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Karate : Ura Mawashi Geri, le coup de pied circulaire inversé

Karate : Ura Mawashi Geri, le coup de pied circulaire inversé

Hello and welcome, I’m Bruno Bandelier Prof Karate
from the net And today I’m going to make a video
accompanied by high quality people In fact, it’s been a long time since I
have to make this video on your karate 3G profile, It’s going to be a video of Ura Mawashi Geri, I have been asked several times
and I’m not at all comfortable with this kick, I … I have trouble, it’s
not my thing, it’s not .. I did not see you doing a course on it,
so I called Bruno Good evening Bruno who is 6th dan and who arrives very
good to do the Ura Mawashi Geri Ura Mawashi Geri Ura Mawashi Geri, sorry
And Erwan who also gets there very well Hello
So we will work together, it will be especially him who will work, and Bruno who will us
do the course and who will explain to us, how to make a Ura Mawashi Geri, I hope that
the end of the course I will do better than now, and then you too, so here I’ll give Bruno the floor, and then,
There you go Ura Mawashi Geri uh, as the name suggests,
it’s the opposite of Mawashi Geri, so Mawashi Geri has a trajectory on one side
Ura Mawashi Geri was made just for circumvent a guard when an opponent gets used
to Mawashi Geri well we’ll get to each other side so as to bypass his guard and
to arrive at the opposite of Mawashi Geri So this kick is only given
at Jodan level At the Chudan level, he will have no efficiency,
you’re going to hit in a guard if ever you give it down or at worst you go
give in the back and in the back, and in the back you are going to kick your heel
in the back, there is very little efficiency at chudan level
So it’s really a kick basically made for a Jodan That’s why I can not do it So it actually requires some
flexibility, it’s true that people who are not flexible have a problem
with this kick. So a Ura mawashi geri What is it
armed like all kicks like all the punches, what is a
armed a trajectory, already So we’ll already talk about starting with
the armed is the most important. I will demonstrate to you already
the front leg Ura Mawashi Geri leaves as a Yoko Geri,
Okay ? Right here It must be brought back to the sides, here
Like a yuku geri, as if I gave a Yoko geri, you see
If I leave behind, it’s the same thing, you see, I bring him back here
There, like a Yoko Geri, exactly the same Once this army is done I will
replace the front leg Once this army is done, we will describe
an arc with the leg, okay An arc of a circle so as to come over
at Jodan level, here To be placed
Come an arc of a circle like the Mawashi Geri which describes an arc in one direction
Ura Mawashi Geri describes a circular arc in the other direction. So why did I ask Erwan to
come because Erwan is much more flexible that me and so these kicks are a lot
more demonstrative and to the camera we will see much better. Okay ?
Go ahead Erwan get in front of the camera please, right leg in front,
So already he’s going to arm, arm here … And now, take a good look at the trajectory
of his kick, that’s it, I hold it because that it’s not really obvious, and we
start again. Slowly;
You can see the arc that he just described with his leg
We start again … Very good…
Good Good So, sorry excuse me
Ura Mawashi Geri, here you are, now … You now have the army, the trajectory,
we must not forget that like any what is the need for a return
Okay ? Return is as important as going
when we come back from Ura Mawashi Geri he must bring him back
We do not collapse, we do not go forward we come back, so we can go
Go – Trajectory – Back The educational, how we learn, how
we work a Ura mawashi Geri, already he will have to work flexibility, as
as we said, we will have to work flexibility in order to screen, flexibility
will serve to mount, but also the flexibility will serve to have length, lift the
leg up to 2m50 it is useless, it’s rare to find an opponent
2m50 On the other hand, it will make it possible to win on
the length I will take back Erwan
And we will do a little educational Imagine sometimes in a room we have
bars, bars for the dance and well us, we work like that, so here we go
proof of that I was saying in relation to the flexibility huh
She got a little defeated? She is a little abyss huh
Let’s imagine it’s a bar Erwan, who wants it
He arms his kick Give a Ura Mawashi Geri upstairs if you
please OK
Give a little I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming
Go ahead OK
We agree that a Ura mawashi Geri there, it does not serve much
By cons there, when he will win on the length, you’ve seen the length he
at And the length he had up there,
we won there It serves that flexibility
It’s not used to type up there, it’s used to gain in length
So now education is what To work a Ura Mawashi Geri we get
put a bar or a chair or that’s what you have on hand to support you
And now, we’re going to arm Arm
And we give Ura mawashi Geri Hop 1 and we come back
2 and we come back 3 and we come back
4 and we come back 5
And so on Okay, that’s the first educational Conversely, we go strained, we bring back and
we come back tense Tense, we bring back and give back
we bring back and give back We bring back and give back
That’s fine That’s all the work of Ura Mawashi
Geri must be done in preparation for way to work the proper muscles,
to work his flexibility and so on, and at the end, in order to be able to give a Ura
Mawashi Geri We’re going to put away the chair, we’re not going to have any more
need Now we will take two opponents,
Bruno and Erwan, please Keep your knees _____two
Erwan will give a Ura mawashi Geri from the front leg
here Bruno will do the same
We will try Bruno will try to do the same
Do you see the difference There is one that is flexible and not the other
There is one who can not give it to each other Yet we have a 3rd / 4th dan
We have a 1st dan Okay
But we have a 1st dan competitor also incidentally and who started karate very young
So we work with two it’s going to be this work that will have to develop
We put our hands here And the opponent will try to go
look for Well thinking about armed knees
What will be important it will be this army knees
Go back to it slowly Stop here
You see You already see at the beginning, it is not good
He already leaves slope He does not leave there
Once he’s going to leave, he’ll open his foot support
That’s what will give the length to his kick
And we come back Arm well
Stick well, like a Yoko Stop on your weapon
stop And now he will open his foot of support
so as to be able to give a mawashi Ura Geri
here You did see ?
As soon as we begin to break down and we start doing things correctly
you saw the leg just now, she was there
There now he gets there Erwan go ahead please break it down
You are armed You see his army is not good at all,
he is there the army We open the support foot, and we balance
the Ura Mawashi Geri That’s it and we come back
Go each to your turn Break down, slowly, quietly And the speed it will come after when we
learn something it’s like when we learn to walk we do not learn to
to run we already learn to walk and after one runs. When we work something we work
already in a slow way, break down, and after we associate everything and we accelerate
That’s fine What can you do in the beginning like you
see like Bruno for example who has trouble To avoid loss of balance,
stands But we stand, it’s not, it’s
just a support Okay, it’s not we pull each other
back and we use it to compensate its imbalance, no no, that’s not it
work Go on continue there it’s good And there
Clarification And I do not know, I saw them
I do not know if on camera you could see them
Or did you see it or not because the other side is a little bit far
One thing that is important both work in apnea
That is, how do they give their blow, they have their mouths closed
And they do not breathe You can not give in technique and yet
less chained if you do not breathe The Ura Mawashi geri, especially when you get there
not especially with what’s going on with Bruno, he gets strained because he has trouble climbing
so he gets tensed and suddenly he closes his mouth and contracts
And the more it contracts less it will happen So you have to learn how to blow
At the moment when we give on the technique (breath)
Which will allow to make the Kai also (breath)
And we open our mouths, and we breathe, and we breathe Never forget breathing, breathing
it’s the engine of the body huh Otherwise you will not move forward I think I touched on the essentials
I have about the kick round I do not see other things to say,
add I gave you educational
Forms of work Forget it
If you really are not flexible but really not, already the flexibility
is working, well it’s a kick that you can also forget huh, be careful
it is not necessary, actually to have an important technical range
it’s good but sometimes, he has things, sometimes a kick in a shin is
much more effective than a kick in the head
and there I speak of efficiency eh I’m not talking about competitive fights, I
speaks of true, karate, karate one day you have to defend yourself a Ura
Mawashi Geri in the head is good, but you know….. That’s very good too That’s it, and if it were to happen to you it’s
not flat foot given for efficiency it’s heel first Okay ? There you will be effective here In any case, thank you I thank Bruno for inviting us I thank Erwan for being a partner
and thank you all for listening to me Thank you Bruno Thank you Erwan So I wanted to go deeper into what
just said bruno about the fact that we can forget it is a little what I did
me, that’s why everyone asked for a video of Ura Mawashi actually
that’s a long time ago that I’m doing more too much but it’s good because I’m going to rework
on the next course I’ll do it for you video alone with Ura mawashi er
Ben listen uh thank you, thank you for coming and then I hope this video you
pleased and then that you will progress and then continue, finally here is to work
Ura Mawashi Geri since I’m always saying, it is true we can forget but big
advantage of being able to put a big shot of foot in the head is like we have to put
a kick at the Shudan level we have more efficiency since it’s easier
for someone who gets to put a shot to walk there when he can put it there he
can put full pot it is not at all at the end of the race what he still has the margin
it’s also good to work on, that’s it and with a chair or if you have a bar
or finally here is the important thing is to be able to stand as you explained it and then
go slowly and then we get muscle and we work better So when I say give up, I really talk
extreme case of lack of flexibility huh we must not forget that we arrive, we
gets to progress through work by the willingness to agree. Otherwise, you started the technique you
leave him because he’s too lasts then after you will give up
another because it is too hard and then after you go further, no,
no, be careful what I have says do not make shortcuts, if really,
really you are not flexible and you can not work your flexibility due
for reasons of articulation and age also, well maybe there yes, forget the Ura
Mawashi Geri But for others, no, you have to sweat,
you have to work and you’ll see, you’ll get there but things are not in a single day
no more And as he said he gave me a blow johnny
James the one is already here for our video when you spoke earlier about defense
right, true self defense the head so she is too high, you are slapping your shins
and the head goes down after she gets down at the height you want then but that’s it
we will work Ura Mawashi and as he says we know we’ll get there I’ll make you a video alone go ahead Thank you all thank you

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