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Karate with Rebel Wilson and Kevin Hart

Karate with Rebel Wilson and Kevin Hart

All right! I’m excited. – Extremely excited
– I’m pumped. about this
particular episode of “What the Fit.” I am Kevin Hart,
and today– Oh, my God,
I got my funny sister. Rebel Wilson, I’m a fan. Aww, that’s so nice. And I’m a massive
fan of yours. I only met you, like,
on one talk show. Yes, and you got
to kick me in the balls. I think I was showing off
my fight skills, which I’d done in a movie,
“Pitch Perfect 3.” And I was showing,
like, just how hard I can kick guys in the balls. – Yeah.
– Which is pretty hard. ( Kevin laughs ) Because of
your amazing kick, listen to the idea
that I came up with. – Okay.
– What I wanted to do is, go to like, a dojo,
like, a karate– – Shh. Yeah.
– A karate class. – ( gong clashes )
– Hi-yah! It’s not just going to
the gym with your trainer. No, no!
This is about showing different ways to move,
different way to be active. I don’t know whether
you know this, but I have
a background in karate. Back in the day, my sensei
said I was so good, he wanted to enter me in an all-star novice
martial arts tournament. There was two categories,
kata and kumite. – The kata is like…
– Whoa. And you make
the sound effects and stuff. I got a gold medal. Kevin: I studied
a little bit myself. My mom bought me
a karate book. I think I was
a black belt in… 35 minutes? ‘Cause I got through
the book so fast. What style of karate was it? Uh, this was classic. I did that,
then I started up a website. Basically, you would never
mess with either of us if you saw us on the street. Oh, no,
I’ll ( bleep ) you up. – Yeah.
– ( gong clashes ) ( martial arts music ) ( grunting, shouting ) Whoa. That one’s got a knife! Nice. Nice. Tight. Nope, not today. – Not today.
– No. – Thank you. Hello!
– Hi! – Take the shoes off.
– Are we allowed– should
we take our shoes off? Take shoes off, please. Shoes off. Put ’em
over here, sir? – Yes, please.
– Okay. – All right.
– Yeah, I remember this
in the book. It said don’t walk
on the dojo floor – with your shoes.
– Yes. Okay. Please come in. – ( exhales )
– Ooh! – That’s spongey.
– Oh, yeah! You studied
martial arts before? – Self taught.
– Self taught. One book is called
“Karate From Behind.” – I did that one
in 30 minutes.
– That sounds sexual. Another book was called
“Right Foot Up, Left Foot Down,
One, Two, Hi-yah.” That was with pop-ups.
I think that was for kids,
but I still read it. Can I see some– those moves? I got no problem
with that, buddy. Yeah, just show us
your best moves. – Start here?
– Your best moves. So, I’m going–
I’m going knee, I’m going body, head. – All right, do not laugh.
– Oh. All right. ( bleep ) That seemed like
two knees, didn’t it? I can’t laugh when I do it.
Just hold up. Hold up. I gotta make sure
I got a serious face. – There was no body
or head that time.
– Just pay attention. All right.
Okay, here we go. I don’t know about
that leg thing. Kevin:
Ready? Here we go. – That’s not–
– Knee, body, head. – All right, that’s the one.
– Where was the head? – Kicking somebody’s head,
– Yeah. and they’re, like–
and I’m not even that tall. – Hold your hand right–
– I don’t think you were
that high, though. – Hold your hand right there.
– Okay, I will. Knee, body, head. No, but, see,
the head’s here. – I kicked there.
– I didn’t feel anything. Well, it’s ’cause
it’s so fast. Last thing I’ll show you, sir,
is just a typical takedown. – ( grunting )
– Oh, that was good. ( shouting ) – Cool!
– Sensei: All right. – All right.
– Cool, I liked that one
at the end. Rebel:
I studied a form of karate called JKA Shotokan karate. Kevin: Ah. There you go. Oh! – Yeah.
– Oh, my God. – Yah!
– You should have just
read a book. You should’ve did
the book. I did actual training,
though. – I don’t–
– Like, I didn’t
need the book. I don’t know if you did. Okay, I got uniform for you. What? Ooh. Thank you, Sensei. – And this for you.
– Rebel: Ooh! – I got it.
– You gotta watch out. Yeah, just wanted
to show you– Okay, you gonna start
this white belt. – White belt?
– Yes. That’s not for me. Ooh, yeah! Whoo! – How are you, Sensei?
– Hi, Sensei. What belt is this? There was just this man
out by the vending machine. – Yeah.
– And he had this black belt, – and I said,
– But you know what? “Excuse me, emergency.” I’m going to show you
how to tie belts, though. Let’s take it off.
This one first. – Okay. Are you–
– Ah, he’s getting
the white belt, because you’re a junior. And then I just keep
the black belt? Just keep the black belt, – or you wanna…
– No. – You gotta let him–
– This is not really
black belt. I mean, it’s a black belt. Kevin:
When you put these on,
though… – Okay.
– Yeah. Most important
for martial arts, when you punch-kicking,
you don’t do quietly. You have to yell–
called “kiai.” You don’t have to say “kiai.”
You yell loud like this. ( shouts )
Let me hear your kiai. Bitch! I think when you did it,
it just sounded like you were saying
the word “bitch.” He said it doesn’t have
to be the word “kiai,” and if I’m on the streets, I’m doing what
I’m thinking I’ma say. Uh, no, no.
Let’s do the “kiai.”
Let’s go with the “kiai.” – Let’s go with the “kiai.”
– Okay. – ( high-pitched ) Kiai!
– Uh. – ( high-pitched ) Kiai!
– More macho one. ( deep voice )
Kiai. – Kiai.
– How about your “kiai”? – Jeff!
– That’s an ex.
It is clearly– – Yeah, I ( bleep ) hate Jeff.
– I know you do. – Can I call you–
– Rebel. – Amy.
– Oh, oh! Amy! You’ve seen “Pitch Perfect.” – Yes. Can I call you Amy?
– He’s seen “Pitch Perfect.” – You wanna call me–
– Have you seen– have you seen this movie,
“Central Intelligence”? I call “Kevin,”
because my son’s name
is Kevin, too. Oh, not one of my movies.
He’s not a fan. – Let’s break
with this palm.
– Yeah. – This is what
I’ve been waiting for.
– Ooh, ooh. – I’m coming back.
– Who wants to start first? – Rebel. You got it, Reb.
– Oh, my– You’re going to hold
this one for her. Yeah, I’ll hold it for you. That’s an actual bit of wood. Yes, come on.
What are you doing?
Let’s go. It’s okay.
You can do it. I tend not to break wood. ( laughs )
Wait a second, though. ( chuckles ) – Use the palm.
– Okay. Speed is important.
Snap, then back. – Okay.
– So, kiai! Okay? Okay. Ready? And kiai! ( screaming ) I wanna do it.
I wanna do it. You wanna get some
of this wood? – Watch out for splinters.
– ( growling ) – Kiai!
– ( screams ) ( both screaming ) – Do you want–
– Yeah! ( bleep ) – We’re gonna do
your nunchuck.
– Okay. Ooh! Okay, want to kinda stay away
so you don’t hit each other. – Okay. Yeah, yeah.
– I know how to do this. Snap and bring in,
like that. All right, I remember
my first pair of nunchucks. I remember it
like yesterday. Mother ( bleep ). Get some.
Get some, ( bleep ). ( panting ) Now this is some exercise. Sensei:
Okay. Good, good. Boop. I’m just warming up. Now, I know how to do
the nunchucks, okay? ( music playing ) ( up-tempo music playing ) – Kiai!
– All right! It’s just like that, Kev. We’re gonna see
which one of you fights better
against black belts. – Yes!
– Got you, got you. Whoever’s gonna do good,
you may earn the new belt. – Ooh!
– I like it. Let’s go. – Whoo!
– Let’s go.
Cut this ( bleep ). – We could get a new belt.
– Let’s do it. Bring ’em in. Bring on the black belts. Are any of these
black belts single or… There’s about to be
some sushi in here ’cause I’m about to
cook them raw. ( Kevin chuckles ) You need some nunchuck. All I see is bacon. ( martial arts
music playing ) Back your ass up!
Back your ass up! Back your ass up!
Mother ( bleep )! Back your ass up! ( bleep ) back–
back your– back your– Aah! Aah! Hot feet! Hot ( bleep )! You think I’m scared? ( screaming ) – He’s still there.
– Bam! Kick your ass. Tap out! – All right.
– Whoo! Can you hold
my knife for me? – All right.
– Thanks. Yeah. – Put him in a body bag!
– Whew! I’m gonna. – “Karate Kid.” “Karate Kid.”
– All right, okay. Do you know any other lines
from “The Karate Kid”? – Yeah, I got it. I got it.
– Okay. ( shouting ) Yeah, twerk on him!
Twerk on him! – Uh, uh, uh, uh.
– Twerk on him!
Pop, pop, pop. And pop it. Yeah.
And get– yeah. Yeah! Yeah, kick his–
what are you doing? Kev, throw me the knife!
I got him. – Here.
– Throw it. – Kiai!
– Ah Oh, I caught it in my sleeve. – ( grunting, shouting )
– Yes! Yeah! – Yeah!
– Cut his Achilles. Yah! Yah! He can’t run. Go, Rebel! Yeah! It’s kind of hard decision, but I’m gonna
choose a winner, – get the yellow belt.
– Yeah. – Winner is Rebel.
– Wait a minute. – Oh!
– So, that’s– Sensei! Whoo! – So you got
a black one for me?
– Whoo! – Next time.
– Sensei, I just want to say thank you
for showing the world that I’m way better
at karate than Kevin. If this was the awards,
they would want you
to wrap it up. – The music’s coming on.
– Okay. And I’m just so proud. I was representing
Australia, and I won. – ( music playing )
– ( cheers and applause ) Rebel, you want to
tell people anything
before we leave? – I just want to say–
– Thank you, Rebel. – Guys– No, Kevin–
– Hey, listen, guys. – That is it for this week.
– No, no, no, no. – We’ll see you next week.
– I wanna say, guys, it’s really good
to get out there and learn some
self-defense techniques. – Yeah.
– Because you never know when someone might come up
to you and be like– – ( bleep )
– Kiai! – Kiai!
– Damn it. ( grunting ) Tap out, Rebel. Tap out! – You tap out, ( bleep ).
– Don’t call me a ( bleep ). – ( bleep )
– Oh, you got my neck.
You got my neck. – God damn!
She got my neck.
– Ah! I ain’t gonna tap out.
You got to kill me. – So, guys,
– You got to kill me. basically,
there’ll probably be some really cool
karate classes in your local area
that you can go to. I can’t keep my eyes open. Shh, shh, shh. ( snoring ) And, um, it’s just a really
fun way to exercise, and meet some new friends, and learn some new
discipline techniques. – That was a fake–
– ( screaming ) Hey, what’s going on? This is Kevin Hart,
your comedy sensei. To see more of what
you saw today, all you gotta do
is click here and subscribe to
my YouTube channel, and “Laugh Out Loud.”
Do it! Because I can
break boards with words.

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