Karate HENTE – Travail à une main avec Lionel Froidure

Hello guys, today let’s training with HENTE principle in KARATE. Which is the to work with the same hand for blocking and striking. Olivier will attacks me Kizami Zuki. Blocking with the right hand and striking with the same hand. This HENTE principle. HEN : variation – TE : hand Again. You need to be able to generate a good amount of power within a short distance. From here, directly on the face, URAKEN. But how can we transfer that into a more GOSHIN, JUTSU. For those who doesn’t know GOSHIN, it’s self-défense. This hand is doing nothing. Let’s make it work secure the arm. Switching hands. Now knee strike, then plull on his weak axis. I hope you appreciated and don’t learn more by watching these other videos. You have a question, drop it under. See you. Ciao. It was Lionel Froidure.

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