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Karate Wars ?| Roll It Back | Just Roll with It | Disney Channel

Karate Wars ?| Roll It Back | Just Roll with It | Disney Channel

Welcome to “Roll It Back.”We’re breaking down the episode
of “Just Roll With It”
“Karate Wars IV:
Dawn Of The Karate Wars”…
– Pow!
…in 3, 2, 1.Welcome to “Roll It Back.” Let’s get into it
with Eye For An Eye, Down The Hatch,
and Hitting Your Mark. Let’s roll it back. – Sound speeding.
– Let’s roll, please. Mark. Ready, set, karate! Where are you, Blair? – I’m– oh!
– Oh, man! Will you hit my parents
with that goo? – Get ’em!
– You missed! All right, guys, explain to us
how the obstacle course worked. We each had a camera
mounted on our helmets, and then I could only see
what his camera was seeing and he could only see
what my camera was seeing. The goggles
were actually VR goggles with a built-in viewing system. It was pretty cool
technology. Suzi: Was it disorienting?
Did it make you dizzy? It was crazy. I heard you guys saying,
“Look at me,” so you could get each other
in your view. Ramon: Yeah,
but the crazy thing is we didn’t know
where each other was. Suzi: I want you guys
to tell us about the obstacles, because you guys
looked like you were really fighting your way
through that course. We got this. Ramon: First,
there was that cylinder, and it had so much
slippery stuff on it, so it was impossible
to hang on to the thing. I mean,
the goo on it was crazy. Then we had to climb over
that rope bridge thing when they started
shooting goo at us. That goo was no joke. It was shooting out
of a pressurized hose straight into my face. Kaylin: Yeah, it– Since you guys had to
swap eyes on the show, we thought today
we’d try swapping arms. Who’s up for pizza? Okay, guys, let’s put our pizza-making skills
to the test. Oh, I definitely need
some ranch on this pizza. Well, let’s get
some banana chips. Okay. That’s going to work.
I didn’t mean– – that’s guacamole.
– Right, yes. – Sprinkle it like salt.
– No! – Oh!
– Yeah, a little ranch. I’m going to add
all of the liquid. Oh! We’re going to toss it,
so that it’s perfect. Yes, and now
my new delicious pizza. – Maybe I should try it.
– Oh! ( imitating gagging ) It’s a great mix. We’re always having to eat,
how can I say this, less than appetizing foods. Oh, man, isn’t that the truth? I never thought I would be
drinking a snail smoothie.( screaming )Let’s roll it back. If you’re not into fried foods,
lucky for you, the dojo has
a new smoothie bar. And today’s special is snails! – Anything but snails!
– I hate snails! – Oh, man.
– You need your protein. – Oh!
– Look at that. – That smells good.
– ( gags ) Snails, crickets, fish,
and blender. Ramon: Yeah, when they
rolled out those blenders, I knew it was going to be bad. The audience actually
chose snails, but it could have been
crickets or fish instead. – Whoa.
– Which do you guys think would have been
the worst choice? – Fish.
– Really? – Yeah.
– The smell of those snails – was so bad.
– Ramon: And how many– The size of them.
They were huge. Ramon: So, Tobie,
what did it taste like? – What was the green stuff?
– This is the liquid. No! Oh! Tobie: It was like
a super food smoothie. That was the worst part,
though. The snails were like
dirt and earth. You could smell green apple
and kale and stuff. It threw my senses off, and that’s what was like– Kaylin and Ramon,
you guys really got to get out all your
aggression this week with that karate. Today’s warm-up
is the fighting heavy bag! – Try a few punches.
– Whoa! – It’s alive!
– ( screaming ) – Whoa!
– Karate! You know, they actually trained
us in a few karate moves – before this episode.
– Just like that. It was really fun to learn all
the different kinds of kicks. The regular kick,
knee, and a roundhouse. Hi-yah! Tobie: There was actually
a stunt performer in that suit, right? Kaylin: Yes, the entire
back of the suit actually opened up,
and our stunt performer was wearing lots
of protective gear, including a chest, a backplate,
so it was kind of warm. Yeah, and you just
jumped up and down on him. Sorry. He’s tough.
I knew he could take it. We’ll see you next time
on “Roll It Back.”

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  1. Disney Channel is one of the best channels out there!! They always know how to entertain children!! Who’s with me????

  2. I love this show so much and this is one of my favorite shows ever and I'm looking forward to seeing the next episode of Just Roll With It

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