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Karate : Shin Gi Tai, l’unité de l’esprit, de la technique et du corps []

Karate : Shin Gi Tai, l’unité de l’esprit, de la technique et du corps []

Hello and welcome. I’m Bruno Bandelier, karate teacher of the net. And today, I wanted to make a video, a concept which is essential in Karate, called “Shin Gi Tai”. But first, you are free to download: my guide for successful grade crossings. I made you a little guide, very simple, but concrete enough, to give you tips for successful grade crossings. Too often, in fact, we see people who are unable to go to the grade crossing, who dare not go. And actually, it’s just because they lack guidance, they are afraid and they do not know how. And while simple tips, because often people are ready, they are technically ready. And it takes just a few basic tips, to arrive in fact, to take the exam. Because the grade crossing is reviewed. It is a long process, but at the time of the review, it is reviewed. So you click it. Download the guide of grade crossings. And then, I send you this, as soon as possible, in your mailbox. So, “Shin Gi Tai”. “Shin Gi Tai” is the unification of thought, technique and body. Okay ? Reunification of mind, technique and body. So what does that mean exactly? “Shin” … When I say, “is unity,” it does not mean that you should never work: your own mind through meditation, for example, never work your body by doing some strength training, never really work your student basic techniques … Yes ! You can do things separately. But for … For really, you do Karate is the unification of the three. Then I’ll explain. So, we’ll take them one by one. “Shin”, that means: the mind is thinking in fact, This is the same motivation is making it burns within you. It is the desire, the desire to succeed such Katas, the desire to succeed such techniques, the desire to be efficient. You have to Zuki, … which end you and … Here, the desire you have. In fact, that’s it, this is the spark that burns within you, and allows you to move forward. So without “Shin”, wholesale, you have nothing. We will draw a parallel with your car. Your car even if you put refueling, even if it is a Ferrari, if the battery is flat, well, she can not advance because it can not spark. The “Shin”, that’s it. This is the spark that burns and … which allows to move forward. This is your motivation. If you do not have this motivation to advance in Karate, to learn such and such techniques, this or kata, or work. After a while, you’ll demotivate you, and then you will not learn. And then, when you are in combat, who … Although technically, you’re better than the other, if you do not have that spark that makes you want to win, and then he said, “. you will not have me, it’s me who will win” It is he who will win. Okay ? You must, you first decided, when you are attacked, you have to decide that: “No, I do not want to let me do me.” Okay ? That is … you have to decide. And that is your mind. Your state of mind, your thinking, your motivation: the “Shin”. OK ? Behind, there is the “Gi”. While “G” is the … This is the technique in the sense of how to do. The way to do technical. OK ? So the technical fact, you go to work the technique, you have your thinking, your motivation. You learned the theory. The technique in fact, it will be practice. You learned the theory with the “Shin” you, I do not know, I give you an example: you want to master Mae Geri, you learn all the theory about Mae Geri, on how the leg is lifted, on how you turn the hips, how we place … all this is your mind. After, you need to practice. And there, so there is how to do. So there you will work your way to do, so as to become, at last, advance your technique. Okay ? And As you will be working this way of doing, your technique will become more and more accurate. You will be more stable. You’ll advance your technique, and there is the reunification: theory and technique. The reunification of thinking, what you wanted, and you reach your goal, your goal to perfectly control your technique. OK ? That is the “Gi”. And “Tai” is the body. And the body without it you can not do anything. You think about it, but you can not do the technique, if the body does not follow. If your body does not, you can not do the technique. In all the techniques that you do, all the techniques you learn, you must have this feeling over your body. This felt. You need to know: where, your body is placed. Placing your center of gravity. The placement, you must have a vision of kinesthetic body. You feel every member, where it is … If you have an arm that is behind, if you head is back, here. What you need to feel in your technique, you have to feel how you are, and try to progressively to improve. And besides, your body, try to take care of. If I take the parallel with the car earlier, we will say that the spark, the battery actually was thinking. It was there, the spark that moves you forward. The “G” is the way of being, we will say that it is the driver, it’s how you drive. Okay ? And the body, well, it’s your car. It is the vehicle as a whole. It’s your car, the body as a whole. The whole skeleton, the whole structure of your body that you need to maintain. You must watch, you must be listening. Same as you monitor the dashboard of your car, when there is a red light, it does not just say: the lamp is changed. It means: there probably is something wrong. I must’m on it. Well, you, your body, when you have a pain somewhere, it needs to be addressed. Do not just say, “I do not think.” No, we must take care, surely there is something wrong. So the body is important. You can have all the world will, be the best driver in the world, right? So here you have the “Shin”, the “Gi” but if you drive a “two horses” you will not win a big prize. Okay ? So your body is important to maintain and take care. “Shin”, “G”, “Tai”. Here, the loop is completed. You have three to reunite, and here is what you can, really, making effective techniques. A healthy body, you have trained to the techniques that are mastered. And the thought that is motivation. And all that, the three sets are you really effective techniques. If you do not have the motivation and many technical and body will not be used much, because you will demotivate you, and then you will be very soft. Someone can have arms like that, can have full knowledge … but if he is not motivated to use it well, here it is all soft. The technique, if you do not control the technical, this is what we saw in the learning stages. We need your technical, you master them unconsciously. That is to say, it really takes to repeat, repeat, repeat, so that it is both the head, but the body learns. Whatever you do, well, here is … you have to really master your techniques. So it’s doing it. Motivation, body work and you work your technique. If you will not work your technique, that is if … An old master said: “I do not fear the one who knows a thousand techniques Karate, by cons, I fear one who knows technical and who made a thousand times. ” Okay ? Do you see the difference ? It is not all to learn things, because here you will learn the theory. But you have to get to practice with the “G”. Okay ? And “Tai” is what I told you: if your body is not ready, if you do not prepare your body for the rest, and although you will stay at a low level. You’ll remain a beginner and you do not go forward. So, you really, that: “Shin Gi Tai” reunification of thought, technique and body. Unify three, always have that in mind, there are three to maintain: your mind, your body and working technique. And you will work with your technical thought, through your body. Here, the loop is closed. Listen! I hope this short video you enjoyed. It is not obvious to talk … above all, I do live. I did not count, I’m doing what comes into my head so … it’s not easy to talk about the theory of “Shin Gi Tai”. I hope that you enjoyed it and opened your mind. And then it will take you to reflection and then, try to think about your workouts, everything. Is it that you are in the “Shin Gi Tai”? So I will speak in my book. I’m writing a book, “The Karate 3G method”. So the theory of “Shin Gi Tai” I will come back, because my book is a book on learning. Learning in Karate, but also in other martial arts. It’s much: learning in general. And how to stay motivated, everything. So I will speak in the book. Meanwhile, that book, if you are interested to receive it at home before its release, Well, I invite you to go … I made a participatory fundraising, So you can participate and I will send you, from 18 euros I will send you the book in your mailbox, a week before its release. So enjoy! Otherwise, for this video, listen: I need your return as usual. So, click “Like” if you liked. 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