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  1. Thanks for all the messages & for the mention about the chart forum `having a go' at me (via this interview). The reality is that I talk with my karate.When teaching full time at the NZ Honbu dojo I used to engage in karate forums during my rest periods (between teaching & training). It was a learning curve as I realised 99% of the people in karate forums lack the physcial side of karate & have false confidence. Funnily, the people in this forum (YEARS LATER) include many of the same dreamers.

  2. Thanks again Oliver for the interview. It was an honor to do it. Hope all is well for you and Yan in Ahrensburg. Please pass on my best regards to your family, and Stefan also.

    Next week I am flying all the way across Australia (about 8 hours!!!) to teach courses in Perth.

    Osu, Andre

  3. Hallo! Besteht die Möglichkeit für ein nicht Asai-Ha Mitglied bei einem Seminar mitzumachen. Mache schon relativ lange Karate, würde mich sehr über die Gelegenheit freuen. Danke BG

  4. Please check out Andre's blog. There you will find plenty of information including contact details (look for seminar posters). Osu, Oliver

  5. You are fantastic flexibil Master! Finally I see what I like very much.
    I do the Wado Karate and not everyone can or able to do for this relaxation what you showed.

  6. Andre, you are a breath of fresh air and a wise Karate-ka for your age. You are unique and a credit to the world of Shotokan.

    Sensei Joe Moffitt

  7. 這是美好的,看看你在你的元素我的朋友。我期待著再次見到你們,我們的時間表允許的話。



  8. This is a beautiful video. In my opinion sensei Bertel is one of the finest sensei in the world. This interview is gorgeous, because it teaches a lot about Karate and how do you live your life properly.
    Thank you for uploading!

  9. Q1: any comment of karate in comparison to MMA, karate rarely goes to ground and the attack is usually straight line , boxing for example has evasions, slips and angles I did not see that in karate?
    Q2: I see many people doing fist and knuckle conditioning..would you recommend it and why ?

  10. I lived in Japan for ten years and trained full time. undertook a instructors course under Kanazawa Hirokazu Soke, I am currently a Japan graded 8th Dan. Asai Shihan taught many students over his long career. No Japanese Shotokan Master had " personal students " but taught many students in Japan and overseas. I could very easily say that during my ten years in Japan I was a personal student of Abe Keigo Shihan and Kanazawa Hirokazu Soke, yes to the uneducated in Japanese Karate culture they would believe this but it is far from true. " The greatest test in Karate do is to conquer the enemy within not the one standing in front of you ". In Karate Do there is no room for Ego and self praise but humility and respect.

  11. Videos such as these and the Rick Hotton ones are a godsend to karateka such as myself. I live in a remote area in the North of Scotland and so do not have regular access to high level tuition. I travel to train as often as possible with Sensei Kawasoe, and am honoured to have been awarded godan in 2015. I will continue to do so but will also reference these videos and study the content so that I can incorporate into my own classes to supplement my own teaching. I do of course realise that there is no substitute for first hand tuition, but I believe that having an open mind is at least a start, and this has got me thinking anew about the application of kihon. Hopefully I`ll be able to travel more now that I have retired from full time employment to train with sesei and also with my good friends in the South. I would be interested to hear from others in a similar location to myself and how they address this. Thank you for this Andre. Osu!

  12. Well , no wonder he is good , because he had the chance to train with that great Master …
    Don't be too proud of yourself young man .

  13. How many years he training with the japanese sensei this is the original karate from Okinawa how contact with sensei andee bertel?

  14. Worth also having a look at Vince Morris and Kissaki Kai, France, Belgium, UK and Ireland. Then Julian Mead and Yuishinkai – Ryu Kyu Kobujutsu. Watch the distances and arm positions.

  15.    Hi my name is Giuseppe,  I  am writing from Italy I used study karate shotokan   I am making a   research   and  I have got some question for you,  The fact is it seem who there is not connection beetween Kion-kata and Jiyu Kumite  my questions are:

    On karate there are more o less 10 stance but only zenkutsu is used  on Ju kumite 
    – How can you apply, the karate stance on ju kumite, take for example Kokutsu dachi, how apply it on ju kumite?
    and Sanchin- hangetsu… kiba dachiecc.ecc. What s the sense of going to forward on Kokutsu dachi and to the back on zenkutsu, like you do on kata and kion?

    How can you apply age uke, soto uke, gedan badai ecc on Ju kumite?  For example what s the applications of loading, when in age  uke cross the Arms on front our face, o on shuto uke bring the hand near the ear


    Many explain it with principle of action and reaction, on many dojo is said who the punche loading on the hip, give power to the techniques as there scientific evidence about it?,if the hand are on the hip, my guard is opened to the opponent attacks, and Hovewer on Ju kumite you re hand must be on the Guard Kamae te.

    KION KUMITE Many say who preaarranged forms of kumite like sanbon, gohon kumite ecc. ecc are urrealistic and have non connection with Free sparring, non my question is why training them?


  16. A wonderful insight into the practice and life of a serious professional martial art educator. Thank you for all your efforts in producing and kindness in sharing.

  17. this sensei is excellent. his punch is perfect. he clearly said the difference of movement (powerless) and the feel (of power).

  18. This kind of static karate is obsolete. And not functional. All the techniques he shows are on a real attacker, just on a a cooperating one. This only leaves an illusion to the viewer that the techniques work. Try these on some real martial artists and see if they work.

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