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Karaté Seishin Gi : un excellent Karate-Gi [kimono]

Karaté Seishin Gi : un excellent Karate-Gi [kimono]

A little over a year ago I received my karate-gi Seishin. I had given my first feedback on this karate uniform in a video. If you haven’t seen it, click on this link. What am I thinking 1 year after ? I still have a new karate-gi and it’s obviously a Seishin gi. One year to wear it and every time I had to wear my other kimono like Shureido shihan or new wave, I said to myself:
I am feeling so much better in the Seishin. A top notch confort and cut and
I get used to wear it very quickly, it suits me like a glove. I became a real addict of this outfit. It is a hight quality fabric, it has not shrunk a bit, it is always snappy and white. I greatly appreciate the Okinawa cut of the pant, which really help to maintain and helps with ease in positions and kicks. It is a karate-gi that is looks like a heavyweight but feel like a lightweight. The finishes are exemplary and no sewing has let go and I can tell you that I put it to the test. It was really the karate-gi that I sought desperately. I found it: the Seishin Gi. One year to wear it and to talk about it. One can say that I am an ambassador, I recommend it all the time when someone asked me what is for me the best karate-gi. A year that I discuss with Jesse Enkamp, ​​the creator of this outfit. That’s why I recently asked Jesse-san to become a reseller of the brand. Proposal he accepted for my greatest pleasure. I’ve just received the precious karate-gi. They are available in men’s and women’s cut. If just like me, you train intensively and regularly, if you like to wear a high quality karate-gi that you can keep intact for a long time, experience the Seishin Gi, certainly the best karate outfit at the moment . See you soon and good training.

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  1. bonjour, j'aimerais avoir de l'aide pour la taille, je sais que la charte indique la grandeur mais je fais 1m78 et 80kg. je porte 5.5 dans kaiten/kamikaze et 5.5 ds shureido new wave, pouvez vous m'aider pour le seishin. merci.

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