. It's utterly bizarre how Rick & Morty, one of the most nuanced and innovative shows AS has had in years, currently airs alongside this. Most shows have their merits, but I can't think of a single concept this show has used/brought up that another show, especially on AS, hasn't done better. I hope the showrunners can find a better foothold on things for S3 so when it does get cancelled eventually, AS doesn't have a show almost as worse as Assy McGee.

  5. I've never seen, nor heard of this show, but the animation looked like ass, and when there was a lot of motion on the screen, (When the black on was dancing on the floor), it was quite hard to watch.

  6. I dislike this show for me obvious reasons but this scene made me laugh so fucking gotdamn hard that I cant even feel my left lung.

  7. Anyone that doesn’t enjoy watching mr. pickles is a sensitive pussy that apparently isn’t a fan of dirty or dark comedy

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