(upbeat music) – [Connie] Morning Rise and shine No Kayla, Kayla’s saying no. Hello Tyler – What do you want? (Connie laughing) – [Connie] We got breakfast – I got breakfast, yes. – [Connie] Yay, Shawn’s
got breakfast for us. We are not without
breakfast with a nice dad. Gonna get some light in here. The kids don’t wanna get up. They don’t wanna get up,
they don’t wanna get up. Ty, Ty, Tyler, Tyler. Oh, I zoomed you way in. Nobody can see anything. Here you go. Ty, Tyler, Tyler. (Tyler squeaks) He’s awake. – What makes this water
so smart, I’m serious. Did it go to school to become good water? – I like the Naive water. – I want Naive water. I want the stupidest water
in the world, alright. – What is that, it’s the
one spelled naive backwords. – Evian – Yeah – Tricky, huh. – Ahhh, it’s naive that’s why
they came up with smart water? Why I’d never even thought, I never put two and two together. – [Connie] What’d you get? – [Shawn] Well of course
I got Smart Water. – [Connie] Yep, cause
that’s Kayla’s favorite. – [Tyler] Macon Pancakes? – There’s breakfast sandwiches. Everybody’s got a
breakfast sandwich, yummy. – Aww we didn’t get Macon pancakes? Macon pancakes, bacon pancakes. – [Connie] Macon, bacon pancakes – Bacon pancakes, Macon bacon pancakes. – [Connie] Someone’s still waking up. This person over here, I
think she’s saying noooo. Kayla and Tyler both
like to sleep in forever. – Kayla’s always like
that until she gets her first cup of coffee. (Connie and Shawn laughing) – Are you guys sleepers like that? Do you like to sleep in
or do you get up early? Comment below. Are you guys wondering why
Kayla’s on a air mattress? We’re in a hotel with two beds but the kids don’t share a bed so, Kayla likes, you like
the air mattress right? Every time she asks for the air mattress and I personally think it’s actually more comfortable as well. It’s really comfy because
it’s full of air it’s squishy. You kinda can jump on it
but you take your chances of popping it at the point. But anyways, Kayla’s still half out of it. She’s like, don’t film me. But today is day two of Queen of the Nile. – Felicia says no – Awwww. Today is day two of Queen
of the Nile competition. So we’ve got to start getting ready. Everybody’s gonna eat so
I’m going to stop pestering her so that she can be
all that she can be today. We’ll get back to you. – [Kayla] Stop – [Connie] Are you more awake? – Bacon pancakes, Macon bacon pancakes. Bacon pancakes, Macon bacon pancakes. Just give me a bacon pancake. – [Connie] Oh man, we
didn’t have them, sorry. – Dad, you ruined it. (Shawn laughing) – [Connie] You should be
happy, say thank you Daddy. – Thank you Daddy. – [Shawn] Nothing but love right there man – Thank you Daddy – [Connie] Awwww – When I said that I had a bunch a toots. (Connie laughing) – [Connie] He’s a boy. – Why do you always go to me? (Shawn laughing) – [Connie] Cause I wanted to
get your reaction if I did it. (upbeat music) – [Connie] Are you ready? You ready to rock this girl? – [Kayla] Uh, huh – [Connie] Let’s see, do a fancy pose. Fancy Fancy – [Tyler] Fancy – [Connie] Wink, wink, wink. – I’m not good at winking. – [Connie] You don’t know how to wink? – [Kayla] Uh uh (Connie laughing) – [Connie] Alright – [Kayla] Felicia We are loading up the car
and we are heading out but because we lost Kayla’s lipstick, we gotta hit CVS and see if
we can find one that matched the one that she was
supposed to be wearing for the competition. – Right now I’m just
wearing cherry Chapstick. – Yeah we’re cheating a little
bit on the lipstick thing. Just in case we can’t find it. – Cause we lost my other one. (Connie grunts) – So we’re heading out right now. We’re gonna find some lipstick. (soft music) – [Connie] Which one do you think Kayla? – [Kayla] Either this one or this one. This one looks better to me. – [Connie] Let’s see Because mine was like a dark pink. – [Connie] Okay, that
looks like a good one, hang on to that. Let’s walk down the aisle
and make sure that’s the one. – [Kayla] Okay – [Connie] I think, I
think we got it though. – [Kayla] It’d be better
if they had a lip stain. – [Connie] Lip stain, yeah. But yours didn’t say lip stain
on it either though, right? – [Kayla] Yeah but, we
don’t want it to smear. Maybe like this one. – [Connie] That’s kind of light huh. – [Kayla] Mmmm, yeah, it’s too pink. So we think we found the one. – Yeah looks good, I
think this is gonna do it. – Close enough – Only took us one minute so
we are way ahead of time today. We are going to be at her
thing, at her function, in just a minute. – Yay – We’re gonna test out this
lipstick before we take off because we want to make sure
it’s actually the right one. – Pretty – [Connie] Ooooh that’s a bright. I hope this actually stays
on and doesn’t smear around. You’ll have to blot it. It’s pretty pink. – Let me see. Oh gosh. Let’s go – [Connie] Okay Phew, hopefully that works. Alright we just made it back to the Orange County Convention Center. This is day day number
two of Queen of the Nile. – [Kayla] I wish I could
have slept a little longer – I don’t think Kayla got
enough sleep last night. – I don’t like waking up early. – But in just a few minutes,
the coaches are gonna have them totally pumped. They’re gonna be jumping up and down. They’re gonna seem like
they ate a pound of sugar. So, right now she’s
trying not to be stressed. – She’s just chillin’ – Chillaxing – Yup, chillaxing – Anyways, we’re gonna
go find her warm up room. And then that way she can
meet her other teammates. And then they’re gonna
go and do their thing. – We’re gonna watch Vanessa. – Yes, Vanessa goes on before them. Her team is Team Heart,
Kayla’s is Team Soul. So they have different
competitions at different times and so we watch each other. – Yesterday we went right
before Soul, I mean Heart, so we got to watch them. Yup, and now it’s switched. – Yup, so we get to take
turns watching each other and be supportive. And that’s part of the fun of doing this. Did you guys notice
something different here? – [Tyler] There’s plants – Yeah, do you wanna make a salad? – [Connie] There’s a bunch
of garden towers in here. I don’t know if you guys
have ever seen garden towers but this things are really cool. We had some in our backyard. There just these like tubs
with some dirt in em’ and then they put water in it
and all this lettuce grows. It’s pretty cool. – [Shawn] Yummy – [Connie] Yummy – I feel like having a salad now. – [Connie] Yeah, let’s go have salad. – So wait, is that what
I was supposed to notice that was different? – [Connie] Yeah – Oh, okay good, I was right. Yessss I win, where’s my prize baby? What’d I get? – [Connie] Uhh, you get
a kudos, a thumbs up. – I get a hug, I get a hug from a boy. – [Connie] Yeah, Kayla’s ditching us. – [Shawn] She’s like, hiding. – [Connie] She’s going up the elevator. – [Shawn] She’s doing the Elf. – [Connie] Doing the Elf, up, missed it. So I guess we’re on our way
up, we gotta do the elevator. They’re doing the Elf. (upbeat music) – Kay, here we go. It’s time to watch Kayla
compete, fingers crossed. – She’s gonna do it, I’ve
got a feeling about today. I think she’s fired up, she’s
ready to go, she’s focused. – This team is awesome. These girls all work so hard together. So, let’s go watch and see how they do. – Alright (upbeat music and audience cheering) (cheering) – [Connie] Good job! – [Shawn] You did so awesome,
Baby, I can’t believe it! – [Connie] Yay Kayla, wooo! – You guys wanna get out of this madness? – [Shawn] Let’s go! – [Connie] Wanna go to TGI Fridays? – Yeah! – Yeah! – Guess what they have there? – Bacon. – And… – Friday – [Shawn] Milkshakes – Yay!!! – [Kayla] I don’t know why I said Fridays. – [Shawn] They’ve got Fridays at Fridays. – We have about three hours
to kill before award ceremony so we are gonna go get something to eat. Let’s go! – Let’s go! You’re coming with us,
you’re coming with us. You get to order a milkshake too. – Friday (upbeat music) – [Connie] How do you think you did girl? – Uhh, it’s cold. We had a fall so I don’t know. – [Connie] You had a fall. – Yeah – [Connie] It didn’t
look like a fall to me but that’s what you are
saying technically it is? – I think technically it is. – [Connie] You think so? – Cause last time one stunt fell but it didn’t like, touch the ground and Coach Mel still
said it would fall, so. – [Connie] I guess we’ll see then, huh. But in the mean time we’re
gonna enjoy some lunch. – Yeah – [Connie] Lunchtime, lunchtime. – I want to eat some food. – [Kayla] Felicia has her own chair. – [Connie] Felicia has her own chair. Kayla is just in love with Felicia. – [Shawn] How did Felicia
do in her competition? – Felicia hasn’t competed yet. – [Shawn] She hasn’t competed yet? So when does she go on? – She goes on – [Tyler] At six. – After awards. – [Connie] Okay – [Shawn] After awards, okay, alright. We’ll keep them in play – [Connie] On the ride home? – Yes – [Connie] Bye Felicia (Kayla laughing) – [Shawn] No, no, no, no, ahhhhhhh!!! – So if you didn’t
notice, we were watching a roller coaster right across the street from where we’re eating. So Shawn’s getting into it. – Yeah, I love roller coasters! There my favorite. (Shawn mouthing dislike
for roller coasters) – He was just talking about
how he’s scared to death, yeah. – But really, you know, I
am manly enough to ride one. (Shawn mouthing no) But, uh, you know, I just do not. – He’s not gonna probably ever
ride a roller coaster again. I won’t either because they
make me really, really sick. I’m not scared, I just
can’t handle the motion. It makes me sick. – Last time I went to
a roller coaster park, I couldn’t walk for like, two
days, it jacked up my back. So, it’s not that I’m scared. (mouths yes) – Yeah, he is scared. – I just uh, you know, I
don’t wanna be injured. So, you know. – [Connie] Would you do it Kayla? – No – [Connie] No roller
coaster ever, ever, ever? – I’m scared of Pirates
of the Caribbean ride. – [Connie] I know. Kayla almost jumped out of the boat. She’s all forget it. What about you Tyler? – What? – [Connie] Would you
ride a roller coaster? – I’ve been on one. – [Connie] Would you do it again? – Yes – [Connie] Are they fun? – Yes – [Shawn] He’s a little daredevil – [Kayla] I see a little snail! (Shawn laughing) – [Tyler] I see a snail. – [Connie] Kayla’s chasing snails. – Snails! – Felicia. – [Connie] And dinosaurs, those are cute. Okay we’re back. – We’re back – From, yes, back from lunch. And it is now time to see.. – Awards – The awards ceremony!!! – Oh my gosh, it’s so nerve racking. – Oh nerve racking. – We’ll soon find out – Yes, moments away. Wish us luck! – Keep your fingers crossed for us. – [Kayla] Yay – Let’s go! (upbeat music) – [Announcer] Second place goes to… Zone Cheer All-Stars! (audience cheers) – [Interviewer] I can fake her out. You ready? Your national champs… Cheer Express Allstars! – We just finished with awards. – Woo! – Yay! – Second place. – Second place. – Yeah second place! – [Shawn] Second place! – She did awesome! – Good job Kayla! – Yeah, it was just awesome. It was a very good competition. – And all the fans who came
up, you guys were so sweet and we enjoyed meeting all of you. And thank you for being so
awesome and watching our videos. We really appreciate that. – So I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Like, subscribe , share this video with your friends and family and
all the cheerleaders you know. – Yeah! – Until next time. – BYE! (closing music)

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