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Karate – Morote Uchi Uke : Les deux bras ne font qu’un []

Karate – Morote Uchi Uke : Les deux bras ne font qu’un []

Hello everyone and welcome to this new video on, the Karate clear and net. So today, we will see a technique that asked me a lot of worry. You’ll see. It’s more complicated than we think. Morote Uchi Uke. Morote means: with both hands. Uchi: inside. As Uchi Uke: from the inside to the outside. Uke: a reception. It is when one receives an attack. It could be a deadlock. It could be there. In this case, it’s a block Morote Uchi Uke though. Come on, I’ll go right back into the thick of it to break you the technique. So, Morote Uchi Uke. In fact, I said that you asked me a lot of concern … because … in fact, I did not know … I could barely feel my hip rotations. So we will try to work on it for you to understand in what sense must go Morote Uchi Uke. Basically, such as Uchi Uke. We have already seen Uchi Uke, taking under the arm, or even to pull the belt as if you dégainiez a sword. Basically, that’s it. That’s Uchi Uke with hips that run by there. The hips rotate through there. Pressure is done here. Pressure when closing and opening. Morote Uchi Uke is both arms. So, I’ll compress on my arm here. I compressed by pressing here and then the arm, both arms should go in the same direction. We saw Uchi Uke, the arm goes through. And there, the arm must follow. Okay ! I press and arm just as if I was Ura Zuki. Ura Zuki, I still stick to the body and I do this. Okay ! I press. I urge both arms simultaneously. I’ll get the other side to show you. You have pressure here and then the arm goes from there. Like that. This is the elbow that goes first then we turn. And there, you see, the arms stay together. They just press Press it Press to come there. So, what not to do That’s it. What we see often enough, that’s it. That is to say you do Uchi Uke and the other arm just like that. It is not used much. You see as if it’s a crutch, when in fact you have to go like that empliler in the same direction as the arms. Both arms must be one single arm. The two arms act as if there was an extension between the two arms. A bit like when you hold a sword, both arms going in the same direction. There is no one holding the sword and the other trying to push on the cover. No. That is, both arms going in the same direction. There is the same. I come. Both arms are going in the same direction. Let me show you the hips. The hips when I press behind, there you go have hip that makes a little like a vibration, much like in Choku Zuki. You see, I vibrates to send arms. So I vibrates to send arms. The arms go there and share the hip in the other direction. I lock backwards. So me, it caused me problems because in fact often, I tend to do Morote Uchi Uke in the other direction. That is to say, to turn my hips like that. And then, thinking and then by asking Johnny GENCE who helped me. I thank him for that matter. I’ve realized. He even told me that this technique there. In the sense that is not the same technique. It remains Morote Uchi Uke, but it’s the Ura release. The Morote Uchi Uke where there is not the same feeling, which is not the same pressure inside. We’ll see after I say to you that there is much more pressure in Morote Uchi Uke in Uchi Uke. So we must turn. The hips rotate in the opposite direction as in Uchi Uke. By cons, when it was starting there; here in Uchi Uke I shoot straight back. There, I already vibrate. I vibrates to send my arms and then I lock down. So in muscle, if I start like this, when I do Uchi Uke, we have already seen, you shoulder blades which are glued. In fact, you help the back muscles to send your arm. Once you have contractions of the muscles of the back, arms tend to open up, to come there, coming to Uchi Uke. So with contraction of the back muscles. When I do Morote. The same. I contraction behind. From that side, I’ll have to decline the arm and the other arm parte that must accompany him, you’re going to contraction here, there. The oblique that will compress to the chest comes to rest in front and chest to take arm. Okay ! So you have: pressure and pressure behind the front. And there, the pressure you have there, in fact, he was sent in the arm. It is not easy to explain. We will try to work the next. From there I compresses and it goes in the arm across the body. What I want to explain. This is not only from the outside you have pressure. It is also through the body. Besides, if your arm … I told you the arm must stay in touch all the time. But if he is not in touch, if I over it, do it, you already have more pressure here. Okay ! Even then, you are stronger. If in addition, the arm presses on the other from the start, when he is there. He comes, he goes and supports, you still increase this pressure. One will work. It will be easier for you. I show you. You put up with me Yoi. What we will do for now, we’ll keep open hands. We will try to feel that pressure. Take your arms, you put them on each other like that. Regardless, this one, be it tour, it is like that; one, it is natural. You just press it. I press on it and it retains. I press my arms and there are … Okay ! Just in the same direction. I come again. On the other side, I press and then my arms go up. Come on, you do it at the same time. The arms will leave more one two I press I press and there you must have in mind that all the energy you store by pressing here at the transverse muscles of the pelvic floor there. You increase the pressure inside. All this energy, it is necessary that you feel like throwing outward. I’m not going with. I do not go with. I throw the pressure. I throw the energy out there. I’m staying here and I throw the energy out there. That’s the idea. I press. I press. I press. I am contracted. No contract abs. If, but very deep, the transverse. So now we will close our fists. So there you close.? You just squeeze here. We will stay in the minds of Katas. In kata, you always have the fists are like that. After that, it is not an obligation. We will stay as in Katas. Fists come here, and then the two arms do that. You see that hand like that, and the other goes underneath. He keeps in touch and supports here. Okay ! Try to stay in touch all the time because as soon as you separate, you do that, already it is no longer both arms at the same time and by the time this one will come. In fact, you type in your arm. You do not really strengthened the technical, but you’ll hit you in the arm It is not the goal. Come on, we get together. I compresses. I compresses. Come on, get up slowly, one passes in front zenkutsu. I compresses. I compresses. You see, when I come here, my hip just locked like that. I just lock with retroversion. I lock to press down I compresses. I compresses. Compression Compression I compresses. I compresses. In terms of compression, you must have the impression … At respiratory level, you squeeze and you blow as if you souffliez. I thought, how I could explain. In fact, you squeeze in and you just let out a stream of air, much like a valve. You let a stream of air, the valve explodes and you send energy. It’s a bit complicated, you must feel it, actually. So we will continue. The arm goes in the same direction. You have one arm. I take, as if here and there … I unsheathed. I take. We will try to work now, in forward and reverse. sometimes we’ll do it in zenkutsu, and then we will do it in the position KoKutsu Dachi. go ahead Yoi Hidari Kamae Ichi Let’s go forward. As soon as one moves, compressing. Is compressed. Backward. Is compressed. Is compressed. I recall you: do not get surprisingly. Go see the video zenkutsu I speak of Ayumi Ashi Ashi Iki and then you’ll see. go ahead So there you go compress the side of the leg that is in front of. I compresses. Compression, you must have … pectoral coming down … everything inside the body. And I’m not relaxed like that; just the arms. All the energy goes into the arm. Yoi Yame We will now work (blow somewhat) in the position KoKutsu Dachi. You’ll see that with the position KoKutsu Dachi, it is a little easier to lock down. For example backwards. It is more natural as it is already a position where it locks here. Finally, it will not hurt to do. It was easier. While in zenkutsu, we are a little confused … In zenkutsu from time finally me personally, I will quickly tend to Morote Uchi Uke so Ura. This is what I explained in Heian Nidan. Apparently, this is wrong. You will return to see the video of Heian Nidan where I explain Morote Uchi Uke, we should turn in the direction of the art. It’s wrong. It’s wrong. It’s not false. This is not the same version. It’s the Ura release. Do not stand too aware of what I put you in Heian Nidan. Come on, resumes. Yoi Hidari Kamae Ichi So now we will move forward, but KoKutsu Dachi. I compresses. I compresses. I move back. Compression Compression We are going forward. It recedes. We are going forward. It recedes. We are going forward. It recedes. We are going forward. It recedes. Yame Yasme What you need to remember and what you need to feel is that: once you come here, you really feel that you, this is not just my fist is the other who is sitting there. That is: I support and both hands against each other and then I shoot simultaneously. At first she was not too fast because if that one hand too fast every time … So stay well adhered. OK I show you a small blow to the bag for us to see the difference in power between Uchi Uke and Morote Uchi Uke. After I return to say goodbye. So Morote Uchi Uke, I’ll try to show you the bag. It’s still an experience. I do not have another dial that will tell you how strongly I type. Hope it will hear the sound. So I do not know at all. I’ll tell you what I feel. After you try with the bag. Here. So we will try. I put myself in KoKutsu Dachi and I make Uchi Uke. I put the bag on the side. It corresponds approximately to where there is impact. Okay. I come here and I compresses I compresses. I compresses. That tape already strong. I hit the maximum that I can type. Here. Now Morote Uchi Uke. I pressed both arms and there it is: both arms who go there. I try again Uchi Uke. So I do not know if you can hear the sound. I’ll tell you what I feel. Uchi Uke, Morote Uchi Uke, at arm speed, I feel that it does not change. But I really feel that this pushed inside gives me more power in my arm. Try it and see how you feel. I look on the video, if I see a difference in sound. I feel it. I really feel that, I hit hard. Certainly But, when I am here. If. I feel it. No worries. I hit harder. Finally, try! Here, I hope you like this video. Do not hesitate to go back and rework the compression then work yourself, to try to feel this technique. Return to see Uchi Uke feel good too. I hope you enjoyed it, it has brought you something. See you next time for a new video on Thank you and good bye.

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  1. Bonsoir, il est vrai que si on considère morote uchi uke comme un blocage, il faudrait tourner les hanches de le sens opposé à celui de la technique. Mais, si morote uchi uke peut aussi être vu comme une attaque, auquel cas les hanches iraient dans le sens du blocage, cela donnerait plus de puissance non ? 

  2. je continue à me poser une question sur ce blocage, certains prof l'enseigne en partant de l'épaule or j'ai appris en partant de la hanche, comme uchi uke.
    alors ? on part de l'épaule ou de la hanche ? 🙂

  3. Please do some in English! I can't understand what you're saying, but I can tell it's really informative and well explained. Thank you for showing the move though!

  4. Merci pour cette vidéo qui explique superbement bien le Morote Uchi Uke. J'ai quelques difficultés avec le "tournage" de hanches. Je vais y travailler. Bonne soirée.

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