hey everyone I am on my way to go see Kayla
at her cheer camp she has a little routine that they have been practicing all week and
they wanted to show the parents so Shawn and I are going to go check it out and hopefully
if I’m lucky they’ll let me video a little bit of it to show you guys because it’s probably
gonna be pretty cute so I am just waiting for Shawn to wrap up a meeting and then hopefully
he can go with me otherwise he just got to meet us there and Tyler Tyler is busy playing
video games with his uncle technology today and some other people and I really want this
person’s money in the game Tyler is busy playing a videogame with his uncle Glenn and so he
is probably gonna just stay back at home and continue to heal were kind of letting him
get away with a little bit of murder but he has about one week left and then hopefully
fingers crossed his brace will be off so anyways let’s go see what Kayla is up to okay we got
Shawn to come with us on the photographer yea and hopefully I will get to be the videographer
so we’ll see how that goes and were on our way right now are you having fun at your cheer
camp yes nice so are gonna see your routine in a minutes here yes we are in the cubby
room of my gym and coach Mel wants us to go out to the floor okay let’s go good job you
did so good Davis here is the magazine right here yes now they have the magazine very cool
okay we just mentioned that Kayla has been in a magazine it is our neighborhood magazine
we did video that earlier so we will show you a clip of that right now okay so Kayla
here is going to be featured in our neighborhood magazine this month and so we are heading
to the mailbox right now and I got the keys to see if the magazine is in their and if
it is we are going to show you it it is a two page spread they showed us a draft yes
it’s going to be a two page spread I see something we have it we got it she got her magazine
there I am there she is the two page spread that is super cool I get like the whole page
that is awesome Kayla good job okay so we brought a friend back home with us hello I’m
showing her the slime and we got her some treats for her birthday so we will have to
sing happy birthday and Shawn is busy making dinner right now as usual it is Friday right
isn’t that what I am normally doing around this time let’s see if the fries make it this
time just kidding I can pull them out right now they didn’t look all that done to me they
are the skinny fries they still look kinda soggy to me yeah there is a lot on that tray
I had a feeling that that was gonna happen because Vanessa just had a birthday how old
are you I’m 11 we are going to sing happy birthday which little tart cake do you want
you want that one all right are you ready 123 happy birthday to you happy birthday to
you happy birth day dear Vanessa happy birthday to you eat more chicken make a wish you a
okay so Tyler has a wonderful idea of going bowling because we have nothing to do right
now until it gets darker great idea Ty why is that popsicle purple that’s a very vibrant
purple it’s on naturally purple but yet this is going to be the first sleepover I have
had with last-minute bowling where we just decided to go bowling it turned purple because
the floor that were standing on has radiation on it it used to be yellow all right we made
it to the bowling alley we just put on our shoes and I were going to have some fun this
is Sean’s normal routine I did that on purpose it totally helps you should do that every
time you think so okay the strike dab strike dab strike dab it’s a party alright guys so
we are getting ready to have our movie night it was fun today we got to do bowling and
Kayla did a little cheer routine for us earlier today and it was just fun and we got to say
happy birthday to Vanessa yeah we get to say happy birthday to Vanessa that was fun we
got to see Tyler bowl with is not broken left arm I am impressed with that Tyler did bowling
with his not his good arm I lost you came like really close to everybody else’s score
and you did it with your bad hand yeah you totally rock dude so I would say that is a
pretty good victory there in my book I was like 12 pens away from everybody yet he did
really good that is awesome yeah that’s awesome considering you’re using the hand that doesn’t
work as good as the other well what is the joke of the day okay the joke of the day this
one comes from Lily Rose why did the rooster cross the road because he wasn’t a chicken
cause he wasn’t chicken to prove that he wasn’t chicken Kayla you’re on top of it if you have
any more of those keep him coming will keep sharing anything else yes if you can comment
down below because we have a special guest today and we did miss her birthday that’s
what we sung happy birthday for her today so if you can say so put hashtag happy birthday
Vanessa on the bottom in the comments there make sure you like subscribe and share with
all your friends and Kayla what is your signature thing to do until next time goodbye

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