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Karate – Taikyoku Sandan []

Karate – Taikyoku Sandan []

Hello everyone and welcome to this new video on, karate clear and net. So today, we will still see a Kata, Kata last of the trilogy Taikyoku, the first trilogy which was invented by Master Funakoshi. So this third Kata Finally any blockages on the narrow sides are different. We no longer Gedan Barai, but we will do Uchi Uke in Kokutsu Dachi. So a new technique and a new position. So that’s good. We have seen in previous articles, the position KoKutsu Dachi. So you can go see and then see in detail this position. We saw the blocking Uchi Uke so that’s good. You will see and then you look in detail. So there, we’ll do the Kata. Otherwise, the level of rotations at all that, it is exactly the same as Taikyoku Shodan and Nidan Taikyoku. So you return to the video Taikyoku Nidan and Shodan Taikyoku, and like that, it will go well. I told you, in the video Taikyoku Shodan, I told you: once you know the first: Taikyoku Shodan, all others, it is just a technical memo means. Here, on the small side, I do it or the long straight, I do this. But otherwise, it’s going alone. So we will see. I’ll do it once at the point, as usual once upside down and then we’ll do it again … I will detail you a little rotations with Uchi Uke and stuff because it is still a little different from each other Kata I’m going to get a little closer than usual. Here. Taikyoku Sandan! Kiai Kiai So you saw Always the same “Embusen”. On the small side, we did … Uchi Uke in Kokutsu and Oi Zuki Chudan. And on the long straight, it does the same as the number two Gedan Barai, Jodan Oi Zuki. And as for the three Taikyoku, Jodan Oi Zuki is: One two three. The first, and then two, three. The pause between the last two is much shorter than between the first and second. Here. I’ll do it the other way for you to have them in both directions. Taikyoku Sandan! Kiai Kiai So much for the Katas. So you can replay. You’ll see. So what we will do, we will from the start in Yoi like that. I want to show you part then in relation to a number Taikyoku Shodan at number two, where there you rotate, the body rotates to come to Gedan Barai, is pivoted to Gedan Barai there. Finally, the hips will rotate, but here we will mainly open. That is opened. we open. Okay ? It’s a little different. This is not the body that swivels. It is as if you were only half of the body that swivels. I try to have an image. The leg, she remains there. We come. Going to see the video of Kokutsu, you’re going to rework, like that. Okay ? I open I open and I put the contraction, not as much, but down as if you sat on a stool. here I come. So I said to you, especially not backward. We always think, Kokutsu is a rearward position. Often beginners, they do it: they start backwards. Or there are those who, as they go by, they go by. No, actually, you pivot on your own. rotate on yourself. You open and you go down straight. You open and you go down straight. You hardly stagger. Your center of gravity, it remains almost the same place. You just crush you on this leg. Okay ? So, as we saw in Uchi Uke, you compress … you compress to leave. I compresses. I did wrong there, I shrugged my shoulders. I compressed and … OK ? Come on, we’ll do it together! not too fast. Each time, we do compression at Uchi Uke, by opening and pivoting on site and / or moving or rearward So you put yourself in the same direction as me and we left. We salute. Uchi Uke! Uh … Well, yes, it happens 🙂 I start again. Come on! We salute. Taikyoku Sandan! Yoi Is compressed and turns. We advance: Oi Zuki Chudan. So here we are not in the same position. You did see ? Do not move you. But my leg is here aligned with the heel and then she just get here. So, I have an opening. Do not come back on the same line. We just give it here and there, it is zenkutsu So, like, zenkutsu you watch the video to see how that is. So right now, I turn and I will pivot on the heel. Well, I turn around, I rotated. Here. Now I’m in the big straight. Same principle as Taikyoku Nidan and I punched in the face, two three with Kiai. Now I pivoted on the front foot … and I opened it. I open. I pivoted and I just immediately crush on me, I open. I push on the leg there to knock Oi Zuki. I pivoted Over there, I look over his shoulder. one Two Three And we turn. one Two one Two Yame So, what you do, you redo it several times. You redo your Kata several times. From time to time, you come back to see the video to see if you are not mistaken, but rebuilt it. The kata is like that. Katas is yours to make. You have to do for the body, he learns. The body, he learns and then it takes is to get your techniques without having to think. If every time you do a technique, you are forced to think, you lose the essence of your Kata because you are more in your struggle. If, when I turn there, I think: I must raise my arm. I have rotated. It takes my hips do that. It will not be easy. While it takes I think me is: I have someone attack me there Okay ? I’ll take Oi Zuki and I have to remove it. I’ll have a … Zuki, right, myself … What to you do, that’s it. So, repeat your Katas. You rebuilt and once you know make you start to increase the speed … the execution speed of each technique. It is not necessary that the Kata, it goes very quickly. Katas as Taikyoku is 40-45 seconds. This is not 20 seconds. Okay ? So, thank you for still followed to this video. I hope you like this video. We will … I will make you … so there was the final installment of the trilogy Taikyoku Master Funakoshi. We’ll see the other three Taikyoku. And I think that soon we will begin to see the series of Heian. Thank you and see you soon on for a new video, a new article. Well, thank you very much, see you soon.

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