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Karate “Iron Body” Conditioning by Okinawan Master (Uechi Kanji)

Karate “Iron Body” Conditioning by Okinawan Master (Uechi Kanji)

– Pain is just weakness
leaving the body, right? Well, the Okinawan karate
masters know this for a fact because they practice
physical conditioning like it’s the most important
thing in the world. And for one person, maybe it is. His name is Uechi Kanji and
he’s actually the grandson of the founder of the style of Uechi-ryu, a traditional Okinawan karate
style that focuses heavily on body conditioning
and strength training. And I actually managed to
film a very special video for you guys on the most
powerful and dynamic strength and conditioning exercises that he’s gonna be demonstrating with his assistant for you right now. Pay close attention. Okay, first of all, Sensei
Uechi, thank you very much for taking this time to demonstrate your incredible skills of Okinawan Uechi-ryu. Can you explain why is
conditioning so important? – Because when you
block the kick and punch we get locked, and sometimes
we don’t even get to block. – Ah, okay, so when you
can withstand that power, it’s no problem right? – Yeah that’s right.
– Exactly. Okay and could you maybe demonstrate one conditioning exercise for the arms and one for the legs? – Okay. – Okay? – Let’s start with the arms. – Hai, switch. – [Jesse] And legs. – Like this. – That’s very impressive. Do you only do conditioning
for the arms and legs, or do you also use
other parts of the body? – As for stomach and chest. – Stomach? Chest? Sides? – Sides. – Could you show something of
the stomach and chest, maybe? – Do you mean conditioning? – Yes, please. – Stomach. (speaking Japanese) – Wow, that is very impressive. I would surely collapse from
even one of those punches. What is the secret to being
this well-conditioned? – Keep practicing. – Keep practicing? Practice? And what is the mentality? How should you think when
somebody’s punching you? (laughing) Maybe you shouldn’t think. Maybe you should… is there a mindset? (speaking Japanese) – Um-hmm. – For when you do conditioning? – Oh, no – No “Mushin”? – Mushin. – Mushin – Yeah, actually Mushin, yeah. Oh really? Okay, Mushin is “the mind of no mind”. So you should actually have an empty mind, because I suspect that if you start feeling and thinking about how it feels. You will fall down, right? – Yes. – Okay Well thank you very much for your time, and also thank you. – Thank you. – I really appreciate it. And now you know the true
power of Okinawan karate and especially Uechi-ryu conditioning.

27 thoughts on “Karate “Iron Body” Conditioning by Okinawan Master (Uechi Kanji)”

  1. Thanks for your awesome comments! 🙂 So happy to hear that you like my content. Visit my website if you want to learn more about Karate!

  2. Hmm there's another body conditioning method in shaolin martial art, they call it 铁布衫(iron shirt) or 金钟罩(golden bell cocoon), it makes the practitioners ridiculously invincible, well just like those shaolin monks can survive from spears and drillers kind of thing, it sounds incredibly ridiculous

  3. @jesse when you said that you would collapse from one of those punches, was it real or only from respect ? Because i saw many karateka doing karate for many years and never felt actually how it feels to be punched for real. In kyokushin this is daily basics

  4. Does anybody know if this type of conditioning is safe from a medical point of view? For example makiwara can be harmful and cause arthritis, but since this is muscle conditioning I suppose it is safer, any thoughts?

  5. The arm conditioning reminds me of 3 star blocking

    They've got some weight in those motions though. Most the time you just see a swing but the weight makes that hit deep.

  6. Hi Jesse, happy new year ! I love all the videos you post ! it's so interesting and i'm learning a lot ! i also practice Karate and i have one request 🙂 can you please Make a videos for each styles of Karate? i'm practicing Wado ryu style and i really would like to know more about it

    have a great one Karate Nerd 🙂

  7. Jesse San, can you please demonstrate how to defend oneself if the fight goes to the ground through a video? Not for sparring, but for self defence

  8. Jesse-san, good video. Nobody does karate like the Okinawans! I was in Okinawa last week and went to visit the museum there at the Karate Kaikan. I think I saw you walking down the hill.

  9. Thanks for sharing Jesse sensei. Here in America our dojo has practiced similar conditioning techniques. I haven't seen much of this practice here in the States. Again, thanks for sharing. Ossu!

  10. Very similar to what we call "Kote Kitae" in Shorei-Kan system, except for the part of striking abdomen. But I'm probably going to introduce it in my solo-training.

    Thanks Jesse 😉

  11. Thanks for the video, very interesting. Are there any exercises that can be practised alone, without partner??

  12. I studied Uechi-Ryu for years as a teenager in the 90s. We started every class with these drills. Also our Sensei would strike various parts of our body while performing Sanchin kata. I study Shito-Ryu with my son now and he and I are the only ones in the dojo who do these conditioning drills. I've tried to get some of the other adult students to join me in it before class starts but no luck yet.

  13. I have studied "Kung Fu" with my sifu almost daily for years when we did the "stomach punches" together.I wanted to be careful for I had to build up myself just to survive his classes. He compared me to the professor in the Chuck Norris movies, so I wanted to be careful. After we got done He noticed the red spot didn't go away. And for the next couple of hours we would laugh and he would pull up his shirt and say," Look at this, its still red!" the problem was I didn't want to hurt him so I thought I was pulling my punches , but in reality I was doing internal punching.

  14. Oss sensei. Once I attempted a seminar organised by my teacher and world champion Sensei Takishi Yamaguchi came to India for teaching us. While we were training he came to me for correcting my punch. Then he told me to hit his stomach hard. So I did. Then he said Harder. And when I did. His abs felt like steel to me. It was so hard.
    So I guess training is the key. And patients will let us to success. 😊😊 oss sensei

  15. Are there names for the different conditioning drills? My sensei numbered them, but did not actively name them. It has made some of my research into Okinawan body conditioning a little difficult. To be clear, I know the terms Tai Kitae, Kote Kitae, and Ashi Kitae, and I use them with my own students, but I know of no names for the drills within those sets. I am not opposed to numbered drills, but more data is always helpful. Kind regards.

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