Karate Kid 2 Breakdown

Karate Kid 2 begins immediately after the events of the original Karate Kid Is he drunk because that would actually explain a lot about his character I’m pretty sure it’s you Jesus Okay, I think we focused on the wrong villain in the first movie Johnny has nothing on Kreese Hey, remember when Johnny was a teenager And he fought another teenager? Well Kreese sees your high school bullying and raises you an adult bitch-slapping a child Try head-butting him that might work. Mercy is for the weak enemy deserve no mercy Honk You could have killed him couldn’t you? Ai Well, why didn’t you then? Because Daniel-san for person with no forgiveness in heart living an even worse punishment than death Man when Miyagi throws shade he gets right to the heart of it doesn’t he? Letting him live with his own shame that is some next-level long con type revenge Six months have passed the Miyagi has more construction based wisdom to teach Daniel by having Daniel build his own guesthouse so he doesn’t have to move to Fresno with his mom How come everytime I have a problem you have work for me to do? Oh Miyagi, I knew he was gonna figure it out eventually Does Mr. Miaji live here Excuse me, Miyagi Easy Daniel he didn’t know. Miyagi Registered letter for you sir from Okinawa Hey, this is some place you have here from the outside yard. You’d never know it uh Okay, you should charge admission. Um Miyagi is totally ignoring him Oh my god. I can’t even watch you mind if I bring it by sometime you see it. It’s so awkward The writers of Karate Kid 2 realized that they only scratched the surface of mr. Miyagi’s backstory, so they just absolutely dumped 45 years worth of exposition into one certified letter. Okay, so Mr. Miyagi’s father is very sick back in Okinawa Mr. Miyagi hasn’t been to Okinawa since he fled 45 years ago after falling in love with his best friend Sato’s arranged bride Yuki Miyagi made a speech about breaking with tradition and going against arranged marriages and that he was going to marry Yukie anyways Sato challenged him to a fight to the death in order to save his honor and Miyagi fled Okinawa And has not checked in on what kind of damage he caused in over 40 years So Miyagi books the next day flight to Okinawa and Daniel uses his college tuition money so that he can go with him. So Daniel Travels to another country with his coach and far too many unsettling news stories start that exact same way. Mr. Miyagi You’re more important than college. You’re more important than anything man. Daniel is a good friend to Miyagi I would fake my own death to get out of helping a friend move We learned the Miyagi’s father taught both him and Sato karate. Two karate masters taught the same exact fighting style having a fight to the death Every movie should have that set up as one of the subplots. Like the Sound of Music would have been way better if halfway through Friedrich and Kurt Von Trapp had to settle a blood feud Through song of course. I am Chozen Toguchi. Yukie-san say sorry she not to meet you herself We have a car waiting for you. Oh welcome to Okinawa Thanks. I hope your stay here is a pleasant one Oh he seems nice Village south, please why we go north now. Some things have changed since you go Miyagi-san Some things have not. Hahahaha Okay that was oddly sinister So coward You returned? Sato I no fight you. Then you die as you have lived a coward You see your father Then you see me. Would it be too awkward for them to ask for a ride back to the airport Yukie, where is she? Nursing father Eww she’s nursing a 90 year old man? Is breast milk considered medicine in Okinawa? I guess different cultures and all but still oh Oh, she’s being a nurse to him This rules to karate. Rule number one Karate for defense only. Rule number two first learn rule number 1 So it’s like a super respectful Fight Club. You have seen father? Then we finish tonight Bring nephew for witness So are you just allowed to kill someone in order to defend your honor? I know there’s no time limit on honor, but the statute of limitations on being *bleep* expire after about two months get over it Dude, and I say all this knowing fully well that I’ve severed entire friendships because people didn’t fully support my rap career Out of respect for my teacher I give you three days to mourn. When finished I come back, you prepare to join him We get it ya broken record you wanna fight to the death There are other topics of conversation you know One day Miyagi mind on something other than fish when empty net return So the drum technique is basically the trunk twister exercise that you had to do in gym class before the president’s physical fitness challenge Daniel makes his way to a bar where some pretty intense ice breaking betting is going on and Miyagi bets $600 that Daniel can karate chop six ice blocks. You know. I wish I had someone that believed in me as much as Mr. Miyagi believes in goofy ass Daniel Larusso So Daniel manages to make Chozen an even bigger enemy when he accidentally uncovers Chozen’s fruit weighing scheme Man the Okinawa mafia is freakin ruthless they got their hands in everything. You got fruit scams ice breaking gambling rings that unlicensed taxi grift Although that might have actually just been Satos car and it was probably just a one-time thing, but still corrupt city Don’t you laugh at him Oh Actually, I don’t think they were being mean about it. It’s hard to tell human interaction is not my strong suit So daniel has another good-looking well-rounded girl that’s really into him I Just don’t see it Okay well everyone seems dreamy when Peter Cetera’s playing Oh my god. He’s gonna gut Daniel and write a message for Miyagi with his blood and force him to watch his young apprentice bleed out. Oh Or you know I guess Miyagi will have to pick that stuff up That’d be kind of annoying that would get the point across too. I guess Act of coward Come on Chozen he had you dead to rights alright It’s not an act of a coward not murdering someone is not a character flaw I personally have not murdered a single person today, and I don’t consider myself to be a coward Unless my doorbell rings after dark that is Sato Then moves the blood feud to DEFCON 5 and says that he’ll destroy the entire village if Miyagi doesn’t fight him Damn Sato lots of people get faded by an ex But they don’t turn into some damn comic-book villain they just change their Facebook status to single renew their gym membership go to raves in warehouses and just get weird with it for a couple of months and so after all that Build-up a typhoon comes and completely wrecks the fight to the death that we were promised Oh sweet win by default hell. Yeah, oh That was a huge assumption on Chozen’s part to say this uncle was dead. I mean in Chozen’s defense It doesn’t seem possible that anyone could survive the collapse of a tiny Hut made almost entirely of bamboo and palm fronds Daniel runs out to help a girl that’s trapped but Chozen’s too afraid to help him because all bullies are actually weak and scared When those kids called me *bleep* at the freshmen assembly. They were really just doing it because they were scared and the teachers and faculty that joined in also raging cowards building character Now to you, I am dead Just so you know Chozen this dude is a Legend at holding grudges. Sato and Miyagi are friends again and the town gathers for the Obon dance where Chozen swoops in like he’s freaking Scorpion or some *bleep* and Challenges Daniel to yet another fight to the death better not be another fake out Oh, man, if I’m fighting someone to the death in a karate match. I really wouldn’t want to have to do it in jeans Chozen is gaining so many honor points right now. It’s insane Yeah, that seems like the only possible outcome for a crane kick You know Daniels mom is probably sitting at home smiling thinking about how much fun her son is having on his little trip So Daniel’s getting his ass handed to him when everyone starts to bang their drums and Daniel becomes the human embodiment of a drum and the drum technique seems even less effective than the crane kick Die do you know what your options are why would you choose that one? So since Daniel didn’t kill Chozen and everyone saw what happened does Chozen have to go like throw himself into the sea now I don’t know how this works, but oh my god this one just ends, too Man these movies really need an epilogue or something as always don’t forget to subscribe so you’re notified of new videos every Thursday

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